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Best Ironing Boards in 2022 Reviewed

When preparing for a job interview in the morning, you want to make sure that a shirt or dress looks its best, although it shouldn’t matter if you are getting ready for any formal or informal occasion, well-ironed clothes just look better. After purchasing a quality iron, you need to make sure the ironing board makes life just as easy.

This is only possible when you buy a decent product. Without the right cushioning and size, you are less likely to use it at all. Because of this, we have selected a list of the best ironing boards. There is something for different size homes, some that are easier to store, and each one has a reputation for being durable, making this chore less of a pain.

Summary of the Best Ironing Boards

Editor’s Choice: Brabantia Board with Steam Iron Rest, Size B , Fading Lines

With a variety of designs to choose from, this is the best ironing board for different reasons. It is sturdy without being too heavy to move from storage as it weighs 14 lbs and features a steam iron rest. There is plenty of cushioning and you can also buy this ironing board up with a solid iron rest.

If safety is of concern then you can rest easy thanks to the child lock that can be used when folded out or in storage so any small hands that get near it won’t result in accidental collapse. The adjustable height can be set between 30 – 38 inches which is plenty enough for most people and of course, it paks down to a convenient size.

The 10-year guarantee is reassuring, as are the non-slip feet but the 100% cotton cover can be made as taut as you like thanks to the stretch system that makes it easy to iron without creases.


  • 100% cotton cover with adjustable taut system
  • Non-slip feet
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Adjustable height of 30 – 38 inches
  • Child lock


Best For Stability: Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board, 48

From the reputable brand that is Mniky comes this quality ironing board with a generous 48 x 15 inches surface. The thick loop legs add stability and the prozone cover is heat reflective, helping the iron to glide over your clothes. The steam rest feels strong and the adjustable height reaches a maximum of 37 inches.

It is built for speed so you can get through that ironing pile faster which is partly down to the before-mentioned cover. The convenience continues as the flex guide helps to ensure your cord does not get in the way and there is even an ergo rest underneath to place a steam generator. Minky has included a 5-year warranty with this ironing board but going by the build quality, it feels as though you are unlikely to need it.


  • Up to 27 inch height
  • Large ironing surface
  • Sturdy loop legs
  • Flex guide for iron cord

  • Might be a bit pricey for some budgets

Best For Quilting: Reliable The Board 300LB 2-in-1 Pressing Table and Ironing Board with 2 Covers

This impressive ironing board ticks a lot of the regular boxes such as offering a place to put your iron and being sturdy thanks to the wishbone legs, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve. The two covers included is a nice extra but it has an extended board making it ideal for quilting or ironing large materials.

There is a laundry rack underneath which is the start of their numerous conveniences. We should also mention the stable construction that enables it to hold a steamer filled with water and the fact that every area of this ironing board is particularly secure and strong.

Underneath there is a secure mesh screen that ensures you are getting a quality product although this does add to the weight a little.


  • Extended board for quilting
  • Laundry rack
  • Strong materials adds to the durability
  • Ergonomic iron support

  • A bit heavier than other ironing boards

Best Wall Mounted: Hafele Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

Anyone looking to save space in their apartment can do so with this wall-mounted ironing board. When fixed into place it is more stable than a lot of regular options and is made from steel with an epoxy coating. The board itself is just under 38 inches long and 12 inches wide.

To give you enough room for most items and what is most impressive is that the board can swivel 90 degrees left or right. It comes with a cover that has a smooth feel to help you iron faster and when putting it away, it folds in half to take up even less room than you might think. Although there is a bit of installation required, it is not complicated and the instructions are easy to follow.


  • Saves space
  • Board swivels 90 degrees left or right
  • Includes iron cover
  • Folds down small

  • Ironing surface is not as big

Best Tabletop: Honey-Can-Do Foldable Tabletop Ironing Board with Iron Rest

Convenience is the name of the game with this foldable tabletop ironing board from Honey-Can-Do. There is also an iron rest so you don’t have to worry about resting the iron on your table so if you are trying to save space, then this is a great option.

It packs down incredibly small so it is easy to store and can be taken on a road trip with ease. Measuring 32 inches long and 12 inches wide when extended, it gives you enough room to iron a shirt. The pad is thick and well-cushioned and covered by a 100% cotton cover so it has a lot of the qualities of many of the more expensive options, but will save a lot of space.


  • Folds down
  • Iron rest included
  • Well-cushioned

  • Not as stable as full size options

Best Compact: Mabel Home Space Saving Ironing Board, Adjustable Height + Extra Cover

Not everyone has the storage space to accommodate a full-size ironing board which is why products like this are a lifesaver. It still gives you a decent ironing surface and a good amount of cushioning but does so without taking up so much space.

