Make Your Own Patterns

Make Your Own Patterns

Making patterns from scratch might, at first, seem daunting and time-consuming. It certainly does take awhile to perfect, but, in the end, having the ability to create a pattern suited specifically and only for your body is a great reward and a highly-coveted skill. And like anything else, once you’ve made a few (patterns), you will find your groove and actually look forward to making more.


Before diving into scratch-making patterns, though, try making patterns from an existing garment you own as a warm-up for the real thing. Register for a Copy Your Clothes course at The Sewing Studio and learn to create a pattern from two existing garments. You will get to recreate your favorite item(s) and learn the basics of pattern making. The clothing you choose to copy will stay perfectly intact and what’s even better – the pattern you draft will be reusable. Woot! So if you want to make that black pencil skirt out of a cheetah print fabric, the same fabric as the one you own, or even a Valentine’s Day version (with printed hearts and roses, of course), the choice is yours, Cupid.

Copy Your Clothes is an intermediate course and runs for four weeks. Each week, you will attend a two-hour class filled with drafting paper, straight and curved rulers, the sharpest pencils you have ever seen, and a few other like-minded individuals who are probably there for the same reasons you are. Your instructor will most likely be totally awesome. Hey, I’m just speaking from experience. You’ll have to go and see for yourself.

Knowing how to make patterns gives you the freedom to choose fabrics according to your style and, more importantly, to create clothing which will suit your body shape. Total customization!

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