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Best Handheld Garment Steamers in 2022 Reviewed

Anyone who has tried to get the creases out of a dress of shirt on a holiday or business trip will know that the hotel iron just does not suffice. This is why a lot of people opt for a handheld garment steamer. Not only are they portable and easy to use, but modern products do n excellent and fast job of removing awkward wrinkles on the go.

They can even be used at home since most still have a decent continual steam time, and this makes it more important to find a quality product. Because of this, we have created a list of the best handheld garment steamers available. With a model for every budget, we have handpicked something for everyone.

Summary of the Best Handheld Garment Steamers

Editor’s Choice: Rowenta DR8080 Powerful Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer

Available in a variety of powers, we have chosen the impressive 1,500-watt model as our best handheld garment steamer. This offers 26 grams a minute of steam and is ready to go within 40 seconds, impressive for any type of steamer. the metal faceplate is heated to help smooth over any stubborn wrinkles and it can be used on a wide variety of materials no matter how delicate or thick.

Refilling the 6.76 oz tank is easy as it can be done directly from the sink and this gives the user 10 minutes of continuous steam to work with. Then, when it needs to be refilled, it takes less than a minute before it is ready again. With the ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria, and two levels of steam, the benefits are plentiful.


  • Heats within 40 seconds
  • 6.76 oz water tank can be filled directly from the tap
  • 10-minutes of continual steam
  • Two steam levels


Best Value: URPOWER Updated 180ml Steamer for Clothes

With a capacity of 180 ml, it is more generous than a lot of the competition and because of the reasonable price, it is a popular product. The comfortable handle and simple operation make it a good introduction to steaming garments and it heats within 2 minutes.

The compact size ensures it can go wherever the user chooses to travel but it is also easy to store at home and fine to use on stubborn wrinkles. It comes with a heat resistant glove to make it safer to use in comfort and it has safety features to stop it from overheating or leaking. There is plenty of power behind it making it better than an average steam iron and capable of more than its price tag. might suggest.


  • 180 ml of water capacity
  • Heats in 2 minutes
  • Comes with heat resistant glove
  • Great value

  • Better on light wrinkles

Best For Continual Steam: Sunbeam Handheld Garment Travel Steam Press

A handheld garment steamer that ticks all the right boxes, it can be used on garments, bedding, and a variety of upholstery, but also removed odors. The fast heating means it can be used in around 45 seconds and a full water tank will provide 15 minutes of continual steam, a generous amount for a handheld product.

Its wide press bar is useful for pushing tough wrinkles out and also offers a wide steam coverage. Because it has a sturdy base, it can stand up on its own so. because of this and its compact size, it is ideal for travel. The included accessories are also impressive as it comes with a fiber brush, a lint brush, creaser, and more.


  • 15 minutes of continual steam
  • Heats in 45 seconds
  • Stands up in its own
  • Lots of useful accessories

  • No auto shut off

Easiest To Refill: Conair Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer with Dual Heat

An excellent option for anyone on a budget, this is a convenient to hold handheld garment steamer that has dual heat options. With concentrated steam, it gets 30% hotter than a lot of the competition and takes just 75 seconds to heat. This makes the 15 minutes of continual steam even more impressive so there is plenty of time to work out tough wrinkles.

There is an energy-saving steam pause feature or a continual steam option and a removable water reservoir making it easier to refill. We like the 9 ft power cord which is more generous than a lot of standalone steamers and something that certainly makes it easier to work with than most.


  • Takes 75 seconds to heat
  • Makes 15-minutes of continual steam
  • Good value
  • 9 ft power cord

  • On the large side for some people

Best For Creases: Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer

Another impressive product from Conair is its Turbo Extreme model that provides 50% more steam at 50% higher temperatures. This of course results in a faster steaming experience, partly thanks to the 1,550 watts of power. Also, this handheld garment steamer heats up in an incredibly fast 40 seconds and manages to provide around 15 minutes of continual steam.

A turbo and steam button are making it capable of removing deep wrinkles on a variety of materials. We like that it comes with 3 removable attachments including a bristle brush and a silicone band to hold everything in place. As with other Conair products, it has a generous 9 ft power cord.


  • Heats in 40 seconds
  • 15 minutes of steam
  • Includes 3 attachments
  • 9 ft power cord

  • Some people find it a little heavy

Best High-End: BLACK+DECKER Advanced Handheld Garment / Fabric Steamer

Another contender that has all the features one might hope for in a handheld garment steamer, with the reliable BLACK+DECKER brand name behind it. It’s worth starting with the power cord since it is a massive 15 ft long. This makes it ideal for home use as well as travel and can reach any corner of bedding.

The safety features also impress as it switches off after 15 minutes of no use. The continual steam can last up to 15 minutes which is about as generous as it gets for handheld steamers. Included are. different attachments to make it easier to work wrinkles from upholstery but also delicate fabrics.


