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Best Laundry Hampers in 2022 Reviewed

Whether you need to transfer a wet wash to a drying rack or want to keep dirty clothes out of the way to keep a room clean and tidy, a laundry hamper is an essential item for every home. A lot of people get many years out of theirs, but there comes a time where a replacement is necessary.

Thankfully, there are loads of reputable products available, each with modern features that make life easier. To help make this decision simple, we have found what we consider to be the best laundry hampers available. Each one has some different about it but will do an excellent job of keeping dirty clothes out the way.

Summary of the Best Laundry Hampers

Editor’s Choice: Household Essentials 5618 Double Hamper Laundry Sorter with Magnetic Lid Closure

Available in four different colors, there is something for every taste, making it possible for most to find a laundry hamper they love in this style. The dual sides ensure it is easy to keep different types of clothes apart and the magnetic lid ensures it will keep any odors locked away securely.

There are handles either side, making it easy to carry directly to the machine and with polyester linen fabric used, the quality is easy to see. What makes it stand out is how easy it is to assemble and store, since it folds away flat. If it gets in the way, the lid is detachable, and there is enough room to accommodate approximately four loads worth of dirty laundry.


  • Dual-sided hamper
  • Available in four different colors
  • Can store up to four loads worth
  • Handles make it easy to carry
  • No assembly required


Best Four Compartment: SONGMICS 4-Bag Laundry Cart Sorter, Rolling Laundry Basket Hamper

Any family could do with a place to separate their light clothes from the darker shades or to keep his and her clothes in a different place, this laundry hamper makes it possible. The bags are polyester and removable so it is easy to take them from the bedroom to the washing machine. There are 4 casters to help with portability, and two of them have brakes to keep everything in place.

Each bag has a handle making it easy to lift and the capacity is larger than most. We also like the simple set up, Its sturdy metal frame ensures that this is a laundry hamper built to last and to top it all off, all the tools needed to assemble are included in this well-built product.


  • 4 sections are removable
  • Clothes are easily portable
  • Sturdy build
  • Easy assembly

  • Not everyone will like the brown

Best Hamper Bag: Household Essentials 148 Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag

The convenience of using a laundry hamper bag means it can be stored just about anywhere, and kept out the way easily. Anyone lacking the space to use a four-compartment hamper will find that this is a great option. The hanger is strong enough to hold a full load worth of laundry and makes it easy to store on the back of a door or in a cupboard.

Its metal frame makes it stronger and keeps the shape well so even if there is nothing in the hamper, it still holds firm. The back is zipped pretty much the length of the bag to make it easy to remove clothes and to add to the convenience, the canvas bag can be washed on a cold cycle.


  • Makes it easy to store clothes
  • Strong hanger
  • Metal frame keeps its shape
  • Canvas bag can be washed

  • Not as much room as other styles

Best Commercial Hamper: Whitmor Round Commercial Removable Liner and Heavy Duty Wheels-Chrome Laundry Hamper,

The heavy-duty materials used in this laundry hamper make it worthy of commercial use as it can withstand the rigors of constant use. Not only that, but everything down to the wheels has a quality feel to it, so it is hardly surprising that the frame is made from chromed metal.

Its polyester bag is removable and easy to clean, but this also ensures that taking a load to the machine is as easy as possible. There are bumpers above the wheels to ensure that no metal parts come into contact with any walls. The tab fasteners on the side make it sturdier than most and assembly is easy with a screwdriver, taking only a few minutes.


  • Heavy-duty laundry hamper
  • Bumpers to stop it damaging walls
  • Easily portable
  • Chromed metal frame

  • Only one compartment

Best Bamboo Laundry Hamper: Honey-Can-Do HMP-01620 Square Wicker Hamper, Natural Bamboo/Beige Canvas

Wicker and bamboo seem to have been going through a resurgence of late, and this hamper is something we can get behind. The style of a wicker basket, but with a canvas bag to keep clothes in one place, it is one of the most stylish and convenient on our list. The steel frame inside keeps its shape well even when full and the liner is removable to make it easy to move clothes to the machine.

Standing 25 inches tall, it won’t take over a room but has enough space to accommodate plenty of dirty laundries. Made of sustainable and renewable materials, it makes a great addition to a bathroom where wet and dirty towels need a place to go, or in a cupboard in a bedroom.


  • Looks great
  • Removable canvas bag
  • 25 inches tall
  • Made of renewable and sustainable materials

  • Only one compartment

Best Rope: OrganiHaus XXL Large Rope Laundry Basket

A laundry hamper with a difference, this is pleasant enough to go into a nursery or adult room and features strong rope handles to make it easy to move from the bedroom to the machine. The 100% natural cotton looks and feels great and it can double up as a storage space for toys or somewhere to store guests pillows.

