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Backpack Sewing Patterns

It doesn’t matter if it is back to school, time to go to the swimming baths, or any other activity, we all need a bag to put out things in. With homemade products so popular right now, it is no surprise that backpack sewing patterns are all the rage. There are so many options that it can be hard to find the right one. This is why we have created a list of the very best available.

Heart Backpack

This adorable backpack sewing pattern is a real winner for many reasons. Firstly, that pattern is easy to replicate and looks great, second, the heart is cute as a button. The fact that it is relatively easy to make is just the icing on the heart-shaped cake.

Because the straps are adjustable it is fine for a wide range of ages and the step-by-step photos help to make it a manageable project. This is a backpack that is going to be the envy of the mothers at the school gate.

More at: Sew Much Ado

Easy Drawstring Backpack

Any cotton that has a similar weight to a quilt can be used for this simple backpack pattern. It is free and makes a great project for a beginner. The drawstring can be customized so it is possible to use ribbon or rope for something a little different and with a little help from your sewing machine, you can make this in an evening with time to spare. The instructions are thorough and easy to follow so your children can be filling their bags in no time.

More at Sew Can She

Small Budget Backpack

Great things come in small packages so this budget-friendly backpack sewing pattern is sure to be a hit for many reasons.

We like that it can still hold a couple of books or a change of clothes and it can be used as a cross-body backpack if there is anything valuable inside.

There are more steps and skills involved so it is best tackled by an intermediate sewer or the experienced but with a zipper foot and some scissors, all you need are the materials.

More at: So Sew Easy

Day Pack 

This lightweight bag is a great way of taking schoolwork or a couple of books from A to B. The straps are adjustable and there are front zipper pockets to keep items safe.

The magnetic clasp gives it the feel of a store-bought backpack but the design and love that goes into making it is evident.

We love the fabric used in the example but there are plenty of ways you can style this backpack to your style and taste by just opting for a different design.

More at: Sew 4 Home

Small Childs Backpack

It’s easy to replicate the soft design of its cute pattern using pastel colors and adding a little personality that represents your child.

There are a few tips on how to make the process easier and the end product is a lovely bag that you can use to hold essentials for your young child at their daycare or keep under the pushchair on a trip to the park.

There is even a keychain section inside to help the bag keep its shape when your child has packed it full of their favorite things.

More at: Diytuco

Cute Cat Backpack

Another absolutely stunning backpack sewing pattern from sewmuchado, this cat design is a great incentive for getting your child motivated for walks.

To free up some room in your own bag, stitch this roomy yet comfortable backpack for your young one, they will love the adorable design and there is plenty of space in there for their random collection of keepsakes and books they like to take with them. Using flex-foam, it keeps its shape well yet is strong, soft, and reliable. The materials suggested sew easily so with a little patience, this can be a new favorite in your home.

More at: Sew Much Ado

Convertible Shoulder/Backpack Sewing Pattern

Is it a shoulder bag, or something that can be worn as a backpack? The good news is that it is both. This easy to sew pattern is versatile, to say the least, and there is plenty of room for a good number of items.

Use it to take a mini picnic lunch to the park, pack those baby wipes and essentials, or just put the contents of your quick dash into the store in there. The clips can be used to change between the shoulder and backpack within seconds and there are photos galore to make the making easy.

More at: Life Sew Savory

DIY Backpack Purse

This is a backpack sewing pattern that is simple enough for anyone who can sew a straight line as well as curves and corners.

With enough canvas material and a few extra supplies, this convenient bag is easy to carry, adjustable, and with the right design on the canvas, looks great.

We think it suits a summery pattern but whatever you opt for, the material is hard-wearing so it can be put to use all year round. There are 21 steps but each one is easy to follow and there is a photo to guide you through.

More at: Sew Very Crafty

Vintage Backpack Pattern

With a look that would have been a common sight in many schools back in the day, this has a timeless feel to it and a neutral look.

This makes it easy to match with any outfit and with a turned finish the cotton denim canvas material looks the part. It is this material that makes it sturdy and strong as well as the leather-lined interior.

The instructions are quite extensive but this leaves less room for error.

More at: Bagn Tell

Free Kids Drawstring Bag Pattern

An ideal backpack for a child heading to preschool because it is roomy, lightweight, and easy for them to open. Store a lunchbox and some books with ease and make it with minimal effort. With the use of a quality sewing machine, the whole process doesn’t take long, especially since the instructions are so clear. The cute floral design is easy to replicate although tit does allow your imagination to run wild and create multiple designs for different children. This is one of the most common types of bags used in the early years, but not many are as loving made like this.

