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Best Fabric Glues in 2022 Reviewed

Most people think that when it comes to gluing fabric, any household product will suffice. Although this might seem the case, it is not going to give a reliable adhesion and can get pretty messy to say the least. This is why it is always best to use a dedicated product, and the difference is noticeable when using specialist fabric glue.

Because of this, we have created a list of the best in the business and each one comes with a deserved reputation for making crafts projects easier, repairs quicker, and patchwork more reliable. With something for every budget, it is a complete list of the products worth considering when you’re in a rush.

Summary of the Best Fabric Glues

Editor’s Choice: Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive, 4-Ounce (FT4D)

The formula used in this fabric glue has been tailored for a quick-drying and permanent bond that lasts. These are some of the most important traits and dries clear making it easily disguised should there be any areas that it creeps through. Because it has multiple uses, it is one of the most popular products on the market, and it is commonly used for gluing fabrics, but also leather, lace, wood, even glass.

It is fine to wash and is acid-free and is flexible enough to be smoothed to the users taste. This is also one fo the best fabric glues for not soaking into a fabric which makes it perfect for making quick repairs to bridal wear. This also means it can be used to make fast costumes for kids, without the need for heat.


  • Dries clear
  • Acid-free
  • Fine to wash
  • Ideal or quick fixes to bridal wear
  • Multiple uses


Best Value: Aleene’s Quick Dry fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive, 4-Ounce

Anyone looking for an alternative to a needle and thread will find this to be one of the best alternatives, and fabric glue doesn’t get much better. Because of the accurate pouring, it is easy to use, a gentle squeeze is all that is needed to pour the glue onto fabric and thankfully, it dries fast.

Because it is water-based, it is safer to use and the formula itself is non-toxic and doesn’t have that stringy texture that can get messy. Not only this, but the adhesive bond is permanent, so it can be used on craft projects, and it comes in a generous 4 oz bottle. One thing a lot of users comment on is that even after it has been through multiple washes, the strong bond holds firm.


  • Easy to use
  • Generous 4 oz bottle
  • Water-based and non-toxic
  • Strong permanent bond

  • Can be a little messy when not used properly

Best Fast Drying: Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 6 oz Bottle, TG06H

Another immensely popular fabric glue, Tear Mender is a brand name with a reputation for making reliable adhesives such as this one. Not only can it form a strong bond for fabrics, but it also works well when working with leather. The 6 oz bottle is more than enough for multiple projects. The bond is instant, with fabrics being fine to wear in 3 minutes, and can be washed after 15.

Both waterproof and flexible, this fabric glue is also resistant to UV so they will not impact the longevity of the bond. Both acid-free and non-toxic, it is safe to use around the family, and there is no need to use heat at any point. Although it makes an ideal fabric glue, this product has also been used on upholstery and even home decor.


  • Multiple uses
  • Dries in 3 minutes
  • Nontoxic
  • UV resistant

  • Has a stronger scent than some

Best Heavy-Duty Strength: Aleene’s Super Fabric Adhesive, Super-Strong, 1 Pack, 1.5 fl oz

This is a product made for those who want to glue a variety of materials to fabric, hence its reputation as a heavy-duty fabric glue. Still, it manages to remain flexible enough to offer multiple uses including gluing leather, denim, felt, vinyl, satin, cotton, and more. One of the main benefits of using this glue is that it dries clear, so it can be used to glue patches onto garments or glue pockets.

Although it is washable in the machine, the user should wait 72 hours before doing so for the first time. A fast-drying and industrial-strength fabric glue, it is good value for the low price, although it does tend to go fast.


  • Heavy-duty industrial strength
  • Multiple uses including denim, leather, cotton, and more
  • Dries clear

  • Needs 72 hours before first wash

Beast For Upholstery : Permatex 25247 Fabric Repair Kit, Single Unit

Because of its designated use as a glue ideal for automobile repairs and upholstery, this is great for projects that require a stronger adhesive. The adhesive comes in the form of 7 different cups with multiple colors included to ensure it blends into the material it is gluing.

There is also a spatular included, as well as a mixing bottle and screen applicator to ensure the user has everything they need to make repairs. It can also be used for clothing, which is another area where the different colors come in use. This is why it is used to make near-invisible repairs and can be used to save money on replacing items, like when used on carpets.


  • Includes 7 different colors
  • Full repair kit
  • Ideal for repairs
  • Can be used on clothes, upholstery, automobiles, and more

  • Color matching can be difficult

Best Glue Stick: Dritz 401 Fabric Glue Stick, 0.28-Ounce

A glue stick for fabrics that is not only easy to use but performs better than many might think. This is more for temporary positioning of fabrics before they are stitched together later, but this makes it an ideal product for sewers and those who like to make crafting easier.

