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Best Embroidery Threads in 2022 Reviewed

Regardless of whether a person is a home sewer or a professional seamstress using modern embroidery machines, one thing is still certain. They’re going to have to purchase the best embroidery thread that they can find. Threads that are either available in spools or floss packs, and thread that’s the right denier, color, weight, and texture for their needs. With those things in mind, we’ve decided to review some of the threads that we think that our readers will work well for them. Below are some of the embroidery threads that captured our attention and impressed us during our review. The following are high-quality and offer good value to the consumer.

Summary of the Best Embroidery Threads

Editor’s Choice: New Brothread Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Kit

Anyone who uses an embroidery machine and has grown tired of using spools of the same tired old colors might want to take a closer look at this set from Brothread. This set includes 80 spools of thread that can be used in both embroidery and regular sewing machines and give the sewer a wide variety of different colors in which to work. Thanks to this set, no one has to resort to using colored thread that’s less than spectacular and doesn’t catch the eye.

What are some of the colors that the consumer can expect to find in this set? Well, besides the two rolls of black and two rolls of white, the consumer will find a wide variety of different colors. We simply don’t have enough space to list them all, but we can give our readers a sampling of what they can expect. Some of the colored threads found in this set include Orchid Pink, Sunflower, Old Gold, Coral, Hazel, Cocoa Brown, Blue Ink, Sienna, Pink, Orange, Peach, Salmon Pink, Toasts, and Wine Red.

The threads in this set are extremely colorfast and will hold up to even commercial laundering without bleeding. Since they’re capable of holding up to bleaching, and industrial detergents, these threads are suitable for use for work linens, workwear, or even uniforms.

Each spool of this set has 40 WT thread and is approximately 500-yards long. They have a very durable tensile strength, so they’re unlikely to fray or break, and there’s less chance of them puckering and/or looping while they are being used in an embroidery machine.

Keeping all of this in mind, it’s easy to see why this thread is so loved by so many people. These are easy to work with spools that have colorful threads that are durable and work well in embroidery and sewing machines. It’s definitely a set that we feel our readers are going to want to check out.


  • Comes in an assortment of vibrant colors.
  • This is a 40 WT thread in 500-yard spools.
  • It’s a colorfast thread.

  • None.

Also Recommended: Brothread 500M Embroidery Machine Thread Kit

The next set of embroidery thread that we had the pleasure of reviewing is this 40-piece set from Brothread. This is a set that features spools of 40-WT 500-Y thread that comes in bright colors that we think are going to please many of our readers. In this review, we’re not only going to talk about the brilliant colors of the thread in this set, but we’re also going to talk about the durability, tensile strength, and colorfastness of this thread.

Let’s begin our review, as we often do, reviewing some of the colors in this set. Some of the colors in this set include Salmon Pink, Emerald Green, Cream Brown, Snow White, Pewter, Light Lilac, Purple, White, Silver, Prussian Blue, Fresh Green, Sky Blue, and too many more for us to list in the space that we have to review this set. Let’s just say that it’s a nice combination of familiar and brilliant colors.

Having just listed some of the colors in this set, it’s time to turn our attention to the strength and durability of this embroidery thread. The thread in this set is of excellent tensile strength and is less likely to pucker or look while being used in a machine. It’s also an extremely colorfast thread that won’t bleed like some of the cheaper threads that are available. It will even hold up to commercial laundering and won’t be adversely affected by commercial detergents.

Each spool is 2-centimeters wide at the top and 4-centimeters wide at the bottom, and approximately 5.5-centimeters long. It should be mentioned that this set doesn’t come with a wood rack, so if the consumer needs one they’re going to have to purchase one separately. Just something that we feel needs to be mentioned because many listings show these spools on racks when they’re actually aren’t. This is what we feel to be a great embroidery thread set and worthy of further consideration.


  • Comes in an assortment of vibrant colors.
  • This is a 40 WT thread in 500-yard spools.
  • It’s a colorfast thread.

  • None.

Also Consider: DMC Embroidery Floss Pack

The last set of embroidery thread that we’d like to review doesn’t come in spools but comes in floss packs. This set is made by DMC and each set has 16 floss packs that come in a nice assortment of colors. In this review, we’re going to talk about the quality of this embroidery thread, the exciting colors that it comes in, and how much the consumer can expect to get out of this set.