  • Huge 15 ft power cord
  • 15 minutes of continual use
  • Can be used on delicate fabrics
  • Auto safety switch off after 15 minutes of no use

  • Can be a little pricey for some budgets
Handheld Garment Steamer Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to removing wrinkles on the go, few products are as convenient as a handheld garment steamer. Not only do they heat faster than a lot of the full-sized products, but they are easy to use and portable. Because of their compact size, a lot of people might mistakenly believe it is easy to find a quality product.

The fact is, there are several sub-par products on the market which is why we have created the following buyer’s guide. It details everything there is to know about these useful gadgets, so making a sensible purchase is easy.

What To Look For In A Handheld Garment Steamer

Continual Steam Time

This is not going to be as high as a regular garment steamer that can offer around an hour of continual steam, but a handheld product should still give the user enough to work with. Because of this, don’t settle for anything below 10 minutes, with 10 – 15 being around the standard for most reputable products.

Compact Size

Because these are handheld products we are working with, the size and weight need to be reasonable. Still, the bigger the water tank, the heavier the product will be which is why there is a level of compromise to consider. As long as it is comfortable to hold and not too bulky, most products should be fine to use.

Long Cord

This is going to be made more important when traveling since you never know how far the steamer may have to reach from a power socket. Thankfully, most quality brands have thought this through and offer around 5 ft of cord or above. The BLACK+ DECKER steamer in our review went the extra mile and included a huge 15 ft power cord.

Fast Heating

Because they are smaller than regular-sized garment steamers, handheld products tend to excel in this area, with most brands heating within a minute, sometimes taking just 40 seconds before they are ready to use. Anything over a couple of minutes is unnecessary.

Included Accessories

Just because they are compact, doesn’t mean a handheld garment steamer won’t come with plenty of useful accessories. A lot of brands are generous in this area but the more there are included, the more likely it is that the steamer is going to be fine to use on different fabrics. The likes of a lint brush, fiber brush, and a creaser are some of the most common.

Ease Of Use

Because most garments are going to need to be hung on a hanger before they can be steamed, the product you choose must be comfortable to hold at different angles within the range it is supposed to be operated.

Safety Features

Whether it is materials resistant to heat, a heat resistant glove, or an automatic shut off when idle for a certain amount of time, most brands do something to help in terms of safety.


Not every brand offers such a useful warranty, but anything of a couple of years or more can come in handy should anything go wrong. These are electrical devices that should be fine to use. continually, but some are more durable than others.

Is A Handheld Garment Steamer Any Good?

Anyone who is looking to keep their clothes looking their best on a business trip or want to be able to look at their holiday pictures in years to come and not cringe at the wrinkles on their clothes will definitely benefit from using these products. Not only are they easy to use, but the better brands are highly effective at removing wrinkles thanks to the power generated despite their compact size.

Look for a product that has enough wattage to generate enough steam at a high temperature to remove wrinkles on thicker garments.

Handheld Garment Steamer Vs Steam Iron

High-spec steam iron is likely to be more effective than a handheld garment steamer but not in every situation. When it comes to convenience, a handheld steamer is going to win hands down and it is not a good idea to rely on a hotel’s compact iron to do a thorough job.

Also, a handheld garment steamer is easier to use than an iron, and it is possible to pick up a reliable product for a fraction of the price of a decent steam iron.

How Much Does A Handheld Garment Steamer Cost?

For most reputable brands, there is no need to go higher than $60 for some of the best products on the market. This being said, there are those that offer a few more features when you can stretch the budget a little higher. For most people, this is unnecessary, and anyone on a low budget can spend $25 and still get a product that does a good job of removing most wrinkles.

Why Use A Handheld Garment Steamer?

There are many benefits to using a handheld product over a regular-sized garment steamer, but both have similar attributes that make them a worthy purchase. Not only do they remove creases and wrinkles easier than using a steam iron, but a handheld product is inexpensive.

Where it really excels is in the convenience. Because they are designed for portability, they weigh a lot less, are easier to handle, and fit into a suitcase with plenty of room to spare. Not only this but when they can generate steam of 175 degrees F and above, they can kill 99.9% of bacteria and bugs.

Will It Clean Clothes?

Although we wouldn’t recommend relying on a handheld garment steamer to clean clothes, they can help to lift a top layer of a stain and even remove odors along the way. any deep-set stain may need some added elbow grease, but there is a reason why a lot of people start the cleaning process on upholstery by using a steamer.

What Is The Best Handheld Garment Steamer?

After reviewing multiple products, we found the best available to be Rowenta DR8080 Powerful Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer. With ten minutes of continual steam, it packs a punch to remove stubborn wrinkles and only takes 40 seconds to heat. We like that it can be refilled directly from the tap and found it to be the best at removing some of the tougher wrinkles compared to the competition.

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