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Everyone likes a nice hat and although there are many different types, this makes making them even more fun. This is why we have scoured the internet for all the best hat sewing patterns. There are so many varieties but these are creative, easy to make, and free. You don’t need a lot of experience for most of them but when you are finished, you will be left with a warm head and something that everyone will be asking about.

Fashionable Beret

The French know a thing or two about style so to keep up with the Parisiens, try this DIY beret sewing pattern.

We love how this can add a touch of flair to a simple outfit and it only requires basic sewing skills and costs less than $5 to make. In less than half an hour, and using something as basic as leftover corduroy, it is possible to make a bunch of these for your friends.

The pattern itself makes it sound easy because it is.

More at: Now Thats Peachy

Warm Ear Flap Hat

When the cold snap bites, you are going to want some extra protection. There aren’t many hats that are going to keep you as warm as this hat sewing pattern.

The great thing is that it can be made to fit your head so snug that it feels like a warm hug. It comes in a downloadable PDF so you can use the pattern at your convenience and this is one of the larger hats on our list, it still won’t take too long.

Go to Sewing Rabbit for the warmest hat pattern going.

More at: Sewing Rabbit

Reversible Shady Hat

We’ve looked at how to protect ourselves from the cold, now how about the sun? This sun hat provides plenty of shade so you can protect your skin when the sun’s rays are out in force.

It has a 4-inch brim so there is plenty of coverage and the neutral design makes it possible to match it with any beachy outfit.

It only takes a few hours for a beginner to make so this is a great project for first-timers. There are different hat sizes to download so the hard part is deciding what fabric you are going to use.

More at: The Spruce Crafts

Sweater Pom Pom Hat

Using old materials is great when you want to make multiple hats as it keeps the cost down. Also, they often make for comfortable and arm materials when won on your head.

This pom-pom hat is easy to make and one sweater can be used to make multiple hats.

If you can’t bear to part with one of your own, pick one up from a thrift store and follow the simple pattern to add a pom-pom on top and keep yourself warm all winter.

More at: A Beautiful Mess

Warm and Resevrable Wool Hat

Complete with ear flaps to add to the warmth, this is an excellent reversible hat to keep you cozy when you’re blowing on your coffee and walking the dog on a cold morning.

The best thing is that it ties up underneath to ensure it wraps around and keeps the cold out.

We recommend choosing two designs that are pretty different so they can be worn in different ways.

More at: We All Sew

Sweater Into Scarf And Beanie

Matching sets make it easy to complete a look without adding too many colors to the palette. This is part of why we love this design so much.

The other reason is that it recycles old clothes are is as easy to make as any other hat sewing pattern.

Cotton and Curls says it takes a maximum of 10 minutes which is impressive, to say the least. Having an old sweater or two to hand means it is possible to make a matching set for all the family in an hour or two. Talk about economical!

More at: Cotton and Curls

Super Simple Slouchy Beanie

Measure your head before you start to ensure you get the perfect measurements – no more one size fits all that lets the cold in!

There are only a handful of simple seams to sew before you transform old material into a beanie that can be worn all the time.

This. might be one of the most complete patterns on our list since it has the step by step instructions as well as an easy-to-follow instructional video for those who prefer to watch and pause.

More at: Fleece Fun

Trapper Hat Using Faux Fur

This hat sewing pattern can be adjusted smaller to make it fine for a kid but whoever it is for, this is going to be one cute trapper hat.

The ears ensure a cozy hat will keep the warmth from escaping and there are barely any materials or tools needed. The instructions are simple and the large images make it easier to replicate the pattern.

One for those who live in particularly cold areas and need to cover up a little more than everyone else.

More at: See Kate Sew

Cloche Hat

Want to step out the front door with a vintage look that will turn heads? Then this is a pattern worth tackling.

Using premium felt to give it an extravagant look and following the 6 steps, it won’t take long to craft but does require a little more flair than some of the more basic patterns.

This is fine because it still won’t take up an evening to make, especially because the pattern is downloadable.

More at: Instructables Craft

Hat From Sweater

By now you should be able to tell that one of the easiest ways of making your own hat is by using an old sweater.

This simple design takes you through a handful of steps and uses a men’s sweater with a diamond pattern.

We like this because it looks like a hat you would buy in-store and most people have something similar at the back of their wardrobe. The rest of the material could be used to match matching mittens or more hats.

