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Jumpsuit Sewing Patterns

A fashion statement unto itself, a jumpsuit is as comfortable as it is eye-catching. The problem is, there isn’t a lot of choices when it comes to finding one in a store. This is why so many people are turning to jumpsuit sewing patterns to find something that fits perfectly, in the design and style they prefer. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the best patterns for jumpsuits around. Each one is unique, looks great, and isn’t overly complicated to make. Take a look for yourself to find your next sewing project.

Linen Jumpsuit

What better way to start our list than with this pretty linen jumpsuit. It is a Capri-length garment that is semi-tailored and looks great. The fitted waist makes it remarkably flattering, as does the tie to pull everything in and give it that fitted look in the right areas.

There are little ties on the sleeves to add another layer of texture and because there is a back zipper closure, it is easy to get in and out of. The pattern itself is free and downloadable so there should be no issue for most sewers and even a beginner will find that they can complete this pattern without much fuss. There are also step-by-step instructions to help along the way.

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Morina Jumpsuit

The first thing anyone will notice about this jumpsuit sewing pattern is the wonderful asymmetrical ruffled shoulder that steals the show. This gives it plenty of texture and there are sizes up to 22 available.

The oversized photos and simple instructions that complement the pattern make it an easy project for anyone with a bit of experience, but a beginner should also find it is a project they can tackle. With a full-length look and a belt to make it even more flattering, this is a jumpsuit you are going to want to find any excuse to wear.

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Cherry Jumpsuit

We’re getting a definite 70’s feel here so for a bit of Saturday night fever, fold up the collar and get your dancing shoes on. The full-length look works so well in this cherry color but the style is what makes it so we think that anything similar would also work.

There are 4 patch pockets on this jumpsuit sewing pattern and the flared ens of the legs feel great as you stomp around. The pattern itself is easy to make and available in sizes up to 30. If you know your topstitch from your French seam then this shouldn’t be difficult to master with a little patience.

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Bergenia Jumpsuit

This is a jumpsuit sure to get the pulse going as it features a wider cut on the front that is more revealing whilst remaining a sophisticated wardrobe essential. If using a stretch velour you can recreate the style from the example which is to your benefit since it is a super comfortable fabric.

Because it doesn’t need any zippers or closures, there are fewer time-consuming and tricky steps for making it and the pattern is available in sizes up to 30. Call it a party outfit, or one for a night out, it is at the very least, a show stopper.

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Darmera Jumpsuit

Without the use of a constricting fabric, this jumpsuit makes for an incredibly comfortable garment that you will want to wear around the house, as well as out and about. It can be made from a variety of materials but stretch velour seems to work best yet again.

With 4 yards of this fabric, you can find yourself making a stunning jumpsuit that would otherwise cost a lot more. The luxurious belt has its own pattern and adds to the glamor of this look whilst complementing the fit.

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Meadow Jumpsuit

This seems more than an ordinary jumpsuit, from the creative lines and subtle touches on the sleeves for added texture. There is so much to like from the floaty feel in the legs to the decorative bow on the hip that makes this jumpsuit just a little different from the rest.

There are plenty of suggested fabrics should the velour be on the pricey side or not easily available so why not try your hand at making this jumpsuit sewing pattern with stretch suiting or neoprene. There is a wide range of sizes to help guide you into making this beautiful garment.

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Palm Jumpsuit

Using a linen fabric or some form of stretch cotton can make for an easy pattern that a beginner will be able to take on. For your next project, why not make something that can be worn in all seasons with layering.

The pattern itself is free and downloadable and there are plenty of large images with simple instructions to make each step easy to follow. Anyone can appreciate the classic jumpsuit style of this one from the thick straps to the waist tie that brings everything in for a flattering shape.

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Kiera Jumpsuit

With the V-neckline and comfortable fitting, this is a jumpsuit to wear at any time and is not overly dressy for those who want a more casual look. It is still presentable enough to wear into town or to the park and can be complemented by accessories.

This is a good pattern for a beginner since it will ensure you get to practice certain stitches and techniques such as sewing elastic and facings. It is available in sizes 8 – 20 and there are only 7 simple steps to follow to ensure this is easy enough to finish without the need for an instructional video.

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Everyday Jumpsuit

With a stand-out design for a jumpsuit, this pattern looks the part and has a pleasant subtly frilled front to add to the style. It features cropped length legs and is free and downloadable so it can be made as soon as you have the materials.

There are guidelines on what the best fabrics are and if you can find a design similar to the one in the example then you are going to end up with a jumpsuit you will want to wear all the time. It has a comfortable fit that isn’t as floaty as some of the others making it a perfect everyday jumpsuit.