Another reason why it is popular is that it can be used to track down seam allowances and move the fabric into position. When not in use, store it in the refrigerator to ensure it does not dry out. To top it off, this glue stick is water-soluble and washes out with ease on most fabrics.


  • Easy to use
  • Non-permanent
  • Ideal for positioning
  • Water-soluble

  • Not for permanent gluing
Fabric Glue Buyer’s Guide

Anyone with a sewing project on the go, or a craft in mind where gluing would be easier to stitching can appreciate how useful a fabric glue is. Still, using one is only half the battle, the product needs to be up to scratch or fabric might peel after a couple of washes, if not sooner.

This is why we have creates the following buyer’s guide. It details everything there is to know about these useful glues. This means that by the end of it, choosing a quality product is easy.

What To Look For In A Fabric Glue

Fast Drying

Because a fabric glue is often used to make repairs when there is not a lot of time to spare, it must dry fast. This is the sort of product that is perfect when a wedding dress needs a quick repair, so the time it takes to dry is important. Most of the reputable brands tend to boast about how quickly theirs dries, with a few minutes being around the average time one might have to wait before a garment or bridal gown can be worn.

Clear Drying

When using fabric glue, the last thing you want is to know it is there. The texture can often mean that is obvious if it bleeds through the fabric or spills out the side. Most of the better products use a glue that dries clear to ensure this is less of an issue, and it blends in better.


This is one of the most important traits for a fabric glue because if it dries hard, it makes the garment more brittle and uncomfortable to wear. The best products are soft and flexible when dry so the garment is comfortable.

Multiple Uses

As long as a fabric glue offers the most important use to what a user needs, then everything else is a bonus, but you never know when you might need a fabric glue to form a bond on different materials. This is why it is good to look for a product that has multiple purposes such as the ability to glue leather, wood, as well as a wide range of fabrics. Some even glue glass which might seem like something that would never be useful but you might be surprised. 


Most products aimed towards crafting and repairs are generally fine to wash and even after multiple washes, the bond should remain strong. Look out for products that are fine to wash soon after the gluing is finished as no one likes to have to wait a few days before they can put an upcycled garment through the wash. 


A lot of glues are strong and industrial-strength because their formula is packed with harmful chemicals. A fabric glue should be safe to use without the need for protective wear so non-toxic ingredients and an acid-free formula are both important.

What Can A Fabric Glue Be Used For?

With so many uses, a lot of people are missing out on some of the benefits of fabric glue. Here are some of the more obvious uses, as well as those less known:

Securing Pockets

When sewing onto a garment, the pockets can be tricky and using pins not only gets messy, but they are difficult to work with. This is why a lot of people use fabric glue to hold everything in place before sewing the pockets on. 


Any bride probably has nightmares about something going wrong with their dress. This can be from some of the lacy areas tearing or a decorative piece of jewelry comes off. fabric glue is ideal in these sorts of situations as they are fast drying and reliable. 

Making Costumes

Whether this is for a kids Halloween party or an adult costume for a theatre production or fancy dress, one of the easiest ways to make a quick costume is by using fabric glue. Stitching not only takes time, but it is tricky whereas glue takes little to no skill, is fast, and still provides impressive results. 


A fabric glue might be the ideal option for fixing a small patch onto a garment, especially when in a hurry. not only do they go on without the need to stitch, but they blend in well. 

Is Temporary or Permanent Fabric Glue Best?

This depends on the project, but when looking for a glue to fix fabrics as a guide before sewing, a nonpermanent glue is best. These should wash off easily, and not spill out in areas that can make sewing difficult. Permanent fabric glue is best when sewing patches or for repairs. 

Can You Use Glue Instead Of Stitching?

Absolutely. This is one of the benefits of using fabric glue. Not only is it a time-saving alternative to stitching, but it is just as effective. Still, it is important to use a reputable product and ensure ti is flexible enough if being used on a garment and dries fast for a strong bond that lasts. 

Will Fabric Glue Wash Off?

This depends on the type of glue being used. If using a fabric adhesive to create a bond for a guide before stitching, use a non-permanent glue. These wash off easily whereas a permanent glue should not, and will create a lasting bond that is insoluble. 

How Fast Does Fabric Glue Dry?

Again, every brand is different, but a typical time seems to be a maximum of 15 minutes with many being a lot faster. This doesn’t mean it can be put through a wash though as this is another area where every product is different. Some are fine to be washed soon after it has dried, others require a day or two. 

Will Superglue Work On Fabric?

This isn’t the best choice available if looking to glue fabric. Because super glue has a different formula, it is less flexible, and difficult to work with. Because of this, expect any garment to be uncomfortable, and any visible glue to be more obvious.

How Much Does Fabric Glue Cost?

With so many reputable brands making decent fabric glue, it is a buyer’s market, with most of the best brands making fabric glue for around $10 and under. Spend a little more and this will land a higher quality product but if your budget is restrictive, there are some fabric glues that will do a good job for under $5. 


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