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Best Clothes Drying Rack in 2022 Reviewed

Whether you have plenty of space to dry clothes or not, no one can argue against the convenience of using a clothes drying rack. These fold down easily, take up little space, and are easy to keep out the way when not in use. Not only that, but they provide a large area for drying a washer load of clothes.

Still, there are other traits that clothes drying rack need to offer for it to be worth considering, including the strength to hold wet clothes. This is why we have created the following list of the best products available. Each one has something different to offer but will do an excellent job of drying clothes conveniently.

Summary of the Best Clothes Drying Rack

Editor’s Choice: Honey-Can-Do Large Folding Drying Rack, Silver/White

The perfect blend of attractive price yet functionality, this is the best clothes drying rack in many ways. It provides 24 linear feet of drying space, yet the rack itself doesn’t take up a lot of room. There are no outward folwing parts to take over a bathroom yet it still gives the user lots of room to work with.

The steel construction is hard-wearing and sturdy, and the white finish is rust-resistant. When folded flat, it has a width of only 3 inches, making it one of the most compact drying racks available. Standing 42 inches high, with non-slip feet, and a limited lifetime warranty included, it is easy to see why this is one of the most popular products on the market.


  • 24 feet of drying space
  • Slip-resistant
  • Folds down to 3 inches wide
  • Great value


Best Wooden: Pennsylvania Woodworks Clothes Drying Rack: Solid Maple Hardwood

This aesthetically pleasing clothes drying rack from Pennsylvania Woodworks is a hit with many and for good reason. Its solid maple hardwood is not only strong enough to hold numerous pairs of wet jeans but looks great. There is no assembly required so it is good to go from the moment it arrives and has sturdy slats to keep its shape without bending.

Stronger than a lot of the metal options out there, it is 52 inches high so will work perfectly for anyone who wishes to save space in an apartment. It only takes a couple of seconds to fold down flat and despite its sturdy feel, it doesn’t weigh too much so it is easily portable. The smooth finish ensures it won’t snag delicates or any items, instead it provides plenty of space to dry large loads.


  • 52 inches tall
  • Quality solid maple hardwood
  • Folds up in seconds
  • Won’t snag delicates

  • Not everyone wants a wooden drying rack

Best Basic: AmazonBasics Foldable Clothes Drying Laundry Rack – White

This foldable clothes rack isn’t going to win any design awards, but for a basic product that is reasonably priced, it has more than enough quality to make it worth considering. The steel structure is durable enough to last a long time, yet lightweight so it is easy to put away when the washing is dry.

The design folds flat so it is easy to store out of the way and its epoxy coating is waterproof and smooth whilst also being mildew resistant. At 41.8 inches tall and with plenty of space, it is strong enough to accommodate large amounts of clothes and isn’t so wide that it takes over a room.


  • Durable steel
  • Folds flat
  • Reasonably priced
  • Plenty of space to dry clothes

  • Not as strong as other options

Best Wall Mounted: Bartnelli Accordion Wall Mounted Drying Rack

With 8 stainless steel rods to hang clothes on, this is a wall-mounted clothes rack that offers plenty of space. Easy to expand but a product that also folds back to only 5 inches deep, ensuring it takes up virtually no space in a bathroom it can be used to dry towels or a small load, especially delicates.

This provides 22 feet of hanging and is easy to fix onto the wall. The 60lbs capacity is impressive, making it stronger than most of the competition, a testament to the quality of the materials used. The rods are smooth brushed to make them easier to clean but also means they won’t snag delicates.


  • Only 5 inches when folded away
  • Can hold up to 60 lbs
  • 22 feet of hanging

  • Some people may want more hanging space

Best Value: Sunbeam Folding and Collapsible Indoor and Outdoors Clothes Drying Rack

Fine to use both indoor and outdoor thanks to the rust-resistant coating, this impressive clothes drying rack has 13 horizontal rods to provide plenty of room for delicates as well as ties on the bottom for shoes and other items. It folds down flat to make it easy to store and allows the user to enjoy please air-dried clothes, this always smells better.

It only weighs 6.2 lbs but is strong enough to accommodate a full wet load and the arms fold out at different angles, making it easy to dry different types of garments. A simple design that has been well executed, another excellent product from Sunbeam.


  • 13 horizontal rods
  • Weighs just 6.2 lbs
  • Folds down small

  • Not everyone likes grey

Best Tripod Design: Honey-Can-Do Tripod Clothes Drying Rack, Blue

The unique design of this clothes drying rack certainly catches the eye and since it stands tall, it makes it easy to hang shirts without risking them getting creased. There is space for 32 garments to hang at the same time and because it is 64 inches tall not wide, it takes up little space.

There is a push-button release on the stand before it can be folded away, but this does mean it packs down small. One of the major benefits is that it also doubles up as a clothes hanger, making it easy to air a shirt ready for work the next day. Strong enough to dry a jacket or multiple pairs of jeans, it’s a unique option worth considering.


