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Best Floor Lamps in 2022 Reviewed

There is always a good reason to get a new floor lamp. The style can help give a room some warmth and if you are sat on the couch, sewing into the dark hours, they make the whole process a lot easier. With a variety of designs and features available, it can be hard to find the one that fits your needs.

Everything from the pole, the base, to the shade needs to be to your liking and some suit different situations better. To help you find the ideal floor lamp, we have created a list of the best products available. Each one has something unique to offer and there are plenty of options to complement different rooms.

Summary of the Best Floor Lamps

Editor’s Choice: Kira Home Akira 78.5

This attractive, versatile product is the best floor lamp for just about any area. The tri lamp design makes for an eye-catching piece that droops over the back of a couch nicely. The rotary knob allows you to move between three brightness settings allowing you to tailor the ambiance. For a sewer or reader, this is ideal as you can curl up in a soft glow and get plenty of light to see what you are doing.

It doesn’t take up a lot of room on the ground and at 80 inches, it is tall enough to give a large area plenty of light. The beige burlap shades blend into most rooms and you can control one, two, or all three lights at any time. It doesn’t come with bulbs but can take a variety with a warm white glow being one of the most popular.


  • Standout design
  • Can control all three lights separately
  • 80 inches tall
  • Solid build


Best For Storage: Brightech Maxwell – Modern LED Shelf Floor Lamp

This convenient floor lamp fits into a corner or to the side of a sofa, making it easy to reach and switch it on as you relax for the night. It is great for saving some space as not only does it have a small footprint but you can store items and display photos on the multiple shelves. The warm light on top is pleasant enough to brighten up a room without taking over and it blends into any room of a house.

With a base of just 10 inches, there is always room for a second if you cant to place them either side of your sofa and it is also available in a variety of colors. When set up with a smart outlet and smart bulb you can use it with Alexa and Google Home so turning it on and off is even easier.


  • Space saving floor lamp
  • Compatible with smart bulbs
  • Storage room
  • Good value


Best For Reading: Brightech Sparq – Hanging, LED Arc Floor Lamp

This is one of those floor lamps that you walk into a room and are immediately drawn to. The unique swirling design creates a cascade of light as it reaches from behind the couch, giving the area a modern look. Because it is dimmable you can use it to set the mood of your living area but we like it for a reading nook or corner.

It stands at 67 inches tall so it is best described as between medium and large and it is one of the most efficient we could find, giving you 20,000 hours of use out of the power-saving LEDs. This gives it a life expectancy of around 15 – 20 years! We like that it comes with a 3-year warranty although the build quality feels as though it won’t be needed.


  • Attractive overhanging design
  • 20,000 hours of use from the LED lights
  • 3-year warranty
  • Dimmable

  • Not compatible with Alexa

Best For Crafts: Brightech Litespan – Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts & Reading

Anyone who has tried to use a sewing machine at night can find their regular overhead light to be overbearing and a lamp to not give enough coverage. This is where this impressive floor lamp from Brightech comes in. It is ideal for any type of craft and emits a high contrast light that allows you to see all the important colors of your activity.

It gives you a bright 850-950 lumens and isn’t harsh on your energy bills and because of the flexible gooseneck design, it can be tilted to focus on your hands or a book. You can adjust it to up to 42 inches tall so it can still brighten a room when you don’t need to focus on intricate details making it one of the most versatile floor lamps as well as the most practical.


  • 42 inches tall
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Slender design
  • 5 color choices


Best Value: Brightech Emma LED Tripod Floor Lamp

The reasonable price makes it one of the best floor lamps for anyone on a budget. Still, for the price you get a modern looking product that adds a little cheer to any room. We think it will work well if positioned behind a sofa or in an area where it stands out a little more so guests can enjoy the tripod style legs.

There is barely any set up required and it even comes with a bulb making it ready to go out of the box and because the electrical cord is 10 ft long, it can be moved to any part of most rooms. The LED bulb has a 20,000-hour lifespan so you won’t be needing to replace it for a long time and it is compatible with smart outlets although they are not included.


  • Modern design
  • 10 ft long power cord
  • Long LED bulb lifespan
  • Gentle glow

  • A lot of packaging included

Best Contemporary Design: Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

This modern floor lamp would look great in an office thanks to the pole design. The small footprint ensures you can move it into any space and the super bright LEDs of 2190 lumens can be pointed in different directions thanks to the pivoting head. It isn’t that cozy, warm floor lamp that would suit a living room but the contemporary design means there are plenty of other places it will suit.

