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Hoodie Sewing Patterns

One of the most universal garments that anyone can have, a hoodie is that go-top item that can come in handy all year round. With the rise in homemade wear, it is no surprise to see so many excellent hoodie sewing patterns available. The problem is, it is a challenge finding one that you truly want to make. This is why we have created a long list of some of the best patterns for making a hoodie at home. There is plenty of variety so we are sure you are going to find a new favorite to throw on when the sun goes down or hit the tarmac on a run in comfort.

From kid’s hoodies to weaved designs, there is something for every taste. Most of them are fine for a beginner to tackle although a couple is best saved for anyone who is intermediate or above. All in all, this is a definitive list of hoodie patterns.

Boxwood Hoodie

Ideal for an autumn day, it’s not only the golden yellow color of the example but the fleece feel that makes this such a good pattern. The large hood covers you from the rain and the slightly dropping shoulder adds to what is a casual look.

Using a material that has plenty of texture is always a good idea as this hoodie looks good enough to hug! It looks warm and cozy before you even put it on which is always a good place to start. There are examples of some of the best fabrics to use, and an easy-to-follow pattern.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Gordonia Hoodie

This seems to be in style at the moment, so why not give this free hoodie sewing pattern a try and oot for something you may not already have in your wardrobe. The undersized design makes it look great over a top and there are still full-length sleeves and hood to keep you warm.

Using something similar to a french terry fabric, this is going to be warm enough in all the right places. We like that there are plenty of sizes available on the chart and enough pictures to make creating your own a lot easier.

More at Mood Fabrics

Patched Cropped Hoodie

Using fabric scraps to make a full-sized hoodie is something that not a lot of people may deem possible, but with this useful pattern – it is! With an overlock machine and a little patience, it is a great way of putting those scraps lying around the good use.

Another benefit is that it is tailored towards beginners so anyone can create a unique hoodie from scratch. We’re all for using what you have to hand and this is one of the best hoodies on our list for using up some of the old to make way for something new.

More at: Fashion Wanderer

Women’s Hoodie With Pocket

A stylish hoodie that doesn’t compromise on the look in the name of comfort, even though it offers plenty of that too! Don’t forget the pocket! The pocket at the front is convenient and gives you somewhere to put your phone when you are going for a walk.

There is an additional pattern that can help to make this into an oversized hoodie should you wish to make something with a little more room. Use any kind of stretch fabric to turn this into the sort of garment you always want to have at the ready.

More at: Life Sew Savory

Unisex Hoodie

This one design fits all offers a natural look so it can be made for just about anyone. It has a front pouch to keep those hands warm when the weather is biting and the design itself is easy enough for most people to take on. This is a great hoodie for taking to the gym and would be ideal when made out of a sweatshirt fleece material.

The pattern included is for 36-38 inch chest only but there is advice on how to grade up or down. Yes, it is a unisex hoodie, but no, you are not going to want to share it. Best make two to avoid arguments about who can wear it today!

More at: Melly Sews

Raglan Kids Hoodie

You never have enough clothes for the kids in the rainy months so add this to the collection and for any kid of around 6-7 years old, you only need a yard of fabric. It is fine for a beginner and there is plenty of inspiration for different design options on the page.

Using a sewing machine and a zig-zag stitch is a good replacement if you do not have a serger to hand. There are other ways to make it into different sizes, more help on that via the lin. The cuteness of these hoddies is all that matters and you will have that either way!

More at: Brindille Twig

Scuba Hoodie For Toddlers

One of the coolest hoodies on our list, this is the sort of pattern that anyone who has mastered the basics can enjoy. The small amount of fabric required is always a plus point, and the raglan sleeves and faux piping ensures this is a comfortable fit that will protect a little one from the elements.

We’re a big fan of this one and think it would look great if all the kids of a certain age in a house had one. It is also a wildly popular design with plenty of people raving about it so if that isn’t an incentive to give it a try, we don’t know what is!

More at: Brindille Twig

Zipped Fleece Hoodie

This free pattern has enough tutorials and tools available to ensure that it is easy enough for most people to make. If the instructions aren’t enough, watch the tutorial video which is easy to follow.