More at: Sweet Red Poppy

Busy Toddler Backpack

Toddler life can be busy and they are seemingly on the go all the time. Any excuse to get them out into nature is welcome and their very own backpack can be just the reason for them to stretch their little legs.

This is a popular pattern and the character design is sure to be a hit if you can find your child’s favorite. Because it is made to resemble the look and quality of a bag made by the pros, the making can take a little while but when the kids are running around with this on their back, it is sure to bring a satisfied smile.

More at: Vkalpah

Fruity Pineapple Drawstring Backpack

It is hard not to be amused by this summery drawstring backpack as it really does look the part.  The drawstring design is one of the easier of all the backpack choices but this gives it a little creative flair.

The measurements are made with kids in mind but the straps can be made longer for teenagers or adults should you want to keep it for yourself. They make an excellent gift if you can bear to part with it once it is finished and it is possible to make it with a waterproof lining to take to the pool or beach.

More at: Make it Love it

Toddler Backpack Sewing Pattern

The instructions on this design are as easy to follow as any other because they are kept simple with oversized pictures. It is a good idea to reinforce the bag with some interfacing and there are instructions for making this work as well.

When finished, this is a roomy backpack with plenty of space for books and lunch boxes. Try and find the perfect fabric as it is easy to make this a bag they never forget with a t-rex design for that dinosaur-obsessed child or a floral design that you can match an adult-sized backpack to.

More at: Crazy Little Projects

Doggy Backpack

This is not for the dog, but it is functional enough to be worn whilst walking your furry friend. Whatever you intend to use it for, this is a design that kids will love and is easier to make than it looks.

With a zig-zag stitch around the muzzle and sewing narrow seams on the ears, there are plenty of places where you can practice your craft and make the most of a sewing machine.

It’s cute, but it is also strong when made the right way.

More at: Melly Sews

1 Yard Simple DIY Backpack

A yard of fabric and a few extras is all it takes to make this simple DIY backpack. These are fully functional and can be taken just about anywhere since the lining can be made to be waterproof with the right material. The design is lightweight and there is plenty of room for bottles of water if taking it on a long walk or pack it full of lunch, books, whatever else you need.

From the ironing of the fabric to the pulling of the drawstring to finish, this is a great design for a beginner looking to take a step into the next level, and the reward is a reliable backpack of their making.

More at: Trash to Couture

Back To School Backpack

For some people, the words back to school can’t come soon enough, but if you have a little time to prepare, this backpack sewing pattern is an excellent option for a bag that will last beyond the school year.

The pattern allows you to mix and match the colors and the magnets are easy for a child to use for opening and securing the bag.

This isn’t a bulky bag and is best for younger children but it is lightweight and comfortable on the shoulders.

More at: Hart and Sew

Chloe’s Backpack

The paisley pattern on this really makes it stand out but it is possible to recreate the look in other ways should you wish to switch it up a little.

We like the layout of this pattern as there are a few pages of instructions and traceable pages for the cutting. In 21 steps you can have a fully functional backpack that is festival-ready or just the go-to bag for taking out in a hurry.

Whatever you use it for, we have a feeling you are going to love this pattern.

More at: Web Archive

Easter Inspired Stuffed Animal Backpack

These fluffy and adorable backpacks are going to be the sort of bag that the kids are never going to leave the house without. The cute characters are easter inspired but let’s face it, they can be worn all year round.

Using a stuffed toy to attach to the backpack, a lot of the strain is taken out of the process. This only makes the end product even more satisfying. Two backpacks can be made for as little as $4 so if you needed another incentive to make something this fun, you have another!

More at: The Csi Project

Yummy Backpack Pattern

Using a jean needle is going to make this pattern go a lot smoother and faster and a non-stick foot will always help. It is a great option for taking out when the weather doesn’t look so favorable as the oilcloth fabric has better water resistance than a lot of other materials.

The bag itself is compact but there is still room to store a mini umbrella and a couple of other items to make sure you are never caught short. We like the dot design as it is pretty natural but there are plenty of other options for the design and to top it off – the flat base stops all your items from rolling around.

More at: U Hand Bag

Easy One Fabric Backpack

The instructions could not be made much simpler for a beginner and the easy-to-follow pictures help make cuts as easy as possible.

Take your time to make sure you get the steps right and you will end up with a sturdy yet pretty bag that can hold all you need for a trip to town.

