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Trench Coat Sewing Patterns

For a stylish and comfortable layer, a trench coat is always a good idea. They are flattering when tied at the waist, and are easier to make than you might think. We have assembled a list of the best trench coat sewing patterns and each one is unique. That is one of the main benefits of making one from scratch. When store-bought products are expensive and tend to look the same, this is an easy way of making a garment that is both useful and looks amazing.

Lite Unisex Trench Coat

This is one of the best patterns on our list since it is the type that anyone can wear.

There are different ways to wear it but we like to bring in the waist with the belt.

A twill and canvas material is going to be good, especially if you can find one that is waterproof.

It is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 2 to 30 and the whole process shouldn’t take too long for an experienced sewer to master.

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Ivy Trench

A true statement piece, this is a trench with a difference. It has removable sleeves and a rain guard, so you can never be caught off of yours!

Because a trench coat is ideal for spring, when the weather can be unpredictable, this is a coat that helps you to stay prepared no matter what.

It’s easy to pair it with different garments and looks great from all angles, especially with those large buttons at the front. It’s not one for a beginner, but any intermediate sewer will find it a rewarding project.

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Tansy Trench Redux

This is another stylish trench coat sewing pattern and it is the fringe that makes it a little different. These give the wearer a certain confident look that is unlike what store-bought products are offering.

We love everything about it, from the length providing great coverage and protection from the chill to the fact that it looks great in both faux leather and faux suede among others.

With plenty of images and simple instructions to guide the way, this is a great pattern.

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Tansy Trench Original

This looks more like a traditional trench coat than a lot of the other options on our list.

Still, there are some nice features from the Tansy that make it a great project, but also wearable and functional.

The length is ideal, and it still features statement shoulders, which will look perfect with a water repellent material.

Available up to size 30, there is plenty of help in the instructions.

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Blanket Into A Coat

This is a fun project since it makes use of an old blanket, and turns into a coat. For a trench coat sewing pattern, it is an easy project to start with minimal materials, and any thick wool style fabric is going to be ideal.

The sizes are available for download range from 8-20 and it has a classic look but is a little warmer than your typical trench because of the fabric used.

It is a good project for an experienced beginner who is ready to try different stitches.

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Spring Trench 

We like the lace material used here and it gives a great layer to use without offering too much in the way of protection from the cold.

It is bold, looks fab, but could also be made more like a traditional trench by using jacket fabrics.

This is still a simple process, and although lacy materials can be trickier to work with, it is a good way to gain experience with the machine.

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Free Trench Coat Sewing Pattern

This is a short coat, but we like the style and think it would look great with a pair of jeans.

The jacket style is going to be easy to love and the waistline is wider at the back to make it more flattering.

All pulled in by the waistband, and with contouring at the back, it is pretty easy to finish and available in sizes from 4 – 24.

When printed, you will be working with 6 pattern pieces.

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Kids Trench Coat

Let’s not forget that kids need something light in spring, so why not use a trench coat sewing pattern to give them something unique?

It is another version of the Tansy pattern so mum and daughter can match.

The difference is in the front rain guard and gathered bottom to make it look kid-friendly and practical.

A winner of a trench coat that comes with plenty of help from the in-depth instructions.

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