More at: Heather Handmade

Everyday Sun Hat

You can never have too many of these around the house. When the sun is out and the lawn needs mowing, crafting a quick sun hat before you get started is a great way of protecting yourself from the sun.

A lot of people make several so they can keep one in the car and are never caught wanting. The simple design is made up of three main parts and provides plenty of protection for whoever is wearing it. The style is neutral so it will set men and women alike.

More at: Melly Sews

Easy Peasy Slouchy Beanie

There’s nothing complicated about this hat, which is why we love it.

It has a space to push a ponytail out which is an ingenious addition and it can be worn in 4 different ways including as a headband.

The pattern is a little different from other hat sewing guides for that reason but it is just as simple.

The result is something a little different and for all the right reasons.

More at: Hello Sewing

Faux Fur Bomber Hat

A popular material for hats is faux fur, and we like it because it has a soft feel and looks great. The heavier material will require a stronger needle so be sure to have the right one to hand before tackling this project.

The hat itself is comfortable and feels thick enough to keep you warm even in minus temperatures.

One to wear on a snow day and know that everything on top is as fashionable as can be.

More at: Cotton and Curls

Fedora Hat Pattern

This is one of the coolest patterns on the list and although it takes. a little more skill than a beanie, for example, the stylish look you are left with is going to be just the incentive.

There aren’t many steps to take before it is finished and you can use denim from some pants that are collecting dust or are too tired to be worn anymore.

There should be enough to make more than one and once your friends catch a glimpse, they are probably going to be asking for the pattern for themselves.

More at: Melly Sews

Brilliant Beret

It can be hard to find a quality beret in the shops which is why this is such a useful pattern.

The quality can be increased when using better materials but whereafter you choose to use, the design looks great.

These hats have been popular for many decades and it doesn’t seem as though that is going to change any time soon. It comes complete with an instructional video to make life that little bit easier which is always welcome.

More at: Hello Sewing

DIY Mini Baseball CapĀ 

No list of the best hat sewing patterns would be complete without a baseball cap and this is one of the best.

The great thing about this one is that it can be fashioned out of a baby grow so if you have a favorite he or she has grown out of, it is an excellent way of repurposing it and getting more life out of it.

Kids caps seem to go missing like socks so to be sure you always have a way of protecting your little ones face from the sun, this mini cap pattern is a great option.

More at: Xoxo Grandma

Bandana Visor Sun Hat

A spin on those hats that golfers made famous, a bandana visor gives added protection and is super easy to make.

The kids will find that these are among the most comfortable hats and will get a lot of use out of them. Sometimes known as a twist on a Babushka headscarf, they look a little different but in a good way and don’t fall off quite so easily.

This works in your favor as you won’t be chasing your little one trying to put their hat back on all the time.

More at: Agnes Creates

Baby Sunbonnet

There are few things cuter than a baby sunbonnet which is why e had to include this design on our list.

It ticks all the important boxes in terms of protection, comfort, and is easy to make for those who are not so experienced at sewing.

They are available in sizes between 0 – 24 months so, during the summer months when the high factor sunscreen is one, this provides some extra protection, especially important when they do not have much hair to protect their head.

More at: Purl Soho

Ruffled Baby Sun Hat

Complete with a tie to stop your young one from knocking their new hat off, this offers plenty of protection and looks as cute as a button.

The pattern is free and can be made from a variety of fabrics with the cute summer floral fabrics being popular for a reason.

The instructions make it look easy and in truth, it is. Just in case you prefer to use a video for guidance, there is one included so you can pause every stage as you go.

More at: Merriment Design

Summery Kids Hat

Sun hats are a must-have for any child which is why a lot of parents have a constant supply.

This is an easy DIY tutorial for making your own and because it is so simple it is one to save as they grow so you can make more.

It is fine to use a slightly heavier material if you want it to feel a little sturdier but it is the shape that makes it so useful as it protects a large area yet still allows them to see at all angles.

More at: Muse of The Morning

Super Soft Bear Hat

This hat might be the quirky design you never realized you needed. It is best made with a fleece material to add to the softness and appearance so you can dress your young one up like a little cub.

The cute ears are adorable but it is also nice and warm to keep the heat from escaping from their little heads in the cold months.

This makes a great first hat and a special gift for a friend or loved one who has recently brought a little one into the world.

More at: How Joy Ful

Foxy Earflap Hat

Not everyone likes earflaps until they have tried them on for size. Kids seem to love them which is just as well since this brilliant hat really looks the part.

It is fully functional at keeping things nice and warm but in 12 steps it is possible to make something a little different.