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Simple Jumpsuit

When the weather feels like it can’t make its mind up and sits between two seasons, this can be the perfect in-between garment. It layers well but is also comfortable and stylish on its own. The best fabrics will be chambray, linen, or cotton and the printable version works on A4 but can also be printed full size.

The tie around the waist looks great and it has an airy feel to it without being too floaty and loose. Anyone who wants an easy project should find this is a good place to start as there are easy-to-follow instructions as well.

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Valley Jumpsuit

Another everyday jumpsuit that is super comfortable, we love the elasticated waistband that also adds some textured lines. The front buttons help to make it a little different from some of the others and it even has pockets! The example uses cotton poplin but other fabrics work well.

It is always good to choose an interesting design such as a floral print but whatever you go for, this is a relatively easy pattern to follow and the instructions guide you through the process well.

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How cute is this playsuit? Well, it is also extremely comfortable and makes an ideal outfit for wearing on a warm day. The short length and the small straps ensure it feels nice with the sun beating down and the pouch pockets making it a functional outfit that could be put to good use when gardening.

Pair it with some white sneakers and enjoy the casual look in comfort. It can be printed on A4, is free to download, and requires less material than a lot of the alternatives. It is safe to say that we are a fan and it would make an excellent addition to any wardrobe.

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Strapless Playsuit

This is a strapless version of the fun playsuit style and with a heavier fabric, it can make an excellent winter party outfit with the right layering. If this is not what you are after then use something lighter and make this the summer piece you are always happy to throw on in a hurry.

A lot of people will find this jumpsuit sewing pattern easier than a lot of the full-size patterns and it requires less material which is good for those looking to repurpose old materials or save some money. Included are downloadable instructions to go with the pattern.

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Sewing Bee Jumpsuit

This classic style ticks all the boxes one might expect from a traditional jumpsuit. It has a waist tie, full-length trouser legs, a v neck with a zippered front. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to add a sophisticated jumpsuit to their collection.

We have a feeling that this is the sort of pattern that many people will be making more than once. There are instructions to go with the downloadable pdf and when paired with some high heels, this is a smart jumpsuit that could be worn to a formal occasion or a social gathering.

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Culotte Jumpsuit

Using a challis or chambray material for this jumpsuit sewing pattern is going to be best and we like that it encourages a beginner to master the zipper. The process is relatively simple but to make sure you have a positive experience, there is an instructional video that can be paused so you can go at your own pace.

The style looks great and it has a good balance between floaty and flattering. The step-by-step instructions have large pictures to make the process even easier and although there are quite a few to get through, this leaves less room for error. The result is a jumpsuit to be proud of.

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DIY Jumpsuit

A silk jersey fabric works well with this design and it hangs nicely as a result. Although it is slightly on the formal side, there are some nice touches such as the decorative waist tie that makes it feel sophisticated and ensures a flattering fit.

We love everything from the V neck area to the length and a bonus comes in the form of the instructional video. There aren’t many that offer this so any beginner will appreciate the added guidance. with plenty of sizes that range from XXS to XXXL, this is a good option for anyone who often struggles to find their size.

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Sleeveless Romper Jumpsuit

To keep your arms cool, this is a relaxed fit but one that also has some decorative touches. This comes in the form of the tie chest area that has plenty of texture and really makes it stand out. Using a zig-zag stitch is going to help so a little practice in that area might be a good idea before starting.

Still, it is another with an instructional video to help make the process smoother and there are plenty of sizes to choose from. It is something a little different from a standard jumpsuit which we are all for.

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Sewing Short Jumpsuit

This is a short jumpsuit with a difference and we like the little touches such as the buttons on the side that makes it intriguing and stylish. There are plenty of materials to choose from that would make this work such as chambray, the linen type, cotton type, challis, and more.

We like that this comes with advice on re-measuring certain areas to make it a comfortable fit although there are enough size options to make this a good option for most. The instructional video is useful as ever and the pictures are complemented by a brief sentence to not overwhelm the sewer.

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Shoulder Culotte Jumpsuit

Wrapping up our list of the best jumpsuit sewing patterns is this option. It has a basic style that makes it easier to make and a thicker material such as denim would work well. There are an array of size options and more than one instructional video that can help to finish other areas of this design. For anyone who is feeling a bit uneasy about taking on a jumpsuit as their next project, this is a good place to start. The downloadable pattern and clear instructions ensure there is less room for error so you will end up with a cute jumpsuit that you get a lot of use out of.

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