All the seam allowances are included so they really do cover everything with making sure this free hoodie sewing pattern is a success.

With 1 yard of polar fleece, this can be a snug hoodie to throw on when you want to take the edge off a room.

More at: Japanese Sewing Books

Oversized Hoodie Sewing Pattern

Kids these days like style more than they ever have and this oversized hoodie is sure to be a favorite. Paying homage to the highstreet brands offering the latest trend, this requires more fabric than usual but it will last a long time. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and with large pictures and thorough advice, we think that most beginners could handle this.

The bigger the hoodie, the longer it will take for them to grow out of so it feels like a win-win. With the rate that kids grow, this can only be a good thing. It shouldn’t take much longer than 90 minutes to complete which is another bonus.

More at: Andreas Notebook

Boy’s Hooded Sweater

This is a simple design but it looks great. No pull strings or pockets are making it easier to make bit there is still a hood to pull over when things get cold or wet. With a yard of fabric, you can make a simple hoodie although there is the option to add ribbed cuffs and waistband.

The marbled look of the fabric in the example is timeless and will stand up well against some outside play although most colors and designs will work well. When simple is what you are looking for, a regular hooded sweater is a great option and it doesn’t take long to make.

More at: Shwin and Shwin

DIY Cowl Neck Hoodie

This is designed for women and is going to keep more of the neck warm than other designs, so we are all for it! Using grey sweatshirt fleece you can make a neutral design but we do love the stripes on this hoodie sewing pattern.

The instructions won’t cause you to think twice as they are easy to follow and cutting the pattern is easy. When you need a hoodie that feels like it has it is already warm before you put it on, this is a pattern worth using. We have a feeling that this is going to be a hit and want to snuggle up with that cowl neck all day long.

More at Sewing Rabbit

Fun Kids Hoodie

The maritime theme on this looks great but if you choose another design then there are plenty to choose from that would look great thanks to this pattern. The sizes are for children of 2-9 years old and the baggy feel makes it more comfortable for a lot of kids who don’t like pulling their clothes over their head.

The hoodie is big yet snug and there is also the option to add a double welt pocket. A hoodie should be warm and wear well which is what every little one will get with this pattern.

More at: Fabric Worm

Basket Weave Hoodie

The weave pattern gives some great texture to this fashionable hoodie that really makes it stand out. We like that not every inch is covered in the weave giving an interesting contrast. There is a fair amount of cutting involved but that is to be expected with this design.

The process doesn’t take too long though and good things come to those who wait, right? In the end, we think it is worth it to craft a hoodie that is different from the rest, yet still feels nice and warm. For a little flair in your day that other hoodies may not offer, this basket weave sewing pattern is a great option.

More at: Pretty Ditty

Stand Out Hoodie Pattern

This is another eye-catching design although it is meant to be relatively simple, it is arguably one for the intermediate sewer and beyond.

Still, it has many functions making it ideal for a workout, walking the dog, or wearing out and about. The design is slightly fitted without being a slim fit and there are a zipper and ties to keep it close when the wind picks up.

The pattern itself is easy enough to follow and measurements for making it in different sizes.

More at: So Sew Easy

Granny Hoodie

The cold weather makes us want to just wrap up with a hot water bottle, and wearing this hoodie will be one of the closest feelings to that. Using a sweatshirt fleece will ensure it is lovely and soft and there are only a few supplies needed to go from a pile of fabric to the finished garment. We’re a big fan of the decorative lace trim that gives it a delicate touch and helps to make it a unique hoodie. The word granny evokes a level of comfort and that is exactly what this offers, it will be like a warm hug every time it is worn. Check out this design over at Leafy Treetop.

More at: Leafy Treetops Pot

Lapped Front Infant Hoodie

Every small child needs a hoodie to keep the wind from chilling their soft skin, and what better way of protecting them from the elements with this cute hoodie. The slightly wrapped design makes it look different from other options and because it is easy to get on and off, the result is usually a happy baby. Although the design is gender-neutral, it is possible to add a little personalization and flair should you wish to. This is a wonderful infant’s hoodie when you need to treat them delicately, especially when dressing them in the morning.

