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Girls Dress Sewing Patterns

Let’s face it, girls’ clothes can be expensive, and they get to a point where a lot of them are very much the same. We are all for a bit of variety, and keeping costs down, which is why we have created a list of the best girls’ dress sewing patterns. Each one is free, and many of them are fine for a beginner to tackle. There is plenty of variety, and because some of them use basic materials that are easily found around the house, they are affordable to make. To give your girl something special to wear that is unique, and made with love, try one for your next sewing project.

Pillowcase Girls Dress Sewing Pattern

Using a pillowcase is a perfect way of making a dress from scratch as they are the ideal size and shape to work with for a girl’s dress.

The main benefit is that there are no zippers or tricky stitches to sew.

The trick is to use a pillowcase with a unique design on it, so one straight from the kid’s room is always a good idea.

The pattern itself is easy to follow, free to print, and the size range is anything between 2 to 10 years.

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Sundress With Flutter Sleeves

The cuteness of the flutter sleeves really makes this girl’s dress sewing pattern stand out.

With a t-shirt as a reference, it is a basic process and only takes a few hours to make.

With a pom-pom trim for texture, there is a lot to like about it despite its basic appearance.

Because of the method, it is easy to make in any size which could explain why this is one of the most popular patterns on the website.

More at: Its Always Autumn

Play All Day Dress

With six sizes available, this is a great dress for anyone who wants to make more than one for the girls in the house.

It is best described as a basic knit dress, and in the warmer months, it always feels like you don’t have enough of them.

This is the perfect dress for throwing on when they need some coverage and protection from the sun whilst playing in the garden or on a play date at the park. Available in sizes from 4 to 14.

More at: Its Always Autumn

Knot Dress

We all want simple dresses to be just that – simple. This is why this is such a good option as it is another that can be made without a zipper.

There isn’t even a button closure as it is made with a knot tie. This adds some nice texture to the back.

The whole process should only take between 2 to 4 hours and a beginner should find this is a good pattern for learning new skills without it feeling impossible. Available in sizes from 2 to 4 years old.

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MuuMuu House Dress

The print on this pretty dress is part of what makes it so nice, but it is easy to find plenty of cotton fabrics that make summer that little more colorful and fun.

It has a classic cut and is made for comfort, with a decent amount of coverage to ensure your little one is protected from the sun on the shoulders.

The instructions are nicely laid out and easy to follow so this should be a good pattern for anyone looking for a rewarding project.

More at: Pretty Prudent

Toddler Dress

The puff sleeves of this cute girl’s dress are what makes it so cute, squeezing those little arms in and adding some nice texture to a fun dress.

Co originating different materials should be easy, much like the orange dotted pattern with orange sleeves in the example.

There is no fancy waistband or embroidery added and although it is possible to get creative in this way, we think this summery dress doesn’t need them.

More at: The Stitching Scientist

Matching Doll Dress

If the girl in your house has a favorite doll, then this is a girl dress sewing pattern that is going to be a hit.

Long-sleeved, and simple enough to make, there is also a pattern for her favorite doll.

The high waist and circle skirt of the design makes it a simple project, and the pattern is easy to piece together once all the different parts are cut.

Use the same material to ensure she can match the doll she takes everywhere.

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Free Girls Dress

With ties on the shoulder straps to keep it together, this is a simple dress and doesn’t take long to make.

We like that it can be made in various sizes, although it is for a 3-year-old, it includes details on how to make it for older girls as well.

With a little bias tape, some know-how, and a favorite material with a cute design, this is a great sewing project for a novice to practice their skills, or an experienced sewer to make in double-quick time.

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Sleeveless Sunday Dress

The snap closure on the back makes it easier to put on than a lot of the alternatives and the full skirt is ideal for those summer days where you need to stay cool.

There are ways to modify the dress to add some texture including a stripe fabric placket on the front and even some decorative buttons.

The free pattern is for girls sizes 8-10 and it is possible to make this dress in just a couple of hours.

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Ruffle Sleeve Dress

With ruffle sleeves that reach the elbow, this cute dress has plenty of texture and has a unique look to make it stand out.

Neutral colors look great as this isn’t the style of dress to suit those vibrant summer designs.

The fabric used has given it an airy feel so it will be more comfortable and the lace overlay gives it a party-ready look and makes it feel more special.

The pattern is free, and the instructions are easy to follow thanks to the large pictures accompanying each step.

More at: Sew Much Ado

Summer Nightie 

Those warm months can get uncomfortable at night, so why not make it easier for your little girl to get a better night’s sleep with a nightie sewing pattern.

It has plenty of room and flows nicely to ensure it is airy and a ruffled hem to add a little creative spark.

This makes for an excellent alternative to tight-fitting pajamas that are constrictive. The pattern is easy to follow and doesn’t take long to make.

More at: Sew Much Ado

Suncadia Knit Dress

This little play dress just screams of summer, we can almost smell the sunscreen and picture the ice cream.

We like it because it covers the shoulders and has a nice floaty feel to it to make it extra comfortable.

It is the sort of girls’ dress sewing pattern that you will want to use time and again, especially since girls can never have too many play dresses.

This is the ideal girls’ dress for throwing on quickly for a last-minute trip to the park.

More at: Sew Much Ado

Knock It Off Winter Dress

So this is the perfect girls’ dress sewing pattern for a special occasion, and the ruffled skirt area is perfect for the mini dancefloor at a wedding or party.

The zipper closure on the back makes it far easier to do up than other methods and with the right material and color, it would make an ideal festive dress for the Christmas party.

Satin is a good fabric for this type of dress and although it is not a project for a beginner, any intermediate sewer should find that it doesn’t take too long to make.

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Front Circle Skirt Dress

The ruffled front circle design is easy to work with and anyone with a little sewing experience will find this is a good project for them to master.

The front ruffle adds some lovely texture and makes it feel a little different from the basic summer dresses.

It is special enough for a relaxed kids’ party, although a lunch date or trip to the park is also going to be a great venue for showing off your handiwork.

It doesn’t take long to make a matching headband should you want to complete the cute look.

More at: Its Always Autumn

Katy Dress

Warm enough for the fall and even when layered in the winter months, this is a great dress for when jumpers and mini jeans are not suitable.

The gathered areas give it a little bit of a boost from the basic look and it is easy to see why this is such a popular knit dress pattern.

We like that there are plenty of images to help guide a beginner through the process, so piecing it together is not going to take long at all.

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