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Tote Bags Sewing Patterns

A tote bag just might be one of the most useful you will ever own. More convenient than large shopping bags, and less bulky than a backpack, it is perfect for taking your lunch, some books, or a small amount of shopping or baby items with you. They also make an excellent project for crafting which is why we have created a list of the best tote bags sewing patterns. Each one is unique, free, and easy to make.

Nautical Kate Spade Style Tote

Most people would struggle to find a tote bag as stylish as this, and the nod to Kate Spade cannot be overlooked.

The nautical stripes always look good and the fabric letters give it an authentic homemade feel once they have been cut out, painted with fabric paint, and are ready to sew.

There is plenty of room for carrying all sorts and the ‘get out of town’ motif could even be changed to something more original.

More at: Flamingo Toes

To The Park Tote

This tote bag sewing pattern has been made in a spring theme and it is easy to make with a little know-how.

There is plenty of room for all the bits you need to take on a day out, from snacks, drinks, sunscreen if you are heading to the park.

The detail on the outside includes space for a circular pocket which is ideal for keeping items you might need easy access to such as keys or a phone. All in all, it takes just ten steps to make this tote, and it is totally worth it.

More at: Delia Creates

Diaper Bag

An essential bag for any new parent, a diaper bag doesn’t have to look pretty, but this one does.

It is bulky enough to fit plenty of baby essentials from diapers to bottles and spare clothes.

The pdf tote bag sewing pattern is free and the example features plenty of useful instructions with a zipper, pockets, and a closure tab to keep everything in place, it is the perfect size diaper bag and is comfortable on the shoulder no matter how full it gets.

More at: Make Baby Stuff

Fun Modern Tote Bag

When taking a trip out, you might need your tote bag to be many things, but above all, roomy, and sturdy are important.

This is exactly what you get with this free sewing pattern. The pockets on the inside are ideal for keeping valuables out of reach and when using cotton canvas, you know it is going to be strong enough to last a long time.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, making this a project that a beginner should be able to complete.

More at: Sew Can She

Straw Tote Bag

This just looks like a beach tote, so that’s what we are going to imagine it is to be used for.

The lining makes it less likely to fill with sand, although it is going to be near impossible to keep it out completely!

We love the purse handles that are both stylish and strong and because the starfish applique looks so good, we suggest this is included in your version.

Mote at: We All Sew

Yoga Tote

A bit like a gym bag, a yoga tote needs to have plenty of room for spare clothes and a towel.

Because of the large handles, it is possible to squeeze a rolled-up mat between them when carrying the tote but because it can be thrown over a shoulder, it might be better to carry the mat in a spare hand.

The flower pin is a nice touch, not to mention easy to make which is a good way of describing this bright tote bag as a whole – easy to make.

More at: The Ribbon Retreat

Two-Tone Tote

We love the variation of the two-tone design and think it gives these tote bags a little bit of a chic look. When finished they should come in at 17 inches wide, and 15 inches tall.

There are so many ways this tote bag sewing pattern can be made, so choose those prints carefully and have fun.

It will guide the user through each step including making the lining, and when finished you will notice the square bottom to give it more room, and help it stand.

More at: Makeit Love It

Pleated Tote

There is a lot to like about this tote bag, including the repurposed straps that can be sourced from an old bag.

The hidden pocket is discreet and makes it easy to store valuables with confidence.

The funky fabric used is a reminder that anything is possible and the only thing stopping your bag from looking so good, is not being brave enough with the print!

More at: Sewing Rabbit

Basket Tote

Although the straps are quite long, they are not shoulder strap length, but this bag oozes summer style.

The two interior pockets are found near the quilted inside area that has plenty of room for those all-important beach items.

There is also a magnetic snap closure which helps to keep everything secure and it should measure around 16 inches wide and 11 inches tall. Basically, we’re saying there is plenty of room for sunscreen and cake!

More at: Sew Can She

Shopping Bag Pattern

This is the sort of bag that is always handy to have around since it is strong and can hold a fair amount of shopping.

The rope handles make it easy to put together and look cute.

Because it is the same inside and out, this is another reversible tote bag sewing pattern.

The large pockets on either side are a bonus for stashing receipts and other important items.