More at: Leafy Treetops Pot

Lace Hoodie

Another free hoodie sewing pattern but this time, we are making great use of lace. It is a material that is often to hand and we love the textures created in the layers here. It’s one for those with a reasonable budget without breaking the bank and anyone who thinks that a hoodie cannot be glam should now think again! Because of the design, it is possible to make just about any colorwork. Now there is no reason to have to choose between something that is warm and feels good but also looks stylish. The lace design is great for anyone who wants a hoodie that has a pleasant look yet still has a delicate touch.

More at: A Beautiful Mess

Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

If your house is like one of the many where there is a young one who is Minecraft mad, then you are not alone. This fun hooded pattern allows your o give them a gift that you can guarantee will be a hit.

The green fleece could be changed for another color but we think it works well with the black scraps used to make the creeper design in the center. The pattern is well laid out, so it is easy to follow and make a design that can be worn during the hours spent playing the game.

More at: Stacy Sews and Schools

DIY Pattern and Sew Hoodie Vest

To keep your head arm and arms cool, this hooded vest makes an excellent addition to a wardrobe, especially for the sporty people of the world. There are a number of steps involved but this is useful as Instructables has made it easy by breaking each one down into manageable sections. The air flowing over the arms as your back and head are warm makes an excellent way to start a run. Plus, this is lightweight so can be carried when you have worked up a sweat. The pattern is free and downloadable so using the instructions as a guide, you can’t fail to make this sleeveless hoodie.

More at: Instructables Craft

Cozy Kids Hoodie

We like the colors used on the cuffs and around the pockets as they give this a little color pop against the grey. Any combination would work in this sense and this is one cute hoodie. It will take an evening to make, possibly a little longer but it is clearly worth it. The pattern is free and can be lined with knit to make it extra cozy.

This design could also be made reversible with ease so it is a good idea to use contrasting designs for either side to make two for the price of one.

More at: I Katbag

Gym Ready Hooded Vest

Another spin on the sleeveless hoodie design, we like this one because it has a sporty look and large hood. It is made by measuring the recipient so expect to be making the perfect fitting hoodie possible. The instructions are a little more complicated than some of the other pattern on our list, but it once you get into the flow, it is easy to see it coming together. Using a different color for the hood gives it a unique look. This is the ideal hoodie for anyone who likes to take layers on a run or be able to pull a hood over their head in the gym.

More at: Weekend Designer

Hooded Toddler Sweater

Another firm favorite for us, this is cute as a button and even features them down the front. It is important to spend added care securing them on because these are kids at a curious age that we are talking about here. The best part is that it makes good use out of an old sweater so repurposing the old to bring in the new.

There is still a level of cutting and sewing involved to make sure it is a great fit but overall, it isn’t too strenuous. In the end, your child will have a hoodie with a difference that can be passed on to others once they have outgrown it.

More at: Craftiness is not Optional

Rocking DIY Hoodie

Anyone looking to integrate their love of music into something warm can get a lot out of this hoodie sewing pattern. The process is simple, using a band t-shirt (or any other for that matter!) and making a few adjustments while making the hood and attaching it. Still, this is a fun one to wear and makes a great gift for any music lover out there. There are pockets that, like the hood, can be made from any fabric you like to give it a unique finish. There are only a handful of steps here but they are pretty easy to follow.

More at: Instructables Craft

Night Fury Hoodie

How To Train Your Dragon Hoodies are going to give any Toothless fan a big smile. This one really looks the part. Because the eyes are not difficult to sew into place, it looks a lot like their famous character. Even the horns and wings are easy enough with every detail accounted for to add these cutouts to any hoodie with ease. It is another hoodie hack that shouldn’t take too long but would make a brilliant gift for the fans of the program. The problem is every kid who sees it is going to want one. We love a well-themed garment, and this is one of the better ones available and can be made from scratch or with a store-bought hoodie as the canvas for the add-ons.

More at: Choly Knight

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