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Tie Sewing Patterns

It can be difficult to buy a unique gift for the man who has it all. This is where a personalized gift or something personal can be a great idea. A tie sewing pattern is a solution to a problem that many people have, especially since it is thoughtful and homemade, but also practical. This is only going to be the case with the right pattern as it has to look to part. We have scoured the net to find the best tie sewing patterns available so you can find all the better options in one place.

Mollys Sketchbook Tie

A perfect fathers day present, this has a classic tie shape and feel so it is a universal tie sewing pattern that is going to be loved by the recipient.

You cannot help but be impressed by this option, especially if you are using a fancy-looking floral design. Using a fabric with a silk feel like Tana Lawn is ideal for this type of tie and has a luxurious feel to it.

They don’t cost a lot to make but the personal touch is always worth ten times of any store-bought product. The large images and simple instructions make this a pattern that a beginner can master.

More at: Purl Soho

Neck Tie Pattern

With a smart stripe combo, this can look office-ready in no time. You only need a yard of fabric to work with and anything that is medium weight, with a little polyester and not known to crinkle is going to work well.

It takes you through each step including the lining and there are only a handful of steps to get through.

Thankfully, this free downloadable pattern is easy to follow and shouldn’t take long to complete.

More at: Sweet Shop Sewing

DIY Bow Tie/Tie

Using silk or sateen is really going to look wonderful for this sophisticated bow tie sewing pattern.

There are instructions for making a full-length tie as well but with only a handful of instructions and a paisley pattern or similar, this is going to be an easy-to-follow pattern that requires a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

There are only 4 steps to follow so this is definitely a good place to start for a beginner.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Skinny Square Tie

The skinny tie phase will seemingly never die, and thankfully, there are plenty of good options for making your own including this one.

The square look is part of that typical smart casual Friday night drinks attire. This can be made in one color or in a vibrant pattern for those who like their ties to be loud.

The pattern measures 6 pages long which might seem a lot, but ties use more fabric than most people think. The instructions give you the option to fix the end as a square, or classic style.

More at: See Kate Sew

Skinny Tie Sewing Pattern

This full-length skinny tie doesn’t seem as thin as some of the other skinny ties available so it still has a smart look that could be compatible with office attire.

The one yard of fabric can be made into multiple ties but it is the length that is required here.

When first starting with the cutting it seems as though the tie is going to be massive but with the right folds and adjustments, this is going to offer the classic skinny tie look.

More at: Camilleiam

Easy Tie Instructions

The blind hem stitch on this pattern gives it a hand-stitched look and the instructions make it easy to go from a yard of fabric to a perfect tie, ideal for gifting.

There are plenty of steps but this works in the favor of a novice as nothing is left to error.

Cotton, silk, or satin are some popular fabrics for this style of tie and there are plenty of funky designs that can be used, or go for something understated and plain so it can be worn at the office.

More at: Bernina Blog

10 Minute Tie Pattern

For those who don’t have a lot of time to spare or want to make multiple ties in one sitting, this tie sewing pattern is a great option.

Of course, it is free to download and easy to follow and can be made for the young man of the house.

That’s right, they make excellent boy’s ties so if they have a social event coming up that requires a tie, this can be a great pattern as they can be hard to find for boys.

More at: Shwin And Shwin

Original Boys Neck Tie

Available in an array of sizes so the boys in the house can have their own tie, this is a convenient tie sewing pattern that will stop you from having to keep searching store after store.

There are only a handful of instructions to follow and they don’t require a lot of fabric to make so it is easy to see why this is such a popular pattern.

More at: Vnilla Joy

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