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Best Garment Bags in 2022 Reviewed

Whether it is rolling, or just for travel, a garment bag needs to tick certain boxes before it should be considered. This can make a business trip or weekend away more comfortable and the likes of additional compartments and weight are going to be top of a lot of people’s lists.

With so many products on the market, it is a bit of a minefield out there. This is why we have created our list of the best garment bags available,. Each one has something different about it and there is something for every budget. To help make your life easier, read on for our list of the best available.

Summary of the Best Garment Bags

Editor’s Choice: Modoker Convertible Garment Bag with Toiletry Bag

A classy garment bag that is in the style of a duffel bag. There is plenty of space inside and the materials have a real quality about them that makes for a durable product. We like that there is a toiletry bag included and that it can be converted into a clothes hanging bag when unzipped. This means it can hang a suit in a hotel room or a dress on the back of a door.

At 45 liters, it has ample room for a weekend’s worth of clothing. On the left side, there is a pocket for shoes, and there are two front pockets for smaller items. Part of what makes it waterproof is the quality SBS zippers and for added comfort when needed, there is an adjustable shoulder strap.


  • Includes a toiletry bag
  • 45 L capacity
  • Converts into a clothes hanging bag
  • Waterproof


Best High-End: Samsonite Leverage LTE Softside Expandable Luggage

A samsonite garment bag needs no introduction to many as the quality speaks for itself and with inline 360-degree spinning skate wheels for a smooth rolling that takes the strain off the user, the functionality is as good as the looks. Its hanging hook bracelet ensures clothes can be moved directly from the closet to the bag, and there are also two meshed pockets in the corners.

There are multiple pockets inside which add to the convenience including an extender panel and a designated area for shoes and tie-down straps making it ideal for a business trip. We like that it comes with a 10-year limited warranty although going by a lot of Samsonite products, it is less likely that this will be needed.


  • Hanging hook bracelet
  • Multiple pockets inside
  • Extender panel
  • Durable and strong

  • May be a little pricey for some

Best Lightweight: DELSEY Paris Delsey Luggage Helium Sky 2.0

The spinner wheels on this quality garment bag take the strain off the user, even when full, and it can hold plenty of luggage comfortably. The fact that it expands a couple of inches means it is easy to fit that little extra inside and there. is everything from a kickplate to corner protectors to ensure everything inside, and the bag itself can withstand a little wear and tear.

Outside the main luggage area, there are 3 pockets to fit different sized extras so it is easy to find a place for a laptop or to keep other belongings closeby. The tie-down straps inside are adjustable, and there is a water-resistant pocket among the bountiful space.


  • 3 outer pockets
  • Expands by a couple of inches
  • Water-resistant pocket
  • Only weighs 8.6 lbs

  • Some people find it a little taller than expected

Best For Multiple Storage Areas: London Fog Buckingham 44

This professional-looking garment bag is ideal for a business trip or weekend away and holds plenty inside with multiple pockets making it easier to keep items organized. Included is a hanger bracket that helps to keep clothes in place, as do the tie-down straps inside.

At just 22 inches tall, it is one of the more compact options available, yet there is still space for shoes and bulky items inside. At 10 lb, it doesn’t weigh a lot and feels comfortable to wheel around an airport and the locking handle can be kept out of sight with its own zipper pocket.


  • Multiple shoe pockets
  • Lightweight design at around 10 lbs
  • 6 zippered compartments inside
  • Professional look

  • The name tag holder could be larger

Best Value: ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag for Travel

Designed to keep clothes wrinkle-free, this professional-looking garment bag is ideal for carrying on a plane and a dual buckle inside keeps everything in place. The slick design is what first catches the eye, and the grey design makes it a neutral garment bag that can be used by anyone.

For the price, it is great value and there is more storage space than expected because of the generous size that folds out to 42 inches long when fully stretched and ready to hang. The front pocket has multiple sections to keep different small items safe and it can also be attached to a luggage handle adding to the convenience which is the best word to describe this useful product.


  • Stretches out to 42 inches long
  • Multiple storage sections
  • Looks great
  • Good value

  • The shoulder strap is a little narrow

Best 2-piece: Travel Select Amsterdam Expandable Rolling Upright Luggage, Burgundy, 2-Piece Set

With a luggage bag and garment bag in one. package, this offers great value and offers everything someone might need for a business trip or weekend away. Although the burgundy design might not be for everyone, there are other options available and has a durable 1200D 2-tone polyester material protecting it.

The generous main compartment has plenty of space and ther are separate areas for shoes among other items. Because the expandable design has plenty of giving, it is possible to fit another 25% of garments inside. The inline skate wheels have protectors to ensure they do not get damaged in transit and to top it all off there is a bag clasp to keep the two bags together.


