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Best Dress Forms in 2022 Reviewed

Being able to create a dress or pair of jeans is one thing, but seeing it as it would be worn is another. A dress form not only helps to bring a garment to life, but it also helps to ensure it is tailor-made to fit the right person. With intricate adjustments on the dress form, it is possible to make it fit a certain way without requiring a person to model it.

This is only possible when using a quality product. Unfortunately, the market is full of low-quality dress forms that are limited in what they can do, and frustrating to work with. Because of this, we have created a list of the best dress forms. There is something for every budget, and only the best made it onto our list.

Summary of the Best Dress Forms

Editor’s Choice: Dritz Sew You Adjustable Dress Form, Small

Available in small and medium sizes, this is the best dress form available. The attractive opal green is only one small part of what makes this product so impressive. The body is highly adjustable with 9 rolling wheels at the bust, it is easy to accommodate different customers’ needs. Even the neck cap can be adjusted and it is possible to add two inches to the back waist length.

The center pole is perfectly positioned so that it can be used to fit and hang tops, blouses, dresses, skirts, and more and with an adjustable height, it is easy to work in comfort. The materials have a quality feel to them and it is one of the sturdiest even when at the max height thanks to the four legs.


  • Available in two sizes
  • Lots of adjustable dials
  • Adjustable neck cap
  • Quality materials
  • Looks great
  • Sturdy


Best Singer: SINGER | Adjustable Red Dress Form, Fits Sizes 4-10

From the reputable brand that is Singer comes this quality dress form. It fits sizes 4-10 and has plenty of adjustable dials to ensure it can be used for a wide variety of customers and creations. There is a 360-degree hem guide on the foam dress foam that is ideal for pinning and markings.

It fits a bust size of 33 to 40 inches with 13 adjustment dials that are as easily moved as its height. There is only basic assembly required out of the box so it can be up and ready to go in no time. It is one of the most eye-catching products because of its pleasant red design and one of the most reliable ways of ensuring a dress or garment fits properly.


  • 13 adjustment dials
  • Fits sizes 4-10
  • 360-degree hem guide
  • Looks great
  • Adjustable height

  • Not useful for sizes over 10

Best Large: BHD Beauty Blue 13 Dials Female Fabric Adjustable Dress Form

This is one of the best dress forms for anyone on a budget as it offers a blend of quality and value. It can be adjusted in plenty of ways including a 70-inch shoulder height. 13 key adjustments can be made around the bust, hips, back, neck. and waist so it is easy to make the perfect fitting garment.

The vinyl cover is foam backed so when pins go in, they stay in place, and a hem gauge that is easy to use. The height adjustment includes measurements to show what height it will match, an impressive feature. This is the large version which opens up plenty of possibilities for making dresses over a size 10 and it is known for being one of the sturdiest dress forms in the price range.


  • 70-inch shoulder height
  • Plenty of adjustable dials
  • Ideal for larger sizes
  • Vinyl backed foam is easy to pin

  • Takes a little bit of getting used to

Best Size Options: Dritz Twin-Fit Adjustable Dress Form, Petite, Grey

This is another excellent dress form and partly because the 12 adjustable dials are easy to use and offer plenty of intricate ways of ensuring an ideal fit. The half-inch increments mean it can tailor for most shapes and sizes in the petite range and there are also other sizes available up to full figure.

It is possible to increase the back waist measurement by up to 2 inches and the center pole is well-positioned to ensure that whatever is being hanged is done so with stability. Its adjustable height still feels secure at its maximum because of the tripod legs and its top shoulder height is 64 inches. The neck is adjustable and the legs can collapse so it can be stored with ease. The foam-backed cotton-polyester ensures that pins can be used as markers and adjustments are easy.


  • 12 adjustable dials
  • Available in different sizes
  • The back waist can be adjusted up to 2 inches
  • Adjustment knob on neck

  • Not as versatile as others

Best Affordable: Adjustable- Mannequin Dress Form Female Size 6-8

This might not be as adjustable as other products, but for an entry-level dress form, there is a lot to like. It will be fine for sizes 6-8 and the white foam interior will keep a pin in place easily. The height of the torse measures 27 inches and its shoulder to shoulder width is 14 inches. The decorative legs look better than most so this is a dress form that will look good even when not in use.

The bust is 35 inches and the hips measure 34 inches and although there are no dials to adjust, it is possible to adjust the height. This is an affordable dress form that is easy to put together and looks great when displaying dresses.


  • Good value
  • For sizes 6-8
  • Height is adjustable
  • Easy to assemble

  • No adjustable dials

Best Metal Display Stand: MyGift Designers Black Metal Adjustable Height Wire Frame Dress Form

Although this isn’t the sort of dress form that everyone needs, it is one of the best decorative products for displaying clothes. So, when the finished piece is ready, this is a way of showing off the results. Even the 3-point base has a pleasing look to it and the mannequin itself is designed in the shape of a woman’s figure.

This is certainly one of the more elegant products on our list and features a 33-inch bust. Because of its metal materials, it is sturdy, even when the height is fully extended. When it is time to put it into storage, it is easy to disassemble and can break down into 3 pieces.


  • Height adjustable
  • Looks great
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble and put away

  • No adjustable dials

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