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Halter Top Sewing Patterns

These tops may have had their day in the sun in the ’90s but thanks to a resurgence, they’re very much in demand again. A fashion piece that can be incredibly flattering, our list of the best halter top sewing patterns has the pick of the online patterns to choose from. They can be used to dress to impress or for something fancy around the house but you intend to wear them, you can’t beat a homemade garment. Our list features free, downloadable patterns and most of them can be tackled by a beginner. We have put this list together so you don’t have to keep searching numerous pages so take your pick.

The ’90s Inspired Halter Neck

We all remember those pop bands of the 90s who basically made the halter top what it is today. Well, this is a halter top sewing pattern that helps you recreate those heady days with simple instructions and minimal fuss.

There are only a handful of steps to go from fabric to the finished garment and because of the type of top we are talking about, it doesn’t take long to make. Even a beginner can take on this as a new project and feel confident that it will be a success. The scuba drawstring makes this what it is so you can enjoy wearing a fashionable halter neck top.

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Simple Halter

This is a basic yet classic design that would be useful with a variety of designs. Make this several times to add some new pieces to your wardrobe and follow the large pictures and instructions until you are happy with what you have made. There are various sizes to choose from with guidelines on bust size, neck depth, and width to help make this a truly custom piece. Use cool cotton for the summer or a shimmery fabric for a little glam to your outfit. There are so many ways to make this that using different fabrics for different purposes is a must.

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Tie Back Halter

This easy halter top sewing pattern is great because it doesn’t take long to make and the end product is satisfyingly fashionable. The entire process is simple from the cutting of the pattern to the sewing so a novice could use this as a way of practicing their skills and have something they can wear after.

There is even a tutorial on how to make the drawstring so it ticks all the important boxes you would hope for. There are a fair amount of steps to follow but this is to make life easier for those who are making a halter top for the first time.

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Pleated Halter

This almost dainty-looking halter top has a simple look that makes it easy to pair with some jeans or a long skirt.

There are only 8 steps to follow and by the end of it, you will have mastered certain skills such as sewing buttons if you have not done so already.

It has a slight airy feel to it that makes it breathable so it would make an ideal top for a festival or a summer’s day. It is free and makes for a basic yet easy-to-love halter.

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Free Halter With Built In Bra

This is an all-in-one solution for support and conserving a little modesty. The halter top is a fashionable piece but that doesn’t mean it has to stop being practical as well.

Each stage is explained and put into simple terms bit what you end up with is a top that looks great and gives you the benefit of the built-in bra. It ties nicely at the back for the standard halter look and because there are lots of images, it shouldn’t take long to make and it is difficult to go wrong.

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DIY Halter

Another excellent and free halter top sewing pattern, this one is up there with the most fashionable. It is best to use cotton fabrics as it has enough stretch and is comfortable to wear. The decorated neckline is part of what makes this so unique and there are plenty of images to help make this part.

There are even video tutorials for different stages to help a newbie master certain skills. With sizes that range from XXS to XXXL, there is a size that will fit most people. Pair it with some cut-off denim shorts, or just about anything else for that matter!

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Halter Crop Top

This space-age-inspired 90s throwback is great for a themed night out or just for adding a little sparkle to an outfit. It is certain to turn some heads but in the right way since it has a flattering cut and with the right fabric, really looks great.

The whole process should only take a beginner a couple of hours so any experienced sewer may find they have more time to spare.

Use a fabric with plenty of stretches to ensure a comfortable fit and follow the 6 simple stages to success.

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No-Sew Halter

With a fitted feel around the back, this no-sew halter feels great and is a doddle for most people. We love that with a little cutting and a few stages, you can go from an old t-shirt to a completely new top that has a fashionable feel to it.

If you are missing out on halter tops but are rich in t-shirts, this is a fun and rewarding project. Some people say it took them three minutes to make so this is a great project for anyone in a hurry. It is easy to pick up discounted tees if you can’t bear to cut up any of your old ones.

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1930’s Hanky Halter

For that olden day’s beach style, this is a fun tutorial that doesn’t take long to make. For a halter top sewing pattern with a difference, this takes you back to the 1930s where the golden days of art deco were found on the beach.

There is a good amount of coverage and it can easily be worn over a bra.

The best thing is that a scarf is cheap to buy but also easy to work with so this project doesn’t cost a lot and can save a lot of time. It is also possible to use a larger scarf for a different look.

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DIY Halter From Shirt

Using a shirt as the material is always a popular method when it comes to garment making, and this project is no different.

It is often one of the easier fabrics to work with and we like that it means you are getting a tailor-made collar for this halter top that is ready to go.

It still has the tie around the back of the back and plenty of exposure at the back without going overboard. The tutorial is only 7 steps long so it is not time-intensive, and is rewarding.

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Baby Ruffled Halter Top

Cute as a button is the easiest way to describe this halter top sewing pattern for toddlers. It is a super design for the warm months and allows your baby to stay cool when the heat is picking up. The ruffles being cut from the bias allows for a nice drape and some added texture to make it look unique.

It is also possible to use multiple fabrics should you wish to get creative. The sizing guide is anything between 18 months to 12 years so this isn’t exclusively for a toddler and can be made for all children up to the teenage years.

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Baby Romper Halter

Another great design for young ones, this pattern and can be made with an old diaper cover. This process is made easy thanks to the large pictures and in-depth instructions that guide a beginner.

Even an experienced sewer will find the steps useful when making a halter top for their child.

It is an all-in-one outfit that is comfortable for little ones, allows plenty of air to get to their arms and body in the summertime, and won’t take too long to make. The diaper cover part is optional so you can make it even easier and go without.

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