Let’s start this review by saying that the 16 skeins that are in this set are each approximately 8.7-yards. That makes this set a little bit more expensive than what many people will want to spend and we understand the trepidation. Some sets are less expensive than this one. However, none of those “cheaper” thread sets provide the same amount of quality that these skeins of embroidery thread provide. We think our readers should think of that when they’re shopping for new skeins of floss.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the colors that can be found in this set. Some of the colors in this set include Teal Green, Bright Green, Straw, Autumn Gold, Purple, Silver, Orange, and several other colors. It has a nice assortment that will add plenty of color to any project. These are colors that aren’t extremely bold but they aren’t pale either. They seem to have the right color balance that we think that many consumers are going to appreciate.

The embroidery thread in this set is extremely durable and colorfast, so consumers should have no problems with it. Keeping all of this in mind, we think that this is a nice set that many consumers are going to appreciate using. It’s definitely a set that we think that our readers should at least look at before they dismiss it entirely. This floss set might not be right for everyone, but for those who it is right for, it’s going to truly make their day.


  • This is a nice colored floss set.
  • It comes in an assortment of colors.
  • It has 16-pieces of floss.

  • This embroidery thread set is a little expensive.
A Guide To Embroidery Thread

We can spend all day listing what we feel are the best embroidery threads, but it’s not going to do our readers any good if it’s not the types of thread they need. And it might actually do more harm than good if our readers aren’t sure of what they need in the first place. This can result in them purchasing a spool or a skein of thread that we recommended but didn’t suit their needs. That’s not good at all.

If our readers are going to find the embroidery thread that’s right for them, they’re going to need solid information on which to base their purchase. They’re going to need to think about the different types of hand embroidery thread and a few other facts that will help them purchase a thread that’s right for them. On that foundation, let’s jump right into things and find out which threads are the right ones for our reader’s needs—or, more accurately, which threads “might” be right for their needs.

We’re going to start this off by talking about the different types of hand embroidery threads. Although the depth and scope of this guide prevent us from covering all of the different embroidery threads available, we can cover some of the basic ones. Okay, let’s get this party started.

Stranded Embroidery Cotton

For people serious about doing embroidery work, this is a serious embroidery thread. Many times, companies will list this as embroidery floss, but regardless of what you call it, this thread is useful for cross-stitching and other embroidery work. Because there are six strands running through the skein, the embroiderer can decide whether to use all of the threads or separate them into individual strands. For delicate work, one strand is used, but for covering larger sections, all six threads can be done.

Pearl Cotton

Is this called pearl cotton or Perle cotton? Well, depending on who you talk to, it can be either one of them or both of them. It doesn’t matter what they’re called, they’re all the same. This is a heavier thread than stranded cotton and is available in an assortment of different weights. This thread is actually made of two threads twisted together. The higher the number on this thread, the lighter it is. This is a great thread for redwork, cross-stitching, or Hardanger embroidery.

Rayon Floss

This material looks a lot like silk and is often available in bright, shimmery colors. Although it’s a thread that looks good, many people complain that it’s very difficult to work with. That’s because it has a tendency to tangle or knot. Some of this can be overcome by dampening the thread with a wet sponge beforehand or shortening the thread lengths.

Crewel Wool

This embroidery thread is either made of natural wool that’s spun very finely or from a 2-ply acrylic strand. This product is suitable for cross-stitching, tapestry work, and needlepoint. This thread can be used as any embroidery thread is used, but the user should keep in mind it’s twice as thick as ordinary embroidery thread.

Tapestry Yarn

Tapestry yarn, also known as Persian yarn, is a product that’s soft and thick. It’s used for crewelwork and for needlepoint projects. It is also used for cross-stitching work. It works extremely well with thicker maters such as canvas.

Silk Threads

This type of embroidery thread is used to find embroidery and comes in some stunning colors and with varying degrees of color saturation. They are beautiful to work with, especially after they’ve been lightly steamed with a clothes iron to bring out their color, but they have a terrible tendency to bleed. Trust us, many works have been ruined by silk threads that have had their colors run, so we don’t advise the user to use them for items that are going to be laundered.

Additional Types Of Threads

As we knew when we started with this guide, we’re not able to cover every single type of embroidery thread that’s currently being made. All that we could really do is cover some of the more popular and useful embroidery threads that are being manufactured today. We just couldn’t cover all of them in detail.

We felt bad that we couldn’t discuss all of the embroidery threads we wanted to in this guide, so we’re going to conclude it by talking about some of the other types of embroidery thread that’s available. And that’s exactly what we did below. The following are some of the other types of embroidery threads that the consumer might want to learn more about to see if they’re right for their next project.

  • Crotchet Thread
  • Sashiko Thread
  • Embroidery Ribbons
  • Beading Thread
  • Knitting Yarn
  • Variegated Threads

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