A woodland adventure awaits the fantastic mini fox of the family.

More at: Instructables Craft

Woodland Cap

More woodland-inspired hats, this one is a useful pdf pattern hat that can be tailored for different sizes.

The beanie fits nice and secure so it won’t fall off and the easy-to-follow instructions take you through every stage slowly so you can take your time with this one.

A knit fabric is one of the warmest which makes this even better.

More at: Made by Marzipan

Train Drivers Cap

A cross between a stylish eddy cap and a train driver’s hat, this is going to please any young one obsessed with trains.

Alternatively, it is going to please mum and dad when they see their young one looking dapper with their smart hat. It can be made with a variety of fabrics but we do like the wool used in the design by mushroom villagers.

The oversized peak ensures there is plenty of protection so you aren’t substituting style over functionality. This lovely hat has both.

More at: Mushroom Villagers

Easy Toddle Cap

This is the sort of hat that every new patent needs. It has a string to tie so they cannot pull it off, there is a good amount of protection and it will shield their head from the sun.

Oh, and did we mention that it is as cute as can be? It is free to download and can be printed onto A4 to use as a pattern for guidance.

The pattern is also available in a knit variety in sizes from 2 years to 10.

More at: Small Dreamfactory

Knit Toddler Cap

As a parent of a toddler, you probably have bags full of clothing they no longer fit. Not everyone is saving them for the next one and even still, a kid needs a cap right?

This is why this is an ingenious hat sewing pattern for kids as it uses old knits and repurposes them into a cute cap.

Print the pattern onto A4 and use the guide to help you through the process. It won’t take long until your young one can enjoy the sun in safety.

More at: Small Dreamfactory

Blizzard Bonnet

This looks like something that is out of a fairy tale and we are all for it. It can be used for dress-up as well as function as a layer that will protect against the cold.

Although it requires more fabric than other hats, it doesn’t take long. This pixie bonnet has a classic look that is going to draw a wow from your child.

Line it with a fleece material to provide added insulation so it can be worn when the snow comes to town.

More at: Sweet KM Blog

Baby Chin Strap With Floral

As pretty as a petal, this dimple design looks the part and keeps all things snug. The chin strap means they can run, tumble, and play without the worry of their hat falling.

The pretty flower adds a little pizzaz and some sizes range from a baby of 3-6 months and 2-3 years.

With clear instructions and a video tutorial, it doesn’t take long to go from fabric to cute snow child.

More at: Fleece Fun

Easy DIY Hat With Ribbon

This cute hat really stands out and it is the simplicity that makes it so satisfying. The ribbon adds a layer of texture and flair to a relatively easy design.

For a kid’s hat sewing pattern, there isn’t a lot of graft here just some basic stitches and a little know-how.

With a printable PDF and a design that a beginner will be able to follow, it is easy to keep kids warm and cute.

More at: Fleece Fun

Adult to Childs Hat

With every size from a baby up to an adult, this is the go-to hat sewing pattern for families.

The approach is simple and there aren’t many stages to bring this pattern to life. Fleece material is best and it is possible to use an old fleece sweater so you can make this without having to pay a penny for supplies.

There are also tips on how to make the beanie reversible – two hats for the price (which could be zero!) of one!

More at: Fleece Fun

Recycled Wool Hat

Another repurposed seater but this pattern is for using wool. Nice and warm, this insulated fabric is going to feel great and offer good protection against the chill.

Goodwill stores are a valuable resource for materials as wool can be a little price if bought separately.

There are only 6 steps involved so it is easy to go from a no longer loved sweater to a hat that can be worn all winter.

More at: Craft Sanity

DIY Baby Hat

This cut hat has can be upturned to make it more comfortable and help keep it in place. The sizes vary but it is easy to make adjustments to fit your little one.

Anything up to 12 months is fine and since they grow out of clothes fast, it is always good to keep this design to hand.

It is possible to make this with a top knot or leave it as it is. We like that hen you make baby hats like this, you can use the material to make baby grows and other items that match their new hat!

More at: Coraland Co

4 Sizes Beanie Hat

Anyone on the hunt for a stocking filler or something that can be made by a beginner should consider this useful beanie sewing pattern.

There are instructions for making different sizes and it can be made from a leftover fleece. If it is big enough, use the material to make gloves and a scarf for a complete matching set.

With plenty of ways to customize this hat, it makes an excellent project for using scrap material that is going unused.

More at: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

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