The weighted base ensures it won’t wobble, making it safe to use around pets and children and it comes with 3 different light settings to help you set the tone of the room. It is a great floor lamp for when you don’t have the option of overhead lights.


  • Pivoting head
  • Modern design
  • Weighted base
  • Includes 3-year warranty

  • Doesn’t remember the last light setting when turned on
Floor Lamp Guide

When it comes to adding the fine touches to your home, one of the most important for setting the mood is the lighting. An easy way to get a pleasant glow in a certain area is with a quality floor lamp. This is easier said than done as a lot of products on the market lack the necessary features of the better lamps which can make or break a living area.

Whether you are considering one for your craft area, living space, office, or bedroom, we have created the following buyer’s guide so you make an informed purchase.

What To Look For In A Floor Lamp


This should be a major factor in your decision as the height of your floor lamp will influence how much coverage the lamp can offer. Anyone who wants an overhanging floor lamp for when they are reading on the sofa needs something that is over 60 inches tall to give it plenty of room.

Anyone else who is looking for a feature piece might not need their lamp to be so tall but think about how it will fit in with the current look of your room.

Sturdy Base

Because a lot of contemporary designs tend to be based on the tall, tube designs, the strength of the base is vital. Although not everyone wants a wide base to save room, there is something to be said for the weight to stop it from tipping. This is particularly important for homes with pets and young children.


A lot of modern floor lamps use LED lights because of their longevity and pleasant glow. To make sure you get a product that can fill the room with light, look for a product with adequate lumens for the space you are going to place the lamp in.

If you consider the fact that desk lamps need around 450 lumens as a minimum, then you should look at around double and above fro a floor lamp.

Adjustable Lighting

The dimmable options are great as long as they have a broad range of lighting options. This means you can set the ambiance of the room to your taste. With a minimum of 3 settings, you should have enough to go from the bright lights for reading to something a little cozier when the time calls.


There is no sure thing when it comes to purchasing anything so when you are looking for a new floor lamp, it is always a good idea to look for a warranty.

You can end up with a faulty product, even when buying from the most reputable companies so it is a sensible idea to protect your purchase if you can.

Smart Home Compatible

Not every floor lamp is going to come with everything you need to tell Alexa to dim the lights a little but some products can accommodate the bulbs and set up if you buy them separately. Although they aren’t to everyone’s taste, there are floor lamps that are compatible with this technology should you want them.

How To Choose A Floor Lamp

There are several aspects to consider before you buy a floor lamp. Most of them center around the room you are looking to put it in as well as the lamp itself.

First of all, think about the lamp type. There is no use buying an overhanging lamp if it comes out way beyond the end of the sofa. Also, the lighting required is a big factor. If you need to light the whole room then something with multiple bulbs and added height will be important. This is where an angled lamp that points the brightness to the ceiling can help rather than cast a spotlight on a certain area.

How Tall Should A Floor Lamp Be?

A floor lamp should rest above or level with your eye line when sitting which means for the average person, a height of 80 inches and above is a decent height.

If you are buying different lamps for the same space then try to ensure they rest at a similar height because of the above.

Where To Place A Floor Lamp In A Living Room?

The good thing about a floor lamp is that it can be placed in virtually any area of your living room. A lot of people like to put them close to or behind a sofa as they are within easy reaching distance and provide light in the places they are most likely to need it.

Other places include the corners of the room or either side of a doorway should there be sufficient space.

How Much Does A Floor Lamp Cost?

The price of a quality floor lamp varies as much as the designs of different brands. Anyone on a tight budget should be able to find a decent product for around $50 but if it might not have the features of some of the more expensive models.

We recommend spending around $150 and above on the best floor lamps. These are often made with added style, are the ideal height, are made from high-quality materials and come with additional features such as the ability to be used with smart home bulbs and technology.

How To Use A Floor Lamp

These versatile products have many practical uses and as our list of the best products above shows, they can be made to suit a variety of needs.

How you use the lamp will depend on what you buy it for. If you are looking for ambient light then it is a good idea to place it in the corner of the room.

If you need a floor lamp for practical use such as reading or crafts then find a product that can be placed near where you are looking to sew or one that can be moved behind where you are working.

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