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Best Steam Irons in 2022 Reviewed

When it comes to clothing, or a quilting or sewing project, a lot of people don’t realize how important a steam iron is until it is too late. Making cuts has to be done on a well-ironed material otherwise there is a risk of inaccurate sizes and lines that aren’t as straight as needed. However, a steam iron is only going to help with this and removing creases from any finished garment if it is of high quality.

This is why we have created the following list of the best steam irons available,. Each one has a deserved reputation for quality and will be ideal for all types of sewing and quilting projects, capable of removing wrinkles for a variety of materials.

Summary of the Best Steam Irons

Editor’s Choice: Rowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron

The best steam iron for sewing or any other need is an easy pick – Rowenta’s 1,700 watt DW5080 has it all. The stainless steel footplate features 400 holes for even and plentiful steam distribution, ideal for getting out creases and the precision tip makes it great for applique projects.

The 35 gallons of steam per minute capability show it means business and the thermostat knob makes it easy to tailor the heat to different types of fabric. Filling it up is easy and it has a large water tank capacity of 10 oz which is more generous than most. The 3-way safety system is impressive as it switches off if left idle at different angles for too long. Made in Germany, it has all the hallmarks of a quality product, making sewing and quilting projects easier, and looking better.


  • 1,700 watts
  • 400 holes in the footplate for even steam distribution
  • Features an easy to use thermostat
  • 3-way safety system
  • 10 oz water tank


Best Fast Heating: Maytag Digital Smart Fill Steam Iron & Vertical Steamer

Because it heats in just 55 seconds, this is one of the best steam irons for people in a hurry. Even if you are not the impatient type, this has a lot more to offer including a fast regenerating steam system that only takes 3 seconds to make more. There are 3 different steam settings to put to use including continual, burst, and water spray. With four temperature settings, it is easy to adjust the iron to make it suitable for different materials.

This means it can iron everything from linen to wool, cotton, and synthetics among others and the water tank is removable making it easy to refill. Its capacity is 8.1 oz and there is an 8 ft cord to go with the 1,500 of watts it has to power the iron.


  • Ceramic footplate
  • Takes just 55 seconds to heat
  • Even steam distribution
  • 8.1 oz water tank capacity

  • Opening the tank cap can be a little tricky

Best Large Water Capacity: Rowenta DW7180 Everlast 1750-Watt Anti-Calc Steam Iron

Another impressive steam iron from Rowenta and this is a slightly more powerful 1,750-watt product. The 400 micro steam holes ensure that steam distribution is both plentiful and even, making getting rid of stubborn creases a lot easier. The precision tip is also convenient for reaching difficult areas and ironing collars.

It has the impressive 3-way safety shut off feature that other Rowenta models have and the stainless steel footplate that makes it glide seamlessly. Its massive 12 oz water tank is about as big as they come, making it easier to iron without having to refill, and there is a big 180g a minute of steam ready to burst. With an anti-calcium cleaning system and German manufacturing, it is another quality steam iron that comfortably makes our top 3.


  • Huge 12 oz water tank
  • Powerful steam burst
  • 1,750 watts
  • 3-way safety feature

  • Can be a bit pricey for some budgets

Best For Extra Large Footplate: BLACK+DECKER Professional Steam Iron with Extra Large Soleplate

For larger garments or quilting projects, this is an ideal steam iron thanks to the extra-large footplate. Anyone who likes to press their duvet covers before putting them back on will appreciate the size of the footplate as it means fewer strokes are required.

Mineral deposits can become a problem for a lot of irons, but thanks to its auto cleaning feature, this is not an issue with this product. It regulates the water temperature to help avoid dripping, one of the most annoying downsides to sub-par irons, and there are plenty of steam and temperature controls to choose from, making it ideal for several fabrics and materials.


  • Extra-large footplate
  • Steam and temperature controls
  • Anti dripping technology
  • 3-way shut off safety feature

  • The position of the dial is a little awkward

Best Budget: Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron | 1400 Watt

For a 1,400 steam iron, this product from Sunbeam comes at a very reasonable price. There is a shot of seam feature which is a neat addition for ironing out stubborn wrinkles and creases. Its anti-drip technology ensures that whatever temperature setting it is on, it won’t cause annoying spills.

For peace of mind, there is a 3-way safety feature that causes it to switch off when not in use and its self-clean capability ensures that mineral deposits don’t build up and impact its useability. One of the most useful features is the retractable 8 ft cord which makes it easier to store and there is also a 3 year. limited warranty.


  • 1,400 watts at a budget price
  • 3-way safety feature
  • Anti-drip
  • Shot of steam feature

  • Iron is on the large side for some

Best Medium : Panasonic NI-E660SR Dry and Steam Iron, MEDIUM, White/Purple

The first noticeable feature is the smooth soleplate that seems to glide effortlessly no matter what material it is ironing. There are multiple steam settings to make it easier to tailor it to each fabric and can be used dry so without any steam if not needed. The max power of 1,200 watts is sufficient for most needs and temperature control is easy via the precision dial.