If you have a large amount of one fabric then this could be a good pattern as you can use the same fabric for the outer as the lining.

More at: Aggeli Cat

Cross Body Backpack

We all like to wear our backpacks in different ways and this cross-body option is stylish and has plenty of convenient pockets for a passport or other small items.

This is probably a project best tackled by an intermediate sewer or more experienced and it can be made with a soft fabric or something more sturdy like denim. Its velcro strap keeps it secure and there are useful tips for making it look tidier. There are photos to guide the way and the material is easily sourced from your local craft store.

More at: Crafty Staci

City Backpack

A cute backpack that has that city feel, the instructions are ways to follow making this a popular backpack sewing pattern to adults.

As with the others on our list, it is free and shouldn’t take more than an evening to make.

Because the stages to the end require you to sew through thicker layers it is best to have the right needles to hand and going by the website, it is a popular pattern with crafters.

More at: Heart of Mary

Neat DIY Kiddy Backpack

Cute colors are a must for this sweet backpack that will rest comfortably on little shoulders.

Using a lightweight fabric means it isn’t too heavy for the kids to carry in and out of school although it is still important to reinforce it to make it strong enough and so it doesn’t tear easily.

The seam allowances are typically 1/4 inch and every step is made simple thanks to the large pictures.

More at: Infarrantly Creative

First Toddler Backpack

This small and easy backpack sewing pattern is great for young ones who want to copy mummy or their older siblings and allows them to take a few of their favorite toys everywhere they go.

Any cotton print should suffice and the downloadable pattern makes it easy to trace.

Because they are easy to make you might not mind so much when he decides to drop it in a puddle and run for the slide at the playpark.

More at: Indietutes

Petite School Pack

Another back-to-school style backpack that is made for large books aplenty. The instructions hit the right spot between detailed and useful and the adjustable straps ensure it looks great when hanging on the back of a chair.

When all the other kids in the class have the same 3 bags, this is going to make it easier for your young one to find theirs at the end of the school day.

More at: Sew to Speak

Spring Bustle Backpack

For something a little different, give this bustle backpack a try. It isn’t as complicated as it looks and the standout look is well worth the time.

Based on a design for a Bustle skirt, it is a creative twist on an everyday bag that the kids can take anywhere.

Make more than one and try different colors to give your kids a bright bag for spring.

More at: Sewing Rabbit

All Things Bright Backpack

Another floral design but this is one of the bigger bags on our list so there is plenty of room for a bag full of goodies.

The printable pattern makes life as easy as possible with clear instructions which you will need since this is built to be a bag that lasts.

The wide opening and space inside make it one for older kids who need room for folders and can carry more.

More at: Pellon Projects

Super Easy Drawstring Bag

You can get as creative as you like, sewing a design onto the front of the bag, or leave it as simple and plain as you like.

You can skip the applique-making stage if you prefer and move straight onto the bag, either way, this is one of the easier projects on our list and is ideal for a beginner.

Kids love drawstring bags because they are easy to open and are light.

More at: Polkadot Chair

Animal Backpack

You can probably tell by now that we love an animal backpack, so here is another! It is also another backpack sewing pattern that makes good use out of an old stuffed toy – preferably not too tired looking, and best used after a thorough wash first if well loved.

The making is easy as you get going because the stuffed toy takes a lot of the strain out of making the bag. Attach adjustable straps when following the basic instructions to give your kid a bag they will love.

More at: Cotton and Curls

Easy Jeans Bag 

There are so many ways you can put an old pair of jeans to better use and a backpack is a great one.

The material ensures sit is sturdy enough to carry some shopping and the pocket gives it a fun appearance.

This is a great project when you want to recycle materials and there are only a handful of steps to go from old jeans to a new backpack.

More at: Spinny Spinny

Adventure Backpack

The great outdoors is amazing, but carrying water and supplies on a hike can take some of the fun away.

This is why we love this adventure backpack sewing pattern.

Not only does it make use of old gear, but it is a basic pattern and the steps are clearly laid out.

More at: Backpacking

Easy Zipper Pocket Backpack

Every backpack is made better with a zipper pocket to keep valuables from falling out. It is another drawstring design but the twist is in the easy access through the zipper.

It all starts with a little prep and cutting rectangles but with a little bit of know-how, this shouldn’t take long.

We like the design of the fabric used in the example but it is easy to use any combination of your choosing.

More at: Sew Can She

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