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Bowtie Sewing Patterns

Everyone wants to find an excuse to wear a bowtie, whether it is a special occasion, glamorous party, or alternative. The problem is, a quality bowtie can be expensive, and there isn’t always a lot of options. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to give one as a gift or need one urgently, our comprehensive list of the best bowtie sewing patterns is impressive. With something for the man or boy in your house, they are simple, look great, and of course, free.

How To Make A Simple Bowtie

As long as you have a sewing machine, this should be a simple process and can be made in a hurry with a little know-how.

Alternatively, a beginner should be able to make this without any issues. Just 1/4 of a yard of fabric will make one or two bow ties and the best bit is you can get creative with the design that you use for this bowtie sewing pattern.

There are only 9 steps to follow, including one that involves chopsticks (Yes, you read that right!), all with large images to make the process as simple as possible.

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Adjustable Bowtie

Being able to customize an outfit is always fun, not to mention useful. This is a basic bowtie sewing pattern, but with the clip, it can be adjusted and fits pretty much any size as a result.

It can be worn by teens and adults alike and it can be matched to an outfit by picking the ideal color or pattern.

This is as basic as it gets in terms of skill level because the instructions are made to be so easy to follow. This is something we don’t see enough of so certainly one to consider.

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Men’s Bow Tie Tutorial

We don’t all get invited to those fancy gala balls where everyone is wearing a bowtie, but if there is an occasion coming up that suits, why not make this casual bow tie in just a few steps.

Of course, it can be made smarter by using plain black satin or similar.

A lot of people love a funky design, so why not give this one a go and see how easy it is to make your own.

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Mix Match Bowtie

This can be made in any color combination, using contrasting fabric patterns to make a unique bowtie that is sure to stand out.

It makes them more fun for younger ones, but can also be made for an adult who likes things to be a little different.

It doesn’t have to be mix and matched though, as using the same material will still look excellent. we’re a fan of the polka dot option, but to be honest, they all look the part.

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Free Bowtie Sewing Pattern

This would make an excellent bowtie sewing pattern for the holiday season, especially because they are easy to make and look amazing.

Any kind of lightweight fabric would work and once you have printed the pattern, the making is simple.

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Kids Bowtie

This is the quick and easy version which, let’s face it, is the version we all want.

For a kid’s bowtie sewing pattern, it is ideal as it doesn’t take long to make and really looks fantastic when finished.

Also important is the fact that it is comfortable to wear, so your little guy won’t be constantly trying to take it off.

The velcro closure makes it so quick to make but this is also what will benefit the wearer as it is easy to adjust.

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Fabric bowtie

Easy to make and a bowtie that looks great for almost any occasion, this pattern makes life simple for the wearer.

The best part is that it is a proper bowtie, as it actually ties.

So, if your other half knows the difference between the real thing and something less desirable, let this be the bowtie you choose to make.

There is room for adjustment so this is a one size fits all bowtie sewing pattern.

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Dog Bowtie

You may have seen these online and who wouldn’t want a bowtie for their own dog?

It will feel like an ordinary collar to your furry friend, but everyone else gets the benefit of seeing their handsomeness.

Available in 4 sizes, it is free, fun, and sure to get some smiles out of everyone you pass on your next walk.

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