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Best Knitting Needles in 2022 Reviewed

The art of knitting is alive and well and in many ways is enjoying a resurgence thanks to the exposure of certain TV shows. Not only this, but it is a relaxing hobby for a lot of people, one that is rewarding. Whether you are an experienced knitter or just starting, a quality set of knitting needles can make a huge difference to how you knit.

Not only will they allow you to knit in comfort but they can lessen the time it takes to complete a project so you can move onto the next one or enjoy the fruits of your labor. Because there are different knitting needles for different purposes and various materials to choose from, we have created a list of the best we could find to help make your decision a lot easier.

Summary of the Best Knitting Needles

Editor’s Choice: CHIAOGOO 7500-C 2.75-10.0mm Twist Red Lace Interchangeable Set

Not only do you get several quality knitting needles but the complete set is housed in an eye-catching case. The name Chiagoo is one of the most recognizable in the industry and they are giving you a good amount of variety here. These 5-inch single point knitting needles are made from the strong and durable mobo bamboo for this interchangeable set that provides plenty of knitting options. This is also what makes them ideal for knitting thin fibers that can otherwise prove tricky. The stainless steel tips alongside the lace tips allow you to knit in comfort and with accuracy. Attaching them to the three included cable lengths you can choose from 24, 32, and 40-inch circulars.

The color-coded connectors are easy to read and this pack also comes with end stoppers, stitch markers, T-shaped tightening keys, needle gauge, and more. This is everything you need to get started as you can twist the tips to change them and start a different project. This is the best knitting needle set going and you’ll find that the cables are so strong they never need to be straightened.


  • Lots of cable length options
  • Single point needles are great for using on thin fibers
  • Complete set with lots of accessories
  • Durable case included

  • Size labels are a little small

Best For Beginners: Knitters Pride Dreamz Deluxe Interchangeable Needle Set

Anyone trying their hand at knitting will need a set that is easy to use and that’s exactly what Knitters Pride gives you in this product. There are 9 tips included that measure between 4 to 11 US, as well as 4 different cords. The size markers make it easy to select the right knitting needles for your needs and the Symphonie tips are made from lightweight material – hardened birch. This wood is more durable and expensive than a lot of the other options you will find and it adds to the quality of the product.

They feel pretty fine but without being overly pointy so the beginner should find they are easy to handle. It is important to find knitting needles that are comfortable to hold, especially as you build your hand stamina and this is what these wooden needles give you compared to the aluminum types. A lot of newbies comment on how comfortable they are to hold and make long knitting sessions easy without causing cramps.


  • Lots of size options
  • Great for those starting out
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Lightweight yet sturdy

  • Some needles are dark making it difficult to see darker yarn

Best Bamboo : BetyBedy 36PCS Bamboo Knitting Needles Set

If you don’t want to mess around with cords then these single pointed bamboo knitting needles are great value, and give you plenty of options without having to change between needles. The bamboo has been bleached and carbonized to ensure their durability and this is also what makes them resistant to mildew. There is no chemical scent to these light and smooth needles, with 18 sizes that range from 2mm – 10 mm. Measuring 9 inches long, there are comfortable to hold and each one shows their size in an easy to see and clear print.

A lot of people comment on how comfortable they are and they are commonly used to weave the likes of scarves, hats, socks, gloves, and a lot more. Even after continual use, they keep their shape well and for the price, you are getting a lot of value compared to other products.


  • 18 size options
  • 9 inches long
  • Quality bamboo with no chemcial smell
  • Each one is marked with its size

  • Experienced knitters might want something with more options

Best Premium: Hiya Hiya 4 Inch Sharp Limited Edition Interchangeable Needle Set

This is one of the most complete knitting needle sets from Hiya Hiya and comes with a range of accessories. You get 13 pairs of sharp tips that come in a range of US sizes between 2 – 15. To make things simple and to give you even more options, there are 4 cables included and their sizes include 18, 24, 32, and 42 inches. The pack includes small cable connectors, different sized stoppers that are panda-shaped, both small and large single point adapters, and more.

