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Best Fabric For Embroidery in 2022 Reviewed

It takes more than an understanding of thread count to find the right fabric for embroidery and each project represents a different set of challenges. However, this also means that every new task you undertake, there is an excitement of working with different materials to bring your creation and design to life.

To make it as enjoyable as possible, it is always best to work with quality and that includes everything from the fabric, the hoop circles, to the best type of embroidery stitch. To make this process easier, we have created a list of the best fabric for embroidery. There are ideas for the beginner, all in one set, and basic Aida designs to give you a blank canvas to work with.

Each product has something unique to offer and can ensure your creations look their best for as long as possible.

Summary of the Best Fabric For Embroidery

Editor’s Choice: AK Trading Company – Muslin Fabric Natural 100% Cotton Fabric

The natural feel and look of this quality cotton make it the ideal fabric for embroidery. Unbleached and 60 inches wide, there is plenty of room to take on large projects with this medium weight fabric. Any sizeable order comes in a continuous cut and you’ll be getting cotton that has a soft, smooth feel.

When washed in a low setting it can be cleaned with ease and there are a plethora of craft projects it can be used on. Everything from embroidery to draping, quilting, and beyond is well suited to this versatile cut. It is well suited to practice embroidery or when you are ready to create the real thing so you can easily add a little flair to a gift or something you proudly display at home.


  • Natural 100% cotton
  • 60 inches wide
  • Unbleached
  • Smooth soft feel
  • Multipurpose
  • Durable and hard-wearing


Best Multipack: Vidillo Needlework Fabric, 4Pcs 4 Colors Natural Linen Fabric Embroidery Fabric

This linen multipack is ideal for anyone who needs to stockpile quality fabric for embroidery. You get four different colors and you can pick from different options but they all have a pleasant soft look making an ideal backdrop for an embroidery project.

Made from quality cotton linen mix canvas they are easy to wash and have a light to medium weight to them. This makes them well suited to making pillowcases, bags, backpacks, and other mid-sized projects and each one measures around 50 x 50 cms. The count is 0.2kg and because of the variety, they are great for beginners or anyone who has a bunch of embroidery ideas they want to bring to life.


  • 4 pieces in a pack
  • Different color options
  • Light to medium
  • Cotton linen mix canvas

  • Some colors wear better than others

Best Aida: FcuteL – 5 Pcs Aida Cloth Cross Stitch Fabric

This set of 5 measures 12 x 12 inches so it is the ideal size for a variety of projects making it a perfect option for anyone searching for fabric for embroidery. The cross-stitchers of the world will appreciate the additional extras you get that include embroidery supplies to get you going.

This makes it an ideal gift for anyone who is thinking about getting started with embroidery whether that is by using a machine or not. The 11 count cotton comes in white and offers you the chance to get cost-effective supplies for your projects.


  • Set of 5 is good value
  • 12 x 12 inches
  • Comes with embroidery extras
  • 11 count cotton

  • No color variation

Best Starter Kit: Kissbuty – Full Range of Embroidery Starter Kit with Pattern

When looking for a starter kit, you need to have everything in one pack and a product that helps make it easy. If you are embarking on your first embroidery project then this package makes life easy. With a bamboo embroidery hoop, different color thread, a needle, instructions, and a cotton Aida with shadow pattern to guide you through your first time, there is everything you need to build your confidence.

We have selected a pleasant floral design although others include hanging baskets, a tree, and other floral scenes. It is easy to adjust the hoop thanks to the brass adjustment to keep the fabric tight and when complete, you are left with a design worthy of hanging on the wall.


  • Includes hoop, cotton Aida, thread, needle, and more
  • Different design options
  • Good value
  • Ideal for beginners

  • Shadow pattern too basic for experienced embroiderers

Also Consider (Best Multipack): Caydo 4 Pieces Classic Reserve Aida Cloth Cross Stitch Cloth

This 4 pack might seem basic but it is great for starting multiple projects and can be used for a variety of embroidery tasks. This means it can be stitched upon for hanging embroidery, machine embroidery, and needlework. The natural pure cotton material makes a great backdrop for any design and it comes in one of the most common sizes, 12 x 18 inches.

Made from 14 count cloth, it is easily attached to a hoop although it is on the stiff side, there is enough give to ensure it stays in place. The price is appealing and offers users the chance to get the same quality they would at a craft store for a smaller price.


  • 4 pack of 14 count natural cotton
  • 12 x 18 inches
  • Variety of uses

  • Can be a little stiff

Best Pre Mounted: Bucilla Ready To Stitch Aida Cloth, 6 by 6-Inch, 49013 Black

Ready to go in 6 x 6-inch form, these squares are ideal for a beginner or experienced embroiderer and have no frayed ends to worry about. The black offers the user a good way of creating a night scene or something a little different and the canvas material has been pre-stretched so it is ready to go.

