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Baby Blanket Sewing Patterns

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there will always be a time when you need something to wrap your baby in to keep them cozy. There is nothing better than having something you made yourself which is why we have created a list of the best baby blanket sewing patterns. Each one is unique, will wrap the baby nicely, and is free. They also make an excellent gift for anyone who is expecting or for a first visit.

Baby Blanket Play Mat

A sensory blanket is great for a baby as the developing months of their lives are all about touch. This baby blanket sewing pattern encourages them to explore the world around them and of course, is nice and snuggly when wrapped around them.

Using a variety of textures, the pattern itself is relatively simple, yet looks and feels great. This is because of the likes of faux fur which will capture babies’ interest, as well as the tags around the outside which can be used to tie soft rings and other baby-friendly items.

Use pastel colors to ensure this is a blanket that can be passed down, and kept as a keepsake.

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Minky Satin Baby Blanket

The saying ruffle of these plush baby blankets helps to give them a luxurious feel. This is the sort of blanket that looks expensive but can be made for a fraction of the price of what you would pay in-store.

It can be made to be double-sided so you can mix things up or stay consistent with the same print.

A layer of flannel between the two minky pieces stops it from slipping so baby can roll, play, explore, and whatever else they feel like on this soft and adorable blanket.

More at: Sew 4 Home

Flannel Baby Blanket

Using extra soft fabric, this is going to be a seriously cuddly blanket for the baby to enjoy.

Using a dimpled fabric as the center square is going to give the baby something different to explore, as textures become their world for a little while.

When finished, the blanket should measure approximately 36″ by 36″.

There are plenty of large images to make sure there is nothing left to guesswork.

More at: Sew 4 Home


Reversible Knit Blanket

This is easy to put together and looks lovely when finished. Use three knits, preferably coordinating to make the 15 panels needed for this baby blanket sewing pattern.

Something with a little stretch is going to be best and knits are always soft as well. Because of its size, this is a blanket that would also make a great gift for a toddler.

Getting started is easy and once you have gathered the materials, the process shouldn’t take much longer than a couple of hours to complete.

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Quick Blankie

With natural cotton fleece and a simple design, this is an easy pattern for a beginner and doesn’t take long to make.

With a ric rac trim, it gives it a unique appearance, adds to the cuteness, and ensures there is a little flair included in this simple pattern.

When complete, this is a 32-inch square baby blanket that is soft, cozy, and ready for cuddles.

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Puff Quilt Pattern

This is an ideal beginner project as it doesn’t take long, isn’t overly complicated, and the materials are easy to source.

Use 8 different fabrics with unique textures and this will be another excellent sensory blanket and because there are only 9 steps to follow, it is nice and simple.

Soft and cuddly are two words that are best used to describe this blanket that can be made by anyone with a little experience.

More at: A Crafted Passion

Heirloom Baby Blanket Sewing Pattern

Another excellent project is a baby blanket sewing pattern that will become an heirloom and keepsake that you will want to pass down.

Measuring 45 inches by 45 inches, it is on the large side which means there is plenty of it for a toddler to enjoy once the baby stage is over.

Choosing the right print for the fabric is important as it can make a big difference as to how nice it ends up.

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30 Minute Baby Blanket

The baby months are not exactly filled with spare time, so if time is of the essence, then why not try this 30-minute baby blanket.

There’s nothing fancy about it, but with some nice and soft fleece material and a little time, it is possible to make a fully functional baby blanket.

A cutting mat and a rotary cutter are going to make life a lot easier with this one.

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Baby Blanket Tutorial

Although this makes a great gift, we can’t help but think that everyone should have one of these, so it might be difficult to share them.

There are plenty of great flannel prints to choose from so it is easy to match it to a color scheme and when the several pieces are sewn in the middle, the whole thing comes together nicely.

There are lots of large images to help make this an easy blanket to make and you can even add a label for some personalization.

More at: Life Sew Savory

Baby Blankets and Binding

The frayed flannel design of this gives it a homemade and loving appearance which is what we like to see from a baby blanket sewing pattern.

The instructions come with a binding tutorial so it is a good option for learning new sewing skills and ending up with a cute blanket.

The example is made from a layer of cotton and four flannel.

More at: Life Sew Savory

Cutie Pie Quilt

This adorable baby blanket is one for those who love a good applique, and there are plenty of them on this project.

The hearts look great, are full of color that will be sure to mesmerize a baby that can roll onto his or her tummy and makes it look unique.

Different stitches can be used to fix them into place such as straight or zigzag and with numerous detailed instructions, this shouldn’t be too complicated for anyone who knows their way around a sewing machine.

More at: Happy Quilting Melissa

Star Baby Boy Quilt

An excellent quilting project, this has a patchwork appearance, with plenty of personalization as well.

Using 5 x 5-inch squares, this is easy to piece together and because you can add a name at the bottom, it is an excellent gift or heirloom.

The process is simple, and when in the flow, it shouldn’t take long to master. It is a colorful baby blanket and can be made to match any color scheme.

More at: Happy Quilting Melissa

Buddy Blankets

Made from luxury fleece, this animal-themed baby blanket sewing pattern is great for offering something a little different.

In one corner is a stuffed animal head, complete with ears so they will never be alone.

At 15 square inches, it isn’t a full-size blanket, but more of a small one that they will want to hold and feel safe with.

The PDF is free to download, easy to work with, and sure to bring a smile to a child’s face.

More at: Sew 4 Home

Piping Baby Blanket

The piped edge of this baby blanket keeps everything together nicely and it has lots of useful tips along the way.

Perfect for swaddling, it is soft to touch, well insulated, and has a homemade look and feel to it despite being neatly put together.

It also doubles up as a nice blanket for lying on, rolling onto their tummy, or just feeling snug in.

More at: See Kate Sew

Pretty Pastel Baby Blanket

Another brilliant quilting pattern, this is easy for a beginner with a bit of patience and can be customized in just about any way imaginable.

After choosing the combination of fabrics that you want, there are 23 steps to follow.

Each one is kept short and sweet, just like this blanket as it is swaddling your little one.

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