If you are looking for a premium set of circular knitting needles, then this from Hiya Hiya is ideal as the stainless steel of the needles is going to be hard-wearing and last a long time. At 4 inches long, they have enough to them for comfortable knitting.


  • High-quality set of knitting needles
  • Variety of cable sizes
  • 13 pairs of sharp tips included

  • Can be a little fiddly on smaller projects

Best Short Tip: addi Click Lace Short Tip Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle System

This knitting needle system is often heralded as the best for knitting lace and when you feel the quality of the 8 short rocket tip set, it’s easy to understand why. The US sizes range from 4 to 11 giving you loads of knitting options. The multi-purpose connector is easy to fix onto each needle and stays in place for a comfortable knit. The needle tips measure around 3.5 inches giving you plenty of room to grip them and each one has a good weight to it.

There is also a blue nylon SOS cord so if you are the sort of knitter who likes to insert lifelines as you knit, this gives you the option. It is all packaged in a stylish brown wallet that looks impressive and has a nice feel. One of the best things about this product is that it offers the user the opportunity to switch the needle length and size with ease and includes a coupling to connect two for a longer chord, giving you a better grip.


  • US needle size range from 4 to 11
  • 8 short rocket tips
  • Easy to switch between the tips
  • Includes blue nylon SOS cord

  • The feel of the join can be make knitting a little awkward for some tastes

Best 14 Inch: Susan Bates 14-Inch Single Point Knitting Needle, 25mm, White/Blue

This oversized jumbo knitting needle might look like a bit of a novelty to some, but for a lot of people, it is the sign of a product that can easy light work of large bits of yarn. Also good for roving, these are going to be too bulky for a lot of beginners but an experienced knitter will put them to good use. You can use them for a variety of tasks and because they are made from plastic, they are a lot lighter than their aluminum counterparts.

For finishing a bulky sweater, these are an ideal purchase and at 14 inches long, they might take a bit of getting used to but once you do, they’ll make for a quick knit of heavier yarn. They are available in a variety of sizes that range from US size 17, 19, 35, and 50 (25mm).


  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • 14 inches long
  • Great for use with large yarn

  • Not as good for beginners

Best Value: BCMRUN 22PCS – Knitting Needle Set

This impressive set of straight pointed knitting needles won’t break the bank but it will still give you lots of knitting options. This is because of the range of needles included. With 11 pairs ranging from 2mm – 8mm you have a lot to put to use, and because they measure 14.1 inches, they are easy to hold.

The sturdy hold of the stainless steel needles are great and because there is never a risk of a frayed end, they do not catch on the yarn. Sizes are marked at the top making it easy to switch between the needles and there are also a handful of useful accessories included. You get a measuring tape, stitch markers, and a carry bag.


  • 11 pairs of straight pointed knitting needles
  • Stainless steel
  • Do not catch on yarn
  • Good value

  • Can be a bit thin for some people
Knitting Needle Guide

When it comes to your home crafts and hobbies you want to invest a little to get a more rewarding experience. Still, it shouldn’t cost a lot for you to spend your time knitting a new scarf or jumper. Because knitting is experiencing somewhat of a comeback, there are lots of products hitting the market, all making out as though they are the best knitting aid available. 

This is what makes it hard to tell if the knitting needles you are considering are worth buying. Before you make a decision, we have compiled a buyer’s guide to make this purchase easier. After considering some of the points, you’ll find this is a fun decision, and one you can get the right first time.

What To Look For In Knitting Needles


This is usually one of the first things to consider when looking for the best knitting needles for your needs. A lot of beginners will find that wooden or bamboo knitting needles feel comfortable to hold but they are not always well suited to certain projects. Because they can snag and lose their shape over time, it might be best to consider a stainless steel option for long term use.

Aluminum is a common material used but they can be a little uncomfortable for some people, especially beginners. Also, it tends to bend over time. 