  • Two bags in one package
  • Expandable with 25% more room
  • Bag clasp to keep both bags together
  • Durable materials

  • Best when not overloaded to full capacity
Garment Bag Buyer’s Guide

Any business trip can be made more comfortable when you travel light. This means sectioning your luggage between different bags, and another benefit of taking a garment bag is that a suit can be folded out when in the hotel. Some products are better designed than others and this is where it pays to do a little research.

To help ensure this purchase is one you don’t regret, we have created the following the buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you’ll know exactly how to pick a quality product that makes travel much easier.

What To Look For In A Garment Bag

Generous Storage Area

This might be the only bag you intend to take on a weekend or night away, so it needs to be able to accommodate enough clothing without cramming everything in. When there is generous space, clothes don’t have to be forced in which. can causes wrinkles that are hard to get out with a hotel iron.

Plenty Of Compartments

Along with a suit jacket and shirts, there should be a place to put smaller items and keep everything in different areas. This might include zippered sections to ensure dirty clothes don’t mix with others or a designated place to put shoes that keeps them in place. This also makes it easier to find different items when in a hurry.

Foldable Design

Not every garment bag offers this, but it is one of the best features in the products that do. Because when unfolded, it allows the suit or shirt to hang on the back of a door, clothes look better and more professional. This, as well as a detachable hanging hook, makes it easy to transfer clothes from a closet to the bag, then easier to hang later. 

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Although it is uncommon for a garment bag to not offer a shoulder strap those that do should be adjustable. This adds to the comfort so that the user does not have to take the strain of carrying the bag.  Anything that makes it easier to walk across an airport is a welcomed addition. 

Sturdy Wheels

To complement a long handlebar, sturdy wheels can make for a more comfortable walk across the airport. This will be more important the greater the load and the premium garment bags will feature wheels that turn 360 degrees but any will take the weight off the user’s shoulders. 

Durable Materials

This goes for both the inner and outer materials with both impacting the durability of the garment bag. The material will vary greatly but the better ones are also water-resistant so if you get caught in the rain, it won’t impact a laptop or electronic stored inside. The inner lining should also have reinforced stitching to ensure they do not tear. 

Attachable Belt

Because of their compact size, most garment bags fit nicely on top of the rest of the luggage, and with an attachable belt, the handle can fit straight through. This not only makes it easier to keep everything in one place but if the bag does not have wheels, it can take a load off the shoulders. 


It is easy to opt for a product that hasn’t deserved its seemingly glowing reputation based on its marketing. To ensure you are not fooled by what seems like an offer too good to be true, read the reviews, and check the quality of the materials. 

What Is A Garment Bag Used For?

Another form of travel bag that makes for a comfortable trip, two of the main uses are for business excursions and weekends or nights away.  Because of their inner pockets and lightweight design, they are a common sight on the shoulder of or being dragged by businessmen and women. Their formal look ensures that they do not look out of place going into a meeting or business class.

The same logic applies to nights away where a bulky bag might be too much, even if a professional look isn’t important, they never seem to look out of place. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Garment Bag?

Because of their design, a garment bag is an excellent choice for anyone who is traveling and taking a suit. Because they often fold-out or feature hanging hooks, it is easy to keep suit jackets and shirts wrinkle-free. This is an excellent alternative to a bulky suitcase where everything is squashed and comes out covered in wrinkles.

Another benefit is how it keeps everything organized. With multiple pockets and areas to keep belongings, it is ideal for finding an item in a hurry or making sure freshly polished shoes do not come into contact with clothes. Their size also ensures that it is possible to move past luggage lines and make your way out of the airport faster. 

How Much Does A Garment Bag Cost?

Although they are a common sight on the shoulder of a businessman or woman, they do not have to break the bank to look professional. This is why it is not unusual to pick up a quality garment bag for under $50. however, for added quality in terms of materials and additional pockets, look closer to $100, especially if traveling for business.

It is possible to go way over the $200 but unless you have the budget for it, this might not be necessary. 

Is A Garment Bag A Carry On?

This can depend on the airline and its rules and regulations, but most consider these baghs to be a carry-on and not a personal item. They may be compact, but most tend to be sizeable enough to be classed as a carry-on. Check the dimensions of the bag, and what the airline permits before traveling. 

Doe Garment Bags Prevent Wrinkles?

Because they allow the user to keep items separate, a garment bag does make it easier to prevent wrinkles. Because a wrinkle is usually caused by friction between materials, a garment bag helps to avoid this. This is done best when the user is not overloading the bag with multiple outfits.

What Is The Best Garment Bag?

After carefully reviewing multiple garment bags, we found the best to be the Modoker Convertible Garment Bag with Toiletry Bag. Not only did we like the duffel style bag for its generous capacity, but it also folds out making it easier to hang suits and other garments. There are plenty of separate compartments inside and out making it the ideal bag for a business trip.

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