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Cape Sewing Patterns

For those days when an extra layer is just, or to add a little texture and style to an outfit, it is always good to have a cape or two in your wardrobe. There is no replacement for a handmade garment which is why we have created a list of the best cape sewing patterns. There is something for all tastes, from a hooded cape to a basic pattern that a beginner can tackle, we have it all covered. To stop you from spending ages searching for the right one, take a look at our list below.

Red Riding Hood

This looks like something out of an old tale, but if you want to change the look, a different color will quickly change that.

We love the design, its large hood giving plenty of coverage and when using a fleece material this is the type of cape sewing pattern you are going to want to wrap around in all day.

As snug as a cape can be, this design isn’t overly complicated and is nice and long so it can be used even on the coldest of days.

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Winterberry Cape

An excellent place to start is with this fashionable and free cape sewing pattern. Use a high-quality cashmere with a luxurious feel and the long flowing draped design will keep you warm when you need to do more than take the edge off a cold morning.

It will require around 5 yards of material which means this is going to be one of the warmer options as it is near full length. There are guidelines for making it in different sizes and clear, simple instructions that a beginner should find easy enough to follow.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Long Hooded Cloak

Despite the size of this cape, it does not take long to make, with the cutting of the pattern taking the bulk of the effort compared to the actual sewing. What you will be left with is a cape you can wrap yourself up in and a hood pullover when the cold wind blows.

Even an experienced sewist will need to give this pattern their full attention as there are parts that can be a little tricky but on the most part, it is easy enough. It is incredibly snug and pleasantly floaty and the bottom, just what we like from a cape.

More at: Fleece Fun

Hooded Cloak With Lining

This cape sewing pattern suggests that cotton twill should be used and we are all for that. This is another that would make an excellent cosplay cape and has so many uses as it can be used for different purposes.

The lining is going to make it more comfortable than a lot of the alternatives although this makes it take a little longer.

The instructions are easy to follow as there are plenty of large pictures to guide the way in what is one of the simpler full-length cloak patterns.

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Oversized Hooded Wool Cape

The larger-than-life good is what sets this pattern apart and we are a big fan. Who doesn’t like to feel cozy when the colder months are taking their toll? This is a great design just be sure to pay attention to the width of the fabric so you can get a decent-sized sleeve.

Consider it a one size fits all pattern since the measurements are easy, and the tutorial is fine for most people to grasp. Making your own measurements helps to ensure the perfect fit before following the simple instructions that lead to a satisfying and warm hooded cape.

More at: Life Sew Savory

Warm Sleeveless Hooded Cape

This makes an excellent costume but is pleasant enough to be worn on other occasions as well. The design itself is easy to make and can be used with lighter, more decorative fabrics if you want to add a little glam to what is otherwise a comfortable garment.

There are thorough instructions that take you through every step (there are only 8 in total!) and to make it the ideal floaty cloak, use a fabric that is around 60 inches wide. We love the addition of the cape clasp that provides the final touch to this sleeveless cape.

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Sunburst Cloak

Use a double-faced fabric for this cloak sewing pattern and one that is bottom weight and you are halfway towards what is a great cloak. The instructions are simple although you miss out on a photo step-by-step guide.

Still, any semi accomplished sewer will find this fine and because of the fabric weight, it is perfect for autumn weather. Use an autumnal fabric design or color and you will find yourself trying to match an outfit and some tall boots just so you can wear it as much as possible.

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Faux Fur Capelet

Another cute half cape, this capelet looks similar to a lot of the offerings in-store and is certainly a striking cloak.

There are plenty of pictures and diagrams to make this as easy as possible and the heavier fabric makes this a warm capelet to take the edge off the cold.

There are many ways a faux fur capelet can be worn and because it is not full length there are plenty of ways to show off the other garments in the outfit as well. A design we like and have a feeling will be a popular one.

More at: We All Sew

Fairy Tale Cape

A double-breasted cape that is as much of a coat that can be buttoned up and worn in winter as something fashionable and floaty.

The large hood is going to keep the ears and head warm when the cold is biting and there are many ways to customize this cape sewing pattern.

To start, the hood can be removed altogether and the length can be adjusted depending on how you intend to wear it. It is a pay what you wish pattern so it can be free or whatever you like.

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DIY Superhero Cape

Every kid wants to dress like their hero and no matter who that is at the moment, you can’t go wrong with this simple DIY cape design. This is one for a beginner and because it can be used time again, it is sure to become a favorite.

Gone will be the days of throwing a towel around their neck and running around the garden thanks to this velcro-fastened cape. Using two pieces of fabric and less than an evening of your time, your little one can be imagining they are soaring through the air in no time.