The board measures 36 x 13 inches and is easy to store in any closet space or dorm room. It has a hanger so you can put it on the back of a door and the two included covers are made from 100% cotton. With 4 legs, a safety lock, and a sturdy feel to it, there is no need to compromise on quality just because of the size.


  • Convenient for small spaces
  • Hanger for easy storage
  • Safety lock
  • Extra cover included

  • Not as tall when fully raised
Ironing Board Guide

Although it is important to match ironing in bord to the space you have, it is also prudent to get to know the ins and outs of what makes a quality product so good. You might think that these household essentials haven’t changed much over the years and although the general design would say that is true, there are some neat features and important things to remember when buying.

Because of this, we have created the following buyer’s guide so you can make a wise decision.

What To Look For In An Ironing Board


The length and width of the ironing board are either going to make life easier, or you will spend a long time ironing the same item of clothing. This is only applicable if you have the space to accommodate a full-size ironing board. Remember it also needs to have somewhere to go when you’re not using it.

The bigger the surface area, the greater the variety of items you can iron such as bed linen.


A lot of what makes an ironing board sturdy isn’t down to the materials, it is the style and width of the legs. Loop legs are popular as they tend to stay in place well and thick tubing can also help.

The quality of the materials is still important so anything made from the likes of steel covered by some type of epoxy is a good place to start. Non-slip feet are another thing to consider as, without these, the ironing board might be like Bambi on ice.

Adjustable Height

If you’ve ever used someone else’s ironing board and wondered how they manage to use it due to the lack of height, you’ll know how important this is.

Also, consider the fact that it might not be just you using it so you will want it to be secure at different heights. Generally, a maximum height of 37 inches is a good amount for the average person.


This and the padding are what help the iron to either glide over your clothes, or will slow things down. Most products tend to include 100% cotton covers as they are smooth and have a decent amount of heat-resistance to a point.

Try and find one that is not prone to sticking or it will take forever to iron a t-shirt. Some brands have covers that are made from heat reflective material which helps your iron to glide over and takes less time.

These are not well suited to lightweight or delicate materials.

Safety Lock

Safety is paramount when it comes to an ironing board and although most parents’ senses are heightened around hazards, it is always good to have an extra layer of protection.

If you have young children or pets in your home, look for an ironing board with a safety lock as it can help to stop it from collapsing on your young one. Still, you should never leave a child alone in a room with an ironing board and hot iron.

Iron Rest

This might seem obvious but you will be surprised at the amount of low-quality ironing boards that think people can get on without an iron rest. These wire racks are vital for anyone who doesn’t want to risk scorching the board or a nearby surface and it is also a way of protecting yourself against hazards.

They keep the hot side of the iron facing away to keep you safe and some brands make them retractable to save space when not in use.

Different Types of Ironing Boards

Full Size

This is likely to be the type of ironing board you recognize and if you have space to house one, they are great for making light work of the ironing.

With plenty of adjustable heights and a generous surface area, even the budget options are fine for a lot of people. Expect a space to put your iron and a safety lock.

Wall Mounted

Ideal for apartment life where anything that can save space is very welcomed, a wall-mounted ironing board might lack in surface area but fold away small.

Most products are easy to install when you buy from a reputable brand and some even swivel to make them easier to use in a tight space.


These are another space-saving ironing board and the convenience is in being able to move them easily, and they pack away small. You don’t get the generous surface area but some do come with an iron stand.

Do You Need An Ironing Board?

There are ways you can get around not having an ironing board but they are not ideal. Also, when it comes to looking presentable at work, using a makeshift surface is not going to have the same effect.

Most people would be able to spot a hastily ironed shirt or dress so if you want your clothes to look their best, there is no true substitute for an ironing board.

How Much Does A Quality Ironing Board Cost?

While you can pick up a value option for around $20, this will only get you a basic ironing board. The built quality and stability are unlikely to be as good as some of the better options and you are unlikely to get any useful additional features.

The best ironing board tend to cost between $60 – $100. This gets you plenty of adjustable heights, a smooth surface area, and a strong, durable build. Some have nice features such as a flex guide to keep your cord out the way or a money-back guarantee.

Do Ironing Boards Come With Additional Storage?

For the most part, additional storage is not a common feature, even on the best ironing boards. However, some models come with a place to have delicates underneath just don’t expect to be able to store your iron in the same space.

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