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Corset Sewing Patterns

However you wish to shape your silhouette, a corset can help keep everything where you want it and for some people, will help them to feel nice. The problem is, they don’t always come in a comfortable size, or the style just isn’t what you are looking for. This is why so making people are looking for corset sewing patterns. Thankfully, we have compiled a list of the best on the net, and each one is different. With so much variety, some are more functional while others are more unique. Take a look to see which one is right for you.

Victorian Overbust Corset

With 6 different cup sizes available to choose from, this is a versatile pattern that looks great. It is also available in 16 different dress sizes so this has something for every shape.

The difficulty is labeled as intermediate, which is understandable given some of the skills required but the result is worth investing your time in since the front plunge and high back make it a truly stand-out corset.

There are pattern adjustment tutorials that can be used to make it easier so even a beginner has a good chance of making this work.

More at: Aranea Black

Corset In A Day

Because these projects are more intricate than sewing a t-shirt, expect to have to dedicate more time before you have the finished product. The good news is, that it is possible to make this corset faster than others.

This instructional corset sewing pattern takes you through the basics and there is even a video to help you move through every step with ease.

The curved lines add a flattering touch and it ties easily at the back thanks to the ribbon. A good one for a first project.

More at: So Sew Easy

Erin Overbust Corset

We love the flattering lines that go down the sides of this corset and it can be printed on letter or A4.

With a total of 14 pieces (7 per side), it is not overly complicated and should be fine for any intermediate sewer or someone who has made a corset before.

The suspendable modesty panel is optional and there are large diagrams that are easy enough to follow. There are plenty of size options so it should be easy to find the ideal fit.

More at: Aranea Black

Waspie Corset

We like the smaller corset here and it costs less to make and can be finished faster than a lot of the full-sized corsets. This is about as easy as making a corset can be so if you have no previous experience, this is an excellent pattern to start with.

With 8 pattern pieces per side, it is easy to put together yet still works in the same way as many larger corsets, keeping everything around the waist in place and helping to promote that flattering shape a corset can offer.

More at: Aranea Black

Hope Overbust Corset

This corset almost has a heart shape to it in places which is always a good thing. It is aimed at anyone with a narrow torso but a large chest and can be customized to fit smaller cup sizes, however. The pattern has been updated recently to include other pieces that work to make it even more flattering such as a gore and it is one for an intermediate sewer. There are no seam allowances but the diagrams make it relatively easy to complete and shouldn’t take more than an evening or two to complete. We think this one is a goods step up from the beginner level for anyone growing in confidence.

More at: Aranea Black

Beginner Underbust Corset

Another excellent choice for anyone growing in experience, this is one of the simpler patterns yet it still looks fab. The updated pattern makes it easier to sew so the whole process should go a lot smoother.

It is free to download and we like that the fasteners at the back are not as plentiful as some of the others so it will be easier to do and undo.

It is a good one for experimenting with different colors and there is an optional back modesty panel should you wish to include it.

More at: Aranea Black

Nora Underbust Corset

This has that classic corset look and as far as the competition goes, it is one of the easier corset sewing patterns making it a good option for a beginner.

The underbust style is easy to love and this is an excellent version. There are new size charts and measurements included with the latest version and we think a purple is a great option that really suits this style of corset. It is free to download and a great way for developing those corset-making skills.

More at: Aranea Black

Midbust Corset

The length of this corset is part of what makes it so enticing and the sharing of the bottom edge can be changed slightly to fit your needs.

There are 6 panels per side and when sewn together, the detail is what makes it such a stunning piece.

There are various sizes to choose from so you can make the measurements fit exactly how you need them to. It is one of the more comfortable corsets which is a testament to the materials used, but also the accurate measurements of the pattern.

More at: Aranea Black

DIY Free Corset 

This one is a beautiful corset because of the intricate embroidery used but also the way it is laid out makes it a great option for anyone to try. The pattern itself is split into 4 parts to make it easy to follow and some instructions help to move you through every step of the way.

This is why this might be a good option for a beginner or if you just want that lacy look with a more delicate and feminine feel. It is an ideal way of helping to get that silhouette shape that many people are looking for in a quality corset sewing pattern.

More at: Gathered

Refashioned Jeans Corset Top

This is a design with a difference and although it is not like a conventional corset, the appeal is in the repurposing of the jeans. With a bra pattern and other bits like lingerie elastic among others, it is possible to put this pattern together in no time.

We are a big fan of instructions that have large pictures and that is exactly what this pattern offers, helping to walk the reader through each step. With the use of a reliable sewing machine and a little patience, it is easy to turn those old jeans into a fashionable corset top.

More at: Bernina

Super Free Corset

Another free corset pattern and again, this one has that classic style that we love. It is great when using a flexible material like cloth but could also be made with leather if your sewing machine can handle it and you have the right accessories to work with.

We like that the examples feature ideas on how to customize the corset in different ways. This means it is possible to add a like lace trim to give it some beautiful touches or use different fasteners for the front. The pattern itself is relatively self-explanatory and should be fine for most people to work with.

More at: My Handmade Space

16 Step Corset

This isn’t a lot when you consider how quickly you get through each one. The good news is that this corset sewing pattern doesn’t leave a lot of room for error. The large pictures that help to guide you through the instructions are great for making sure it is completed with ease and the simple design still allows you to find that hourglass shape that a corset should provide.