More at: Sew Can She

1 Yard Lecien Bag

All it takes is one yard to make a fully functional bag, and we are all for it. In fact, it is not just one bag, but two. With a zipper and a lining, this is a secure bag that can hold a fair amount of weight.

The tote design is complemented by the wide openings making it easy to access all the cargo. If you are making two, note that they are different sizes, with one 15 inches tall, and the other 10 inches.

There are plenty of images to accompany the instructions, making it an easy pattern to follow.

More at: Sew Can She

Quilted Tote

We love a quilted tote, the texture, and a floral design just seem to go so well.

This measures around 10 inches tall, and 8.5 inches deep so it isn’t the biggest but it does have a store-bought feel to it.

The print on the fabric does most of the work as this is what can make or break a quilted tote.

Still, it is usually easy to find, and when the tutorial is as simple as this one, it doesn’t take long to make.

More at: Sew Can She

Indie Bag

The colors of this bag make it what it is, so if you can find a saturated combination for fall, it is going to come in handy.

There are some hand stitches involved and a magnetic snap closure to keep everything inside secure.

Its pleated body gives it a nice texture but also makes it easier to put together.

The two straps are comfortable, even with a full load. It is another free tote bag sewing pattern that should be easy to follow.

More at: During Quiet Time

Oslo Craft Bag

About as functional as a tote bag can get, this almost has the feel of a toolbox there are so many compartments. Included in the free download are 51 color images to help guide you through the process.

This would double up nicely as a sewing kit storage bag as there are pockets to put small items such as needles and craft scissors.

The dual compartments inside can hold those yarns or other larger items and what tops it all off is the fact that there is an instructional video to help guide you through each stage.

More at: Sew Sweetness

Triplet Tote

This is a tote bag sewing pattern for beginners as there is nothing overly complicated and the bag itself is simple. The genius is that it has three dividers, hence the name.

This men’s it is easy to keep a laptop, books, and anything else separate. The sections are all the same size, but the convenience is unusual yet very welcome.

You only need three fabrics, preferably ones that go well together, and some thread and sewing supplies.

More at: The Diy Dreamer

French Market Tote Bag

A tote bag that would not look out of place on the shoulder of someone at the market, with plenty of room for those yummy supplies and wares.

It features a liner so be sure to prepare a second fabric you love the look of for the inside, especially as this matches the handles.

Of course, as with any market bag, it is strong and with the right care, it should last many trips to the shops.

More at: A Bright Corner

Big Beautiful Beach Tote

It should almost be an unwritten rule that a beach bag can never be too big and this one is certainly on the large side.

This men’s more room for towels, beach toys, sunscreen, drinks, and more.

There are pockets on either side of the bag and although the handles are designed to be held in the palm, it is possible to make them longer so they can be thrown over the shoulder.

A simple beach tote that won’t take long to make.

More at: Muse Of The Morning

Tote With Pockets

Because of its size, this would make another great beach tote, but it looks summery and can be used for different purposes.

The whole process should only take around 2 hours to put together and although most of the steps are easy to follow, it is a project for an intermediate sewer and above.

The colorful fabrics look great and there are pockets for keeping important items separate.

A perfect bag for an overnight stay or everyday use.

More at: The Spru Cecrafts

Reusable Grocery Bag

This is more than a reusable grocery bag, as they are strong enough to hold a fair amount (although don’t overdo it) and durable so will last for years.

The design is a simple one, but with a colorful print it can turn out really nice.

Canvas is one of the best materials that ticks all the relevant boxes, although the likes of denim are strong and work well.

More at: The Spru Cecrafts

Ipanema Beach Bag

This simple design is perfect for lazy days on the sand and has a drawstring to pull everything in and keep it secure.

This ensures it can hold plenty, including towels, books, drinks, a purse, and more.

There are dual exterior pockets so you can keep your cell phone away from the sunscreen etc and with cotton webbing straps it is a comfortable bag to carry, even when the towel is damp.

More at: Birch Fabrics

Flowery Tote Bag

Not every tote bag has to be summery, so this flowery option looks great and reminds us of fall. The tweed has a pleasant look and feel and when finished, it almost has a basket feel.

There are so many images and simple instructions that it is almost impossible to go wrong.

Making the flowers is more fun than a challenge, especially when arranging them into a unique design that is going to make the tote bag so special.

More at: Tea Rose Home

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