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Best Embroidery Machines For Beginners in 2022 Reviewed

If you have used your sewing machine for a while and find it has its limitations or just want to try your hand at something with more options, an embroidery machine for beginners can be a shrewd investment. They don’t take long to get to grips with and most of them come with plenty of accessories included.

It is still difficult to find a product that is better for a beginner as all of them seem to call themselves easy to use. This is why we have compiled a list of the best embroidery machines for beginners. Each one will help you learn embroidery with a gentle learning curve that is rewarding and allows you to go at your own pace.

Summary of the Best Embroidery Machines For Beginners

Editor’s Choice: Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine, 138 Built-in Designs, 5

With a generous 3.2-inch touchscreen LCD display and plenty of included accessories, this is not only the easiest to use but it is the best value for an embroidery machine for beginners. The 5 x 7-inch hoop area gives plenty of space to fit in new designs and the user can take their pick from the 138 that are built-in. When this is no longer enough, the USB port provides endless possibilities for new ideas.

There are 11 built-in fonts with 7 of them in English and it even comes with a massive 25-year warranty. It offers on-screen editing where you can make your design the way you want it and it is known for being one of the easiest embroidery machines to use.


  • 5 x 7 inch hoop area
  • USB port
  • 138 built-in designs
  • 3.2 inch touchscreen


Best High-End: Brother Embroidery Machine, PE770, 5” x 7” Embroidery Machine

This might not have the same reasonable price tag as some of the other models on the list but if you have a bit more to spend, this is among the best embroidery machines for beginners. It also has enough about it to see you through to a more advanced level of embroidery and with the generous 5×7 inch field, there is plenty of room for unique designs.

A lot of what makes an embroidery machine worth buying is the built-in designs and you get 136 with this product from Brother. There are also 6 different fonts to choose from. The USB port makes it easy to import new designs and you can get up to 650 stitches per minute. You can edit the size of your designs, mirror, and rotate them making it a great embroidery machine for customization.


  • 5 x 7-inch field
  • 136 built-in designs
  • USB port for importing new designs
  • 650 stitches per minute

  • Might be a bit pricey for some

Best Multiple Use: Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Although this machine is of a higher-spec that a lot of the others in the world of embroidery machines for beginners, once you get used to the multitude of settings, it can help turn you into a pro. It can be used for sewing, quilting, and embroidery and there is loads of room for larger designs. Because of this, it can be used to make garments, curtains, unique. designs, and a lot more.

It boasts a massive 4 GB built-in memory that means you can store loads of designs although there are 338 built-in and ready to go. There is an automatic needle threader and cutter to make life easier for a beginner and adjustable speed settings. An experienced user can use it for free motion quilting and because it has a huge 43 feet included, the sky is the limit as to what it allows you to achieve For embroidery, there are 4 included hoops of different sizes, and can even be connected to a laptop to use its screen.


  • Huge 4 GB memory
  • Can be used for embroidery, quilting, or sewing
  • Includes 4 hoops
  • Automatic needle threader

  • Can be a lot to get used to

Best Large Embroidery Field: Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine

With a big 7.9 x 7.9-inch embroidery field, this gives the beginner plenty of room to play with to make unique designs. The large LCD touchscreen display screen is easy to navigate, even for someone new to embroidery and there is. plenty of customizable features once you are up and running. The sewing speed can be changed anywhere between 400 – 850 stitches per minute making it great for both beginners and experienced embroiderers.

There are 160 built-in designs so there are loads of ideas ready for a newby to experiment with a top-loading bobbin to make life a little easier. With adjustable hoop positioning and automatic thread cutter, there is plenty enough to keep a beginner happy.


  • Lots of accessories included
  • Up to 850 stitches per minute
  • 160 built-in designs
  • LCD touchscreen is easy to use

  • May take a beginner a little longer to get used to

Best Portable: SINGER SEQS-6000 Futura Quartet Portable Sewing and Embroidery Machine

This is one of the most versatile embroidery machines for beginners but with so many built-in features, it will take some getting used to. It doubles up as a sewing machine so there is a load you can do with it and the compact size makes it easily portable. The hoop is one of the biggest at 10 x 6 inches so there is plenty of room for larger designs and can accommodate multiple hoops.

The smart thread system is ideal for a beginner as it allows you to get to work faster and there are 30 built-in stitches. There are plenty of automatic features that make it great for a newcomer and with 125 embroidery designs and 6 stay bright LED lights to make it easier to see exactly what you’re doing, this is. a well thought out machine.