More at: How Does She

Childs Cape

Another entry for the kids and this one is versatile. It can be worn as a cap or simply a car seat poncho for when you need to keep something to keep them warm, just in case.

The cute design is a testament to the fabric used in the design but whatever pattern or material you choose to use, there is something cozy about these miniature capes for little ones.

There are ways to add cute ears to make them even more adorable – this might also make them more exciting for a child to wear.

More at: Fleece Fun

Batman Cape

They say that not all superheroes wear capes, but batman certainly does! This is for any little kid who wants to replicate their favorite superhero and solve crimes around the garden or at a party.

The simple cape sewing pattern makes it fine for anyone who is at a loss for a fancy dress outfit.

Ith 3 yards of black satin, it is easy to sew the bulk of this cape, and printing the logo is as easy as using a search engine. We think this one is great for saving the day and one for saving some time.

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Dress Up Cape

It is not unheard of for a kid’s dress-up supply to have numerous capes, and it is easy to see why. Not only are they a fast way of moving from the real world into make-believe but they are more comfortable than a lot of other dress-up clothes.

Comfort is a word best used to describe this pattern and there are many ways to make it more like a character such as a red riding hood or a Jedi Knight. Ther is a single hook to fasten it making it easy to remove for when playtime is over.

More at: Liz Haywood

Superhero Cape And Mask

What could be better than a superhero cape? A superhero cape with a mask of course! This excellent combo gives your little one some great escapism where they can get into character. There are so many great ways of customizing this and matching the colors or using a pattern made from an old blanket with their favorite characters.

Using some elastic to make it comfortable, there are 4 different sizes available to suit different age ranges. There are many options for the closure so use a snap button, velcro, or even a button to make sure your superhero never loses their cape.

More at: Craft Storming

Royal CapeĀ 

Another free pattern and more fun for the kids to enjoy. Who doesn’t love being a kid or queen, a prince or princess when growing up? Ideal for dress up on world book day or the holidays such as Halloween, it is a simple design that doesn’t take long to make.

Thanks to the kind depth instructions, it should be fine for a beginner sewer with a little patience. There aren’t many tools required and the whole process can comfortably be finished in an evening.

More at: Little Black Duck

Multi-Sized Cape Tutorial

Because this tutorial has sizes from 18months to adult, it is a good one to keep handy just in case. The link actually details how to make a few different designs so the whole family can enjoy matching capes with a little personalization. The downloadable pattern is easy to follow and there are plenty of instructions to make every step easy. This includes the gathering of materials, cutting, folding, sewing, and finishing touches. There are even sewing tips for the different designs to help make the process go a lot smoother, something we like to see on all sewing patterns.

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All Around Cape

A great design for keeping a teenager warm, this cape provides good coverage for the shoulders and looks great with a variety of outfits. A little ribbon is always useful here so if you have any to spare it can be ut to good use.

The measuring is the easy part and means it is great for making the best fit possible. With so many photos and step-by-step instructions, it is nearly impossible to go wrong which is good news as we see this as being a popular cape sewing pattern.

More at: The Cottage Mama

Little Red Cape

A lot of people immediately think of little red riding hood when the word cape is mentioned so it is easy to see why this has been featured on our list. We love it because it gives little ones the freedom to move their arms with ease and it is not too restrictive.

Ideal for an autumn day when it is not quite warm enough to run around without an extra layer on. The fabric doesn’t have to be red but it is a cute option for any kid wanting to ramble as you go for a walk in the countryside.

More at: Stitched by Crystal

Super Super Cape!

Another bit of inspiration for the superhero of the family, this is easy to make kids ape swing pattern. The process shouldn’t take long making it possible to create more than one in a sitting. The only real choice you have to make is with the color and the closure method.

It is also possible to embroider a large initial into the back to make them feel extra special. The instructions come with large images that are easy to follow so it won’t take long before the mini superhero is whizzing around the garden ready to save the day.

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Free Girls Cape Pattern

Great for the fall season, this comfortable and warm cape is ideal for keeping in the car when the day is colder than expected. It is perfect for a walk as a family and when made from a medium weight fabric it will not be too bulky but has plenty of warmth to it.

There are instructions for adding the lining to make it extra comfortable and with only a handful of sewin essentials is it possible to go from a pile of fabric to a fully functional girls cape. There are only six steps to follow making it ideal for anyone getting to grips with the sewing process.

More at: Fleece Fun

Pattern Free Kids Cape

For those who find it difficult to follow a pattern, this is an excellent option. Not only does it look great, but it can be made out of an old blanket.

This means you can create a cape out of a favorite character design, giving them something to run around in and enjoy.

There are only seven steps and no exhaustive list of instructions to go with it. It is clasped with a magnet which is easy for kids to do up and remove as let’s face it, it is their comfort that is just as important as the fun.

More at: Craft Buds

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