Everyone needs a knitting needle that is comfortable to hold and to prevent them from slipping just as you get up to speed, they should have a certain amount of tackiness to them. This still needs to be within a healthy balance as too much and the knitting motion won’t be so seamless.


Depending on the sise of the yarn you will be knitting, you need to consider what length is best for your needs. The bulkier yarns will require a larger needle as you don’t want to stack the stitches too much or you will end up losing them and the whole process will take a long time.

However, shorter knitting needles can be more convenient for intricate work but a lot of this will come down to your experience level. If you feel comfortable allowing more stitches onto your needle, then length matters less.


This will influence the type of knitting you are capable of doing as well as the yarn you can work with. we’ll go into this a little more below but the knitting needle tip is one of the major factors to consider. 

A pointed tip is great for making tight stitches and is better for working at speed. Rounded tips are good for heavy yarns and are often considered to slow the user down.

A Set

This won’t be for everyone as your requirements might mean a knitting needle set is unnecessary. This is especially the case if you already have certain sizes or tips. However, if you are looking to invest in cable needles then the best thing to do is buy a quality set so you have everything you need.


The weight of a knitting needle will make a big difference to your enjoyment, especially if you are a frequent knitter. Certain materials can be bulky and weigh a lot, not only slowing you down but making the process uncomfortable. To avoid problems like hand cramps, choose a lightweight knitting needle.

Carry Case

Because it can be difficult to store knitting needles in a way that keeps everything together, it is a good idea to choose a product that comes with a carry case. Not only does this prevent the needles from digging into your hand when you are trying to find them in a drawer or when loose in storage, but it ensures you don’t lose any of them.

Different Types of Knitting Needles

Growing up, you never would have thought when your mum was knitting that she would be using different types of needles for different projects. Now that you are considering your own, you have to look at the different types so you can match them to your needs. 

Straight Needles

These are some of the best knitting needles for the beginner because the knob at the opposite end form the needle prevents slips. Again they come in plenty of different sizes and are generally one of the most affordable options.

Circular Needles

These are pretty common and are well suited to knitting in straight rows and for making flat pieces but also for circular shapes such as sleeves and hats. They come in a range of sizes so there is no one size fits all.

Double Pointed

These are great space and money-saving knitting needles as the double sides open up plenty of options and give you better value. A lot of people use them to knit in the round where a circular needle won’t suffice anymore.

Cable Needles

As the name suggests these are used for knitting cables. These are some of the most popular knitting needles and a lot of the products we selected as the best come with the option to use them as cable knitting needles. You can use them to make a variety of patterns. Although they take a little skill, most people get up to speed pretty quickly to use these short needles and they usually come in a set 

Interchangeable Needles

These are best described as the needles that come in a set as they can be changed between ends and cables of different lengths. They are great for using multiple needles for the same project as changing them can be seamless.

What Is The Best Knitting Needle Length For Beginners?

This is a question we often see and because everyone is different, it is prudent to say that no one option will please everyone. Having said that, a lot of people consider the mid sizes to be the best for learning the ways of knitting. 

A width size of 6 – 8 is often considered a comfortable one and in terms of length, anything around 10 inches is good, to begin with as this won’t be too big for inexperienced hands. Of course, if the beginner is in their teenage years, adjustments should be made on the above.

Is Knitting Expensive?

As with any hobby you start for the first time, knitting can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like. The start-up costs are reasonable as you can pick up yarn, patterns, and knitting needles for a reasonable price.

However, you can also invest in higher quality tools and needles that last a long time. The materials you go for will go a long way towards how much you spend but you can get started for a reasonable sum.

Is Knitting More Expensive Than Buying?

This depends on the type of garment you are knitting and the materials you use. It also depends on where you shop.

A typical jumper might take many months to complete for a beginner so if you put a price on your time, then it will add up. The cost of the yarn can be picked up for next to nothing but you will need to buy more than one to complete most projects.

For most knitters, the cost isn’t a consideration. The process and the end result are what make it worthwhile. Also, it is hard to put a price on the feel of something you made yourself.

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