  • Generous 10 x 6 inch hoop area
  • Lots of built-in features
  • 125 embroidery designs
  • Portable sewing and embroidery machine

  • More features means it takes longer to get used to
Embroidery Machines For Beginners Guide

When you want to stitch unique designs quickly, you need to have the tools for the job. If you haven’t used one before, an embroidery machine for beginners can make life easier, without a steep learning curve. This is only when you buy a decent product though. With so many on the market, it can be hard to tell the good from the bad.

When you know what features the better products offer, you can make a sensible decision. This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In An Embroidery Machine For Beginners

Built-In Patterns

This is a huge part of the fun of embroidery and the more you get included with the machine, the less you have to pay for new ones and upload them. Anything over 100 should keep you busy for a while although you will still want to find certain designs online.

This can hike the price up of a lot of embroidery machines but most brands tend to give you a decent variety with some even including Disney themed embroidery designs.

Large Embroidery Field

The more room you have to work with, the more possibilities you have. Although you might not think that you need much as a beginner, it won’t take long before a small embroidery field starts to become restrictive. Most reputable brands give you at least 5. x 7 inches.

This is enough room to make the most popular designs look good.

Included Hoops

It is uncommon for an embroidery machine for beginners to not. come with at least one hoop included. The high-end products will give you more than one embroidery hoop to stop the fabric from stretching and keep everything in place.

The tighter the fabric, the better and most clip on and off with ease.


This is similar to the built-in designs as you will want to be able to customize some of your ideas. This can add a nice touch to a gift and a lot of machines will come with more than a few.

Generous LCD Screen Size

No one wants to have to squint to see their designs before they bring them to life. This is where you need an LCD screen of a few inches or above. The best embroidery machines for beginners will feature a touchscreen to make it easy to navigate between designs and come with plenty of adjustable settings.

This means you should be able to amend the sie, flip the design around, and play around with the colors on some models.

Machine Type

You can choose from a standalone embroidery machine or something more versatile. There are plenty of machines that double up as sewing. machines which can save you money on buying both.

In some cases, you can pick up a machine that can be used for quilting but this is not common for a beginner’s machine.

USB Port

Once you have made your way through the built-in designs, you will want to start looking at the best that the internet has to offer. There are some great websites with thousands of designs but this is only good if the embroidery machine you are considering makes it easy to upload them.

Most tend to come with a USB port so you can transfer them onto the machine and some can even be connected straight to your laptop or PC.


Before you. commit to a design, it is good to be able to check that it is how you want it to look. This stops you from starting a design only to find out that it’s not what you wanted. You should be able to toggle through colors and more to find the ideal design.

What Does An Embroidery Machine Do?

Although you might think an embroidery machine is only good for stitching small designs, this is not true. Depending on the product you buy, there are usually lots of customizable features to make unique designs and patterns.

You can embroidery onto a variety of fabrics and add fonts, tweak the colors, and download new designs so they are capable of almost anything.

Can I Make My Own Embroidery Designs?

Yes, you can. Using specialist software such as SewArt you can create and amend embroidery designs from scratch. Although a lot of people favor the templates and built-in versions, when you get used to the software, it can help you make memorable embroidery patterns and designs that no one else has.

Can I Embroider On Hats?

To embroider hats you will need to purchase a specialist machine or one that can accommodate a hat hoop. These are less common and can increase the overall price of the machine.

What Is Monogramming?

Usually, this is the simple method of adding initials to a garment so you can tell who the owner is. It is a common feature on most embroidery machines, especially the ones with built-in fonts.

Can An Embroidery Machine Sew?

If this is the main feature you. are looking for then it can be best to opt for a product that can do both sewing and embroidery. An embroidery machine alone will not always give you the speed you need to get the sewing done in good time.

However, most of the reputable brands make sewing and embroidery machines in one unit. If this is what you are considering, make sure you get decent stitches per minute and a good amount of built-in stitches.

Is An Embroidery Machine For Beginners Easy To Use?

Most people will find that although there is a bit of a learning curve, the embroidery machines designed for beginners are easy to use. Larger projects like embroidering pillows and thicker materials will require more patience but when you get to grips with the machine, it can be very rewarding.

What Is The Best Hoop Size For An Embroidery Machine?

The best hoop size is the one that is most suitable for your current project. One day you might need something a little bigger to go on a bigger canvas but this won’t always be the way.

However, it is a good idea to go for a machine that has a large hoop area so it can accommodate larger designs if there is a need. 5 x 7 tends to be a good starting point although 4 x 4 is a common size, it can be restrictive.

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