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Poncho Sewing Patterns

Who doesn’t love a bit of extra warmth when fall is approaching? There is nothing better than making your own which is why we have created a list of the best poncho sewing patterns. With something for every taste, it is difficult to choose just one but the good thing is, there is no need to keep checking multiple links. We have a variety of designs covered from the quirky to the functional and there are even patterns for kids. That way, no one has to miss out on owning a poncho that fits perfectly and looks great.

Hooded Cape Poncho

However you would describe this design, we love that it provides plenty of warmth and protection from the cold. The oversized hood ensures it feels like it is hugging you all over and there are few ponchos as snug as this.

It is going to come at a cost since there is more fabric to be used but it is possible to use an old wool blanket should it be big enough to use. The process itself doesn’t take too long considering the size of the task, and you are left with a great option every time there is a cold snap outside.

More at: Life Sew Savory

Beach Poncho

From the cold to the warm. It is nice to have an extra layer at the beach that you can easily throw on, this is why we love a good poncho so much! This has those summer vibes and a pom pom trim that gives it the relaxed feel that everyone wants on a scorching day.

Finding the right fabric is important as the weight needs to be ideal for the weather, 100% Rayon is always a good choice. There isn’t a pattern involved and the instructions couldn’t be simpler so any beginner will find this is a great first project to tackle.

More at: Gina Michele

Small Hooded Poncho

When the clouds are not going anywhere any time soon, and the weather has a chill to it, a small hooded poncho like this one is great to throw on. It has enough warmth to it to take the edge off and the hood can always come in handy.

We like that the material can determine what time of year it is suitable for. Some sort of fleece material is always a good option and has a nice soft feel whilst being warm. The process isn’t too complicated with this poncho sewing pattern and the reward is worth investing your time for.

More at: So Sew Easy

Simple Poncho

It’s always good to keep things simple and this poncho looks more complicated than it is. Because there are textures and a bit of flair you would be forgiven for thinking that it takes more than a beginner’s touch.

Using a soft throw blanket (preferably not the thick, fleecy kind), it is easy to make.

The full center opening makes it easy to get on and off and it is designed to be oversized, and easy to wrap when you need to keep the warm in and the cold out.

More at: Threads Magazine

Poncho Crop

An interesting design and one that is a blanket you can wear out of the house. We can think of few things more comfortable on a chilly day than wrapping up so warm. This is the ideal project for any beginner sewer to build their confidence and make a garment for themselves.

Even an experienced sewer will find that this easy-to-make poncho is a great project for high reward. There are large photos to guide you through the process and easy-to-follow instructions.

More at: Lolly Jane

Easy Blanket Poncho

Use fabric to make this or a blanket and turn something old into something new. Described as a poncho wrap, this can be attached with a toggle to add that autumnal touch that everyone loves to see.

Using a lightweight throw that measures at least 60 x 50 inches, there are ways of fraying the ends to make them stand out and add a little texture.

All in all, this shouldn’t;t take more than an evening so it can be ready in time for the next cold day.

More at: Sew Can She

Poncho Shirt Pattern

Using around 2.5 yards of knit fabric, this simple shirt poncho sewing pattern is great for taking the edge off a chilly morning.

The lighter fabric means it is great for summery months when the sun goes down sn your need something to wrap over your shoulders. It is easy to get on and off and has a basic design that means it is a project that a beginner can attempt without much hassle.

There are only 10 steps to follow and they aren’t extensive so it won’t take long before you have a poncho of your own.

More at: Sewing Rabbit

Fleece Poncho

We love fleece as a winter material, it is so soft and feels perfectly warm. This makes it ideal for a poncho so we are all for this pattern. As long as you have the correct needle, your machine should be able to make light work of this poncho sewing pattern.

The cowl is arguably the best part of this comfortable garment as it keeps the neck nice and warm and it has a lot of coverage so it is not going to let you go cold. We like that there are easy instructions as well as a video walk-through that you can pause and go at your own pace.

More at: Melly Sews

Poncho Blouse

This is a brilliant project because it can be worn in so many ways and at different times of the year. Airy enough to be worn when the weather is favorable but paired with leggings and high boots it can also be saved for the colder months.

Make it plain, neutral, or with a pop of color to change the way it can be worn and each of the simple steps comes with clear instructions and oversized pictures that make it easy to follow. There are only 6 so it won’t take long to go from fabric to fabulous poncho blouse.

More at: She Knows

Knit Fabric Poncho

This is going to be a warm and comfortable poncho that you will want to find numerous uses for once you try it on for size. The best thing is that there are only 5 steps needed to make it happen.

The simple design starts with a 30 x 60-inch rectangle and with plenty of helpful guidelines along the way, it is not difficult for a beginner.

In the tutorial, the edges are left raw which can be easily amended should you wish to make things neater.

More at: Mary Martha Mama

Audrey Inspired Poncho

We like easy. Easy is great when it comes to tackling new projects for the first time so if you have never made a poncho before, this is a good pattern to try.

It is a good one to wrap over your body in a hurry and has nice touches such as the buttons and trim to add some variety.

It certainly has the classic movie star look that inspired the name and whether you are a fan of the Hollywood glam or not, this is an undeniably beautiful cape worth taking on.

