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Pajama Pants Sewing Patterns

It doesn’t matter how you like to sleep, there is always a time of year when a pajama pant is essential nighttime wear. There isn’t always a lot of variety in the store despite them being easy to match size-wise. This is why so many people use a pajama pants sewing pattern. It is easy to find a design that is worth making since there are so many quality options. We have compiled a list of the very best, to take the strain out of searching.

Comfy Knit Lounge Pants

Using a different fabric means these are going to be warmer than some of the other options.

They are also softer yet have the same comfortable flowing width as many of the other options.

The top is lower-waisted and semi-fitted so they have a more flattering feel in that area.

This gives them an almost flared look at the bottom and they are the sort of lounge pants that you will find hard to get off since they are so cozy.

More at: I Candy

How To Pajama Pants

This is one of the easiest pajama pants sewing patterns and is made as simple as possible.

With the right design on the fabric, these can be a firm favorite from the first wear.

The best thing is that there are only two pattern pieces to work with.

There are only 9 steps to follow so the whole process shouldn’t take long and it is a pajama pant project that can be completed in an evening with time to spare.

More at: Seasoned Homemaker

Perfect Pajamas

Ideal for any experience level and similar to a pair of chilled joggers, these pajamas are comfortable and say to make.

They are full length and some, so anyone wishing to not have theirs hang so low may want to take the leg up an inch or so.

There is an elastic waistband, side seam pockets, regular and low rise design with an optional drawstring.

More at: 5 Out Of 4

Free Pajama Pants Pattern

Designed for a loose fit and an easy sewing experience some sizes range from young kids to XL adults so the whole family can have their own, or matching sets.

Using flannel is a good option since it is easy to work with and affordable.

If making kids’ sizes, you don’t need to print all the pages but you will if making the adult pajama pants.

More at: Life Sew Savory

Women’s PJ’s

These are great because it is a pajama pant sewing pattern designed to be flattering for women.

Unisex patterns are also good but anyone who wants something less baggy, and better, featuring a tapered leg, and a flattering rise to provide better coverage at the back.

There is only one pattern piece to work with making this a great beginner project and sizes that range from XS to XXL.

More at: Trevor Loves Mommy

Shirred Voile PJ Pants

Using the body measurements of the wearer, this is a relatively simple pajama pant sewing pattern which also means they can be made in kids’ sizes.

There is a comfortable stretch waistband and guidance for inserting a ribbon tie to ensure they are always as cozy as possible.

There are enough pictures to help make the process simple and only a handful of steps to master.

More at: Noodle Head

15 Minute Pajama Pants

This will be achievable for an experienced sewer but even a beginner will find it easy to get these finished in under an hour.

The design uses vintage sheets which are easy to love but whatever material is used.

Using your current pajama pants as a guide, the cut is made simple which speeds up the process.

With large images to ensure this is a foolproof pattern, it is a fun project that looks great when finished.

More at: Five Marigolds

Slippers Lounge Pants

With joggers and sweatpants taking all the daytime comfort, these are the ideal pajama pants for slipping into in the evening and for lazy mornings.

The comfortable fit is snug and less floaty than the others but a lot of people will appreciate the warmth and the fact that this is a flattering fit.

Ideal for a beginner, there aren’t many stages to get through before you can be wearing these all the time.

More at: Merricks Art

Pajama Pants For Kids

The words super easy are always nice for any sewing project and this is one way of describing this cute pajama pants sewing pattern for kids.

They are floaty enough to be comfortable in the night and not too restrictive so your kids will love them.

You won’t need a lot of fabric, and there are a couple of sizes to choose from that are adjustable depending on the age and size of your child.

More at: Oh Yay Studio

No Pattern PJ’s

Arguably the easiest design on our list since it doesn’t require the use of a pattern.

They are ideal Christmas gifts, especially if you are intending to use up some of that festive fabric from last year.

Also, there is an instructional video that makes this as simple as possible so even a novice can pause and go at their own pace.

More at: Gluesticks Blog

Pajama Pants For Kids

Every beginner project should have plenty of images to have guided the way, and this pajama pant sewing pattern does just that.

This would make a great first-time project for anyone looking to use their sewing machine for the first proper time but is also an excellent basic pattern for those looking to make multiple pajama pants.

There are plenty of kids’ sizes and they can be made quickly, even with the elasticated waistband.

More at: Apple Green Cottage

Happy Holidays Pajama Pants

Another great festive-themed design, this pattern comes with a video tutorial to make life easy for a novice.

This is for the complete set so you can make those cold nights more bearable for the kids. Also, they are ideal when using woven fabrics and knits.

They have a comfortable loose fit to make sure they aren’t restrictive and some sizes start from 12 months to 12 years.

More at: Sew Simple Home

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