They can be used on a variety of projects whether you are stitching some initials or a mini-masterpiece they come mounted on a wooden frame. You get a quality 14 count Aida with no measuring or cutting required so if you are not a fan of having to mount your fabric for embroidery, this offers you another option.

A simple and uniformed way of getting a new project off the ground.


  • 6 x 6 inch cotton Aida
  • Already mounted on a wooden frame
  • 14 count fabric
  • No cutting required

  • Frame takes up part of the 6 x 6 inch space
Fabric For Embroidery Guide

With a head full of ideas, you need the perfect canvas to bring them to life. When it comes to embroidery, it can be difficult to find the quality you need to ensure your project looks its best. Also, certain materials and sizes are easier to work with than others. Your first consideration might be color, but what else do you need to consider when looking for the ideal fabric for embroidery?

We have created a list of the things to remember when you are looking for that perfect fabric so before you buy, check out the following guide.

What To Look For In Embroidery Fabric

Thread Count

This is important when it comes to creating your designs. The thread count is how many threads are woven into the fabric and measure in every square inch. The greater the thread count, the finer the material which means it is also more flexible.

In the US, the coarse count is measured from 1 – 20. Generally, the lower the thread count the better as anything too tight will make it difficult to get the needle through.


You need to be sure that the project you are looking to use the fabric for embroidery can accommodate the design you have in mind. It is. often a good idea to get more than you need although the bigger it is, the more difficult it is to frame within the mount.

A common size is 12 x 18 inches which can be used in a multitude of ways so you can use a machine or needle but it is best to match the fabric to the size of your intended design.


The backdrop for your design should match the printed design if you are looking to follow a pattern or guide. White is easy to get on with because you can change your mind and it will still be useful.


The quality of the fabric is everything so only buy from a reputable brand. When it is finished you don’t want to have to deal with frayed ends and if you want to iron the embroidered material, check the guidelines of the fabric so you don’t ruin it.

Beginners Set

One of the best things about embroidery is that is is so inclusive and anyone can try their hand at it. If you are a beginner or know someone who would appreciate a gift of this kind, a beginner set is a great idea.

To make sure you get a good deal, look for a pack that comes with an embroidery hoop, fabric, needles, and thread as a minimum.

What Is The Best Fabric For Embroidery?


A blend of the two can make for a durable yet enjoyable stitch. With a soft feel and look, it hides thread well at the back and although it is a bit thicker than linen on its own, the results are there to be seen.


Buy itself, linen is one of the best fabrics for embroidery. You still have to consider the thread count as anything too thick can be difficult to work with but choose one specifically marketed towards embroidery and you will reap the benefits.

Affordable and easy to work with, it is a little on the thin side so be careful when pulling the needle through.


One of the most popular fabrics for embroidery, cotton is easy to get hold of and is best when you have a thicker thread count. It looks great but is best used with a hoop or frame to help you avoid puckering the stitches.


If you are a beginner, then this is probably the embroidery fabric for you. One of the most common, it is easy to see where your stitches are going because of the spacing and the most popular count for Aida is 14.

Stiffer and more forgiving than other fabrics the only downside is that it is not so useful for fractional stitches so when you become more experienced and confident, you might want to choose a different material for your designs.

Cotton Muslin

Another readily available fabric due to its popularity, cotton muslin is available in several thread counts. It works well when on a frame and does not damage easily.

For some people, the fact that it is better for free stitch embroidery might be a problem.


The smooth soft feel of satin can be made even better with embroidery but the quality of the product you use is important. You need a smooth surface and can use it for cushions and pillowcases.

Expect to have to pay a bit more than a lot of the other materials available but the results can make it worthwhile.


Beautiful and delicate,  silk is often used to create something a little different. For a standout design on silk, it is best to use a hoop to hold everything tight and in place.

Working with silk comes with its challenges so it is not for the faint-hearted and remember to use a sharp needle with as small an eye as possible.

Can You Embroider Cotton?

The simple answer is yes but there are certain things to remember when working with cotton. Because it shrinks easily, it is always a good idea to wash it before embroidering.

Washing later can result in puckering around the stitches which can ruin your hard work.

Do I Need To Use A Hoop For Embroidery?

Not every type of embroidery requires a hoop to get it right but some certain stitches and methods make it an essential tool. Using thin materials such as the likes of silk makes it near impossible to embroider without a hoop.

A lot of people like to use them just because it makes many projects easier, having a taut, non-creased material makes for faster stitches.

Still, not everyone uses a hoop for embroidery and if you have the experience and confidence to go without, then why not.

What Needle Do You Need For Embroidery?

This depends on the material you are stitching and the thread that you use. The lighter the fabric and thread count, the thinner the needle and needle eye needs to be.

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