Measuring 15 x 18 inches, it is on the larger side, making it capable of holding well over a full load. Handwoven, and with a 100% money-back guarantee, there is a quality about the craftsmanship and the company that we can get behind. Toxin-free and safe for all the family, it is a sort of laundry hamper that looks great in any room.


  • Strong, quality handles
  • Looks great
  • 100% natural cotton
  • Toxin-free

  • Only one compartment
Best Laundry Hamper Buyers Guide 

Every home needs plenty of storage space, but when it comes to dirty clothes, not everyone has a place to keep odors away and can organize their lights from their dark clothes. With so many different designs available, it can be hard to tell what makes a quality laundry hamper.

This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, anyone will find it easy to select a product that will last a long time and makes storing dirty laundry convenient.

What To Look For In A Laundry Hamper 


No laundry hamper is worth its weight in rope if it doesn’t have the space to hold a decent size load. This is why we recommend looking for a product that can accommodate at least a full load or two. The better options for families are always those that can hold around 4 loads at a time, although these do take up more room.

Multiple Compartments

This is one of the best ways of keeping dirty laundry organized, or just to keep yours away from your partners. The most common is a dual-sided product, although there are those with four different compartments to make it easy to keep lights from darks and delicates in different places.


This might not be something everyone wants, but it does make it easy to move a laundry hamper from room to room. If this is the sort of feature you are looking for, make sure at least two of the wheels have a safety lock.

Removable Laundry Bag

The hammer itself should be capable of holding a fair amount of clothing, but when it comes to removable canvas bags, this makes transferring everything from the hamper to the machine a lot easier. Some are easily washed so keeping the hamper clean and hygienic after it has held muddy wet laundry is simple to do. 

Comfortable Handles

Carrying a full laundry hamper can start to pinch, especially when moving up and downstairs, which is why comfortable handles are important. Some will be reinforced whilst others might use a softer material to reduce the friction. 


Being able to breathe will make a big difference here as anything with a lid that does not have proper ventilation can attract mildew and mold. Because clothes will often be damp when thrown into the laundry hamper or basket, it is important to give them a chance to breathe.

Easy Assembly

There are canvas laundry hampers that fold out so there is virtually no assembly required, but other options are not so easy to put together. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as a product that takes a little while to pout together can be sturdy and strong. 


This is where appearances might play a big part. Anything that has to be kept in plain sight will need to have a pleasant look to it so wicker or wooden baskets, or those with multiple compartments can be a good idea. Otherwise, if space is at a premium, then a product than hangs on the back of a door can be kept away easily. 

Laundry Basket Vs Hamper

Whilst they very much offer the same functionality, a hamper tends to be more convenient. However, some baskets double up as a hamper, especially if they offer removable laundry bags to carry a load to the machine. A hamper is convenient for carrying clothes down the stairs, especially if it has quality handles but a basket will usually have a lid to keep odors from wafting into the room.

Best Materials For A Laundry Hamper

A lot will depend on the personal taste of the user, but some are better than others. for an appealing look, wicker, and bamboo are a good choice. They tend to keep their shape well and last a long time and are strong enough to carry a lot of clothes without warping. The only problem is they attract more mildew than the likes of plastic. 

Plastic is an obvious choice as it is easy to clean and will not attract mold and mildew so easily, but obviously, they do not look as good. A rope laundry hamper is a good choice as they are strong, look good, and tend to be easy to carry when they have reinforced handles. Canvas is a common option as it is lightweight, reasonably priced, and usually lasts a long time. 

Can You Use The Same Basket For Clean And Dirty Clothes?

Although in terms of transportation this works, it is less than ideal. Because it will mean soiled clothes that can have sweat and mud left on the basket, any clean clothes are not going to be completely clean once they are folded away. The best approach is to use a separate basket for clean and dirty loads.

How To Store Dirty Clothes In A Small Apartment

This is where saving space on a laundry hamper is a sensible idea, and it is easily done. Some products hang on the back of a door via the handle or at the top so they can either be store inside a closet or in the room without taking up any floor space. 

How Much Does A Laundry Hamper Cost?

It is possible to get a quality product from a reputable brand for under $30 although this may not offer the capacity needed to store multiple loads. There are other features that may be missing in such products which is why it can be a good idea to invest a little more. It still won’t be necessary to splurge over $50 most of the time, and at this price, it is possible to pick up a multi-compartment laundry hamper.

What Is The Best Laundry Hamper?

For us, the Household Essentials 5618 Double Hamper stood out the most. Its magnetic lid closure made it easy to keep odors locked inside the hamper, and with reinforced handles, it was one of the most comfortable to carry. Also, the large capacity of up to four loads is a major plus point, ensuring all the family can throw their dirty laundry in one place. 

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