  • Can hold up to 32 garments
  • 64 inches tall
  • Doubles up as a clothes hanger

  • Not as good for delicates

Best Bamboo: Home-it clothes drying rack – Bamboo Wooden clothes rack

A heavy-duty bamboo clothes drying rack, it offers plenty of space and the same collapsable design that has made this type of product so popular. It is also easy to drop into position and because it is lightweight, collapsing it and storing it is simple. It folds down flat and is also available in chrome, but we like the bamboo for a natural look.

The 4 drying bars on the top are great for large items or anything that should be laid flat. With no assembly required and plenty of space, we have no problem including it on our list.


  • No assembly required
  • Sturdy bamboo design
  • Lightweight

  • Not as much space as some options
Clothes Drying Rack Buyers Guide

There are so many reasons why the clothes drying rack is an essential purchase for any home, but most people end up with weak products that bend under the weight of a pair of jeans. The material is important, but other decisions go into making a quality purchase.

This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you’ll know exactly what the best products offer so you can make a sensible decision.

What To Look for In A Clothes Drying Rack

Quality Materials

What clothes drying rack is made of is going to influence every part of its usefulness. From the strength to durability, it is an important element. Some people like to go with the natural look of a wooden or bamboo product, whilst others will want something that looks sleek and clean.

Epoxy coated steel is a good choice because it is light yet strong and resistant to rust. 

Lightweight Design

Although it is important to find a product that only topples over under a light breeze, there is still the portability to consider. These products are not designed to be a mainstay in a bathroom or wherever they are kept. This is why it is important to find a balance, the lighter the product, the easier it will be to store then get out again. 


Not everyone needs to save as much space which is where the clothes drying rack with arms that can fold out can be a good idea for a larger capacity. Then, there are the tall options that take up less space but generally do not offer as much of a drying area. 


A clothes dryer rack is only as good as the drying capacity it has to offer. This is where a family of four will need something different from someone living alone. There are different designs for different needs, with a wall-mounted dryer being a good idea for apartment life. Otherwise, check that it has the space to hang a full load or a pile of wet clothes waiting to be dried will start to smell unpleasant.

Then, there is weight capacity. Wet clothes can get heavy, especially jeans and jackets, so it is important to keep an eye on their strength under this pressure, and an average load will be up to and just about 12 lbs when dry so a rack will need to be able to cope with more than that.

Minimal Assembly Required

Most products come ready to go, especially the accordion designs that fold out straight from the box. Other designs do require some assembly, but this should be easy, and minimal. 

Reasons To Buy A Clothes Drying Rack

For such a popular household product, some of the benefits are obvious, but here are some of the main reasons why they are found in most homes:

Space Saving

Let’s start with the most obvious: space-saving in more ways than one. Not only does it save room in your home when in use, but a rack can save you from having to invest in a dryer. Anyone who is tight on space and has no outdoor area will appreciate this the most.

Fresher Clothes

Clothes that come out the dryer may feel warm at first, but they don’t have that fresh smell that air-dried clothes offer. This is made even better when the clothes drying rack is placed outside. 

Better For The Environment

With no electricity used, this is certainly the way forward for any green-thinking person. The lack of strain on the electric bill is also going to be appealing, but air-drying clothes are an environmentally friendly option. 

Easy On Delicates

Socks and undergarments can start to deteriorate and become damaged when they come under the harsh treatment from a dryer. This is why it is a good option for drying delicates. It is important to look for a product that has a no-snag design so they do not get caught and damaged in other ways.

Fastest Way To Dry Clothes

When using a drying rack, this is not going to dry clothes as fast as a dryer unless you think smart. By moving the rack outside, this can speed things up, especially when the sun is out. Otherwise, positioning it by an open window can help as long as it is not a cold, damp breeze coming in.

What Is The Best Clothes Drying Rack?

After reviewing multiple products, w found one to stand out, and that was the Honey-Can-Do Large Folding Drying Rack. Not only was it reasonably priced, but it offers a large drying area of 24 feet without taking up much room. This is a tall design so best for those looking to save space and its steel construction makes it sturdy enough to last a long time. 

Also, when folded down, it is only 3 inches wide, so one of the easiest products to store. 

How Long Does A Rack Take To Dry Clothes?

This depends on a lot of factors, most notably the environment. Expect it to take a lot less time on a warm day, or in a warm house. The fabric is another thing to consider as heavier weighted garments will take longer than the lighter ones. Generally, they should take up to four hours on a warm day, but if the sun isn’t shining it can be better to leave them to dry overnight to give them more time. 

How Much Does A Clothes Drying Rack Cost?

This is one of the best parts of using them, as it is possible to pick up a quality product for under $30. This might not get some of the additional features available on more expensive products, or such a large capacity, but it is a good place to start.

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