This is more of a simple boned bodice rather than a full-blown corset but a lot of people will find that this is easy to make and still does everything you want it to.

More at: Instructables Craft

Free Corset Belt

The design is simple yet it does everything you want from a fully functional corset. The belt design is comfortable to wear and brings that hourglass shape in the same way as more complicated designs.

This also makes it easier to finish and can be printed onto US letter or A4 paper.

The pattern includes in-depth instructions via a downloadable booklet that also features a guide on how to make sure you select the right size (there are sizes 8-18 UK included)

More at: Corset Training

Corset Pattern

Not everyone can work from an instruction sheet which is why this is a good alternative. To make this attractive corset, it comes in two downloadable sections. The video is around 15 minutes but this is going to take a fair bit longer as you print, pause, and sew but we think the result is worth it.

This is a free pattern that has some nice touches and for beginners, there is advice on how to master pattern alteration among other things to make the process as simple as possible.

More at: Corset Academy

Hip Curve Corset

The black coutil combined with the straight fronted corset design makes this a corset that many people will have their eyes on. It is not fully boned but is a homage to the late 1800s when this was first in fashion.

The free version is for a UK size 8 and although it is possible to make your own alterations, some may decide to pay for the other sizes just in case. Either way, the classic design, and the stunning curves and lines ensure that this is the type of corset that people think of when looking to create that hourglass shape.

More at: Ralph Pink

Piped Front Corset

Similar to the hip curve corset, this is free for a size 8. Using thin axed rope to reinforce the corset, is another classic design that is synonymous with the word corset.

It has an alluring appearance that makes you feel good when wearing it and still does everything you would want it to in that the hourglass shape comes easily.

After stitching the surface material together, you are well on your way to making a stunning corset that is going to be a hit.

More at: Ralph Pink

Housemaid Corset

Talk about classic corsets, this keeps everything in place in a way that other corsets do not manage.

The main strength is in the comfort of this one, and the step-by-step instructions are numerous, but this makes it easier for a beginner to follow.

It is an 1890s corset that is known as the pretty housemaid, showing how different periods can provide a different shape.

More at: Poisoned Kitty

Welt-Seam Corset For A Novice

Using a unique method to make the ties, this is a corset with a difference. It has the basic victorian underbust style and has been created with a novice in mind which will be music to a lot of people’s ears.

Despite being so strong and durable, it is pretty lightweight so won’t feel overly bulky as it pulls in that hourglass shape.

The good news is that it is not important to get the measurements exact at the start and it all starts with a mock-up to base your design on.

More at: Sidney Eileen

Quilted Gore Victorian Corset

A stunning corset sewing pattern that has some nice touches and a bit of flair that makes it look great on and off.

There are two layers of coutil that allow for the boning to be sandwiched and cotton lining to make it extra comfortable.

The step-by-step instructions are thorough and although this requires a certain level of skill, anyone who has mastered some basic stitched should be able to make it.

More at: Sidney Eileen

Basic Ribbon Corset

This is as small and as basic as a corset can get but it still has an attractive look and does everything this style of corset needs to. It will pull everything into an hourglass shape and with the satin ribbon being the material of choice, it has a nice texture to it. One for a novice or someone who wants to take on an easier project without giving up too much of their time.

More at: Sidney Eileen

Sport Mesh Corset

Although this might have a sporty look, it is the meshing that makes it breathable and more comfortable to wear. Mesh corsets were popular in Victorian times and to take this task on you are going to want to grab a lot of pins to hold it in place. Still, it shouldn’t be too difficult for an intermediate sewer and is a tight lacing corset with plenty of easy-to-follow instructions.

More at: Sidney Eileen

Regency Corset

A full-length corset that features period-style lacing that gives it a delicate touch, we like that it doesn’t have boning and uses cording instead because this means it is machine washable.

There are plus-sized ways of making it and shoulder straps to ensure it stays in place well.

More at: Sidney Eileen

Strapless Renaissance Corset

With a design that makes it ideal for cosplay or costume design, this is a great corset for creating an hourglass shape in a hurry. It doesn’t take too long to make and is a modern twist so anyone looking for the classic design may need to look for a different pattern.

Some instructions take you through the cutting of the pattern to the finishing touches and every step comes with a large picture to show that is expected.

More at: Sidney Eileen

Basic Coutil Corset

A two-layer coutil corset is as basic as they come. This is a great corset sewin pattern for beginners since there is less material required and some of the complicated steps involved with other types are missed out.

Make sure you have the right needles for the job and enjoy the comfort that comes with this corset and its modern design.

More at: Sidney Eileen

Corset Dress Top

One of the most beautiful patterns on our list, we love the look and style of this corset dress.

It has a classic yet alluring appearance that holds everything in place makes the most of that beautiful satin ribbon to tie it all together.

There are only 11 steps and plenty of pictures to help create this show-stopping corset dress.

More at: Instructables Craft

Corset Belt

This is a bit of a hack than anything else as it means you get the benefit of a corset in a simple belt.

Why not give this one a try to make an outfit that could be complemented by this belt even better.

It looks great over a dress or even any top with jeans.

It is simple, yet highly effective, and it doesn’t take long to make.

More at: Mood Fabrics

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