Depending on what position the soleplate is in, the iron will automatically turn off between 1 – 10 minutes of being unused which is good for peace of mind. The curved shape of the soleplate ensures it has an even heat and steam distribution, making it convenient no matter the fabric.


  • 1,200 watts of power
  • Auto shut off between 1-10 minutes
  • Curved soleplate
  • Adjustable steam and temperature

  • Takes a little longer to heat up
Steam Iron Buyer’s Guide

A steam iron should be durable enough to be used almost every day but have enough nat features for it to make light work of sewing and quilting projects. This means it has to offer reliable steam with adjustable settings, but also a lot more. Only the most reputable products are capable of delivering it all, and finding a product that is up to the task of removing wrinkles without any fuss is not so easy.

This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide. it details everything there is to know about the best steam irons so you can make an informed decision.

What To Look For In A Steam Iron

Control With Various Settings

Being able to make adjustments is part of what makes the best steam irons so good and the more the merrier. This is why the top products have plenty of steam and temperature settings. To ensure it can be used on a variety of fabrics, this is the essential trait to look for. To make it even better, ensure the dial is in a comfortable position so it isn’t accidentally adjusted whilst the iron is in use. 

Strong Steam

This can be in short bursts or other settings, but the steam needs to have enough strength and power behind it to give it the impact required. Heavier fabrics are going to need this more, and it can be the difference between being able to press the crease and move it out and waiting for longer at the mercy of stubborn wrinkles. 

The holes in the footplate are also important as this can allow for even distribution and more steam.


The power of the steam iron centers around the wattage. Anything of 1,200 and above is going to help with 1,500 watts being saved for the more powerful steam irons. This is going to make light work of a lot of remove wrinkles faster and anything of 1,700 and above is going to be noticeably faster.

Water Tank Capacity

Any steam iron with high wattage is likely to push out greater bursts of steam, and this is where a large water tank is preferable. Anything of 8 oz and above is on the large side, with high-end products using 12 oz. This is going to save you trips between uses which is never a bad thing.

Cord Length

An important consideration since it is going to make for a smoother experience and ensure you are not at the mercy of the ironing boards distance from the power socket. Look for anything of 8 ft and above and if you can find a model with a retractable cord, then this helps keep everything tidy when in storage. 

Safety Features

For a lot of people, this is rightly the most important trait of any steam iron. thankfully, a lot of modern products have safety in mind, with many of them automatically switching off when idle for too long. This gives the user peace of mind, especially since we have all left an iron-on for too long in the past. 

Heating Time

No one wants to wait ten minutes for their steam iron to heat before it can be used, and although this seems like an exaggeration, it isn’t! Thankfully, most modern products are better and heat faster, the Maytag Digital Smart Fill Steam Iron heats within a minute!


Even the most reputable brands can make a faulty product from time to time. Although this may seem unlikely, a lot of stress can be avoided by ensuring the steam iron comes with a warranty. Protect your purchase and look for a product that comes with a couple of years as a Minumum, especially if you are purchasing one of the more expensive models.

Should You Use Steam When Ironing?

Anyone wishing to bet rid of wrinkles fast should look for an iron that lets off a fair amount of steam. This can help to quickly remove creases and wrinkles, moving the fibers before the heat and pressure from the plate smooth them out. 

Steam Press Vs Steam Iron

Any material that is full of deep creases will smooth easier with a steam press but this convenience comes at a price. Not only are they more expensive, but they can be a little trickier to use. For what is a similar effect, steam. iron is a cost-effective alternative and also has more uses. The pointed tips and convenient size makes them ideal for ironing clothes, and they are easy to handle. 

What Is The Best Steam Iron?

After reviewing multiple steam irons, we found the best to be Rowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron. There are other Rowenta steam irons of a higher spec, but this model offered the balance between value and performance. The 1,700 watts is plenty enough, as is the 10 oz water tank that powers the multiple steam settings. 

The 400 holes in the footplate ensure an even distribution of steam and the 3 -way safety system is as important as any other feature.

What Fabrics SHould Not Be Steamed?

Steam irons are ideal for a lot of materials, with the most common being the likes of cotton and silks, but some are less than ideal. The main culprits are suede and waxed jackets or any material with a special coating that could be melted or negatively impacted by steam and heat.

Should You Iron Bedsheets?

For added comfort, why not? Although it is better to iron bedsheets when they are still damp as this can help to get the wrinkles out easier. Not only does this look better for guests, but despite their size, they are usually easy to iron compared to a lot of clothing.

How Much Does A Steam Iron Cost?

This depends on a lot of factors, but the best steam irons don’t have to cost north of $100. There are many reputable products under $50 but the better options are between this amount and $100. The better steam distribution and larger water tanks tend to come at a price, but most would say this is worth the extra.


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