More at: In Honor of Design

Easy Fleece Poncho

With a tie at the front that can be made into a decorative bow, there is plenty to like about this poncho sewing pattern. The fleece material is popular for a reason and there are only 8 steps to get through before it is ready to wear.

You’ll only need a yard of both the inner and outer fabric to get started and with a quality sewing machine, you should be able to make light work of the process. From making the neck hole to sewing the parts together, the instructions are clear so this is fine for a beginner.

More at: Instructables Craft

Lovely Wool Poncho

The design looks simple but the diamond shape is easier to make than a lot of the full-length ponchos out there.

The cutting doesn’t take long and the swing can be finished in no time by an accomplished sewer.

When finished it sits nicely on the shoulder giving a degree of added warmth to make it an ideal garment for taking the sting out of the cold. With only eight steps detailed in the pictures, it is a low effort, high reward poncho.

More at: Smile and Wave

DIY Easy Cape Poncho

We like the length of this one and the autumnal colors chosen. If you are a fan of wrapping up with but having your arms free then this is one of the better designs as it is nice and floaty.

A wool blend is going to be ideal as it has enough warmth to it and if you can find a pattern like an arrow one used in the example then even better.

You’ll need to hem the edges before you are done, then you can enjoy this beautiful and flattering poncho.

More at: Merrick’s Art

Friday Night Poncho

This fashionable poncho looks the part so you can too. Special enough to throw over your going-out outfit it is ideal for after the fun has ended and it is time to go home.

It has a vintage style without being too firmly styled by decades gone by, there is a modern touch to this poncho.

The collar looks great and the whole process doesn’t take long to complete. The sewing is kept to a minimum so it is a poncho can that can be without a machine if you do not have one available.

More at: Hammers and High Heels

Red Heart Valle Poncho

Another stand-out poncho that is more high fashion than anything else. We like the different colors of the fabric used which can serve as good inspiration for your project.

The instructions are simple but are not as easy to follow for a complete beginner. Still, it shouldn’t;t take too much effort to make especially if you have made a poncho before.

We like that there aren’t many others that look like this design.

More at: Joann

Asymetric Poncho Wrap

We’re a sucker for an asymmetric design and this is no exception.

The is an instructional video that will help get a beginner started and even an intermediate sewer might appreciate how easy each step is made by this video.

The large buttons on the side catch the eye in a good way and when done, this is a comfortable poncho sewing pattern that anyone could tackle with a little know-how.

More at: Fab Works

Flannel Poncho

There is always a time of year where light layers the go-to garment from your wardrobe and this is a great option. It gives you an extra choice on a day where the sun is shining but it’s not yet warm outside so for those milder days, layer with a flannel poncho like this one.

It is oversized and there is plenty of it to wrap around should you feel the need to. The good news that this is a poncho sewing pattern that can be completed even if you do not have a sewing machine to hand and the steps are not complicated along the way.

More at: Andreas Notebook

Girls Poncho

Some kids aren’t fussed about what they wear but for those that enjoy feeling warm and looking the part, this is a girl’s poncho that is easy to make and looked great.

If leaves their hands-free for playtime and is easy to get on and off – always a bonus with young ones.

It is a loose fit so it flows nicely and isn’t restrictive. The pattern is for kids sizes 3 to 16 so it can be made for most of the children in a home who want one.

More at: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Child Cape Poncho

This is great because it is the sort of poncho that can be left in the car should a child need something to throw on when in transit. The design is cute and the fit is comfortable with an easy clasp design that can be changed to make it easier for young hands to do up and undo when they want to take it off.

The design is for 6-9 sizes but it is possible to make adjustments to suit another size. The fabric used in the example can be tricky to work with if you are a beginner but there are plenty of alternatives to choose from.

More at: Fleece Fun

30 Minute Cowl Neck Poncho

Anything that takes around 30 minutes in the world of sewing patterns is worth giving a go. We like this one because the cowl neck is going to keep you warm and you only need 2 yards of fleece.

There is a video tutorial that is going to make the process much simpler and it features a fleece layer to make it extra cozy for the kids.

Check out gluesticks blog to find out how it is possible to make two in an hour.

More at: Glue Sicks Blog

No-Sew Flannel Poncho

Another great alternative to using a sewing machine is not having to sew at all.

This uses only a yard of flannel and because it is for the minute ones in the house, it doesn’t take long to make.

The best part is that you measure your child’s arms to art so it is a custom-made poncho, perfect for your child.

More at: Babiekins Mag

Beach Towel Poncho

This is as easy as it gets. Using a beach towel for the fabric, this feels fleecy enough and warm for when they get out of the water.

It is ideal for throwing over their head when they are soaked so they can dry off in comfort with their arms still free.

There is no pattern needed, just a handful of instructions for making this the first thing you remember to pack when going to the beach.

More at: Gina Michele

Fleece Lined Girls Poncho

Completely with hood, this is a super comfortable poncho for little girls.

There are some nice touches such as the frayed ends to make it fun and cozy.

As a poncho sewing pattern, it should be fine for most beginners and can be made with two layers of fleece should you want to make it a little warmer.

More at: Reality Daydream

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