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Pencil Case Sewing Patterns

All things art has been in demand of late, and coloring and drawing is a big part of that. This is why, when looking to continue with that coloring book, having a hand-made pencil case to hand is so useful. The crafting world has also become wildly popular, which is why it is no surprise that there are so many amazing sewing patterns for these useful cases. The problem is, it can be hard to find the best ones from those that just aren’t right. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the best pencil case sewing cases.

Zakka Inspired Pencil Case

These are the sort of pencil cases that would make lovely extra gifts for friends or maybe squeeze into a stocking around Christmas. The best thing about it is that it can be made with a handful of scraps and your imagination can take over to make the combination that you like the most.

There is a section on how to make the cute car so you are left with a fully functional pencil case that will last a long time and has plenty of room for all the small bits such as an eraser and sharpener, and plenty of pencils.

More at: Noodle Head

Wide Open Zipper Case

This one looks close to what a makeup bag might look like and we think the extra room it offers is very welcome. Because it can store more pencils, it is less likely to break as you don’t have to cram everything in.

The wide opening makes it easy to search for individual colors and there are nice touches throughout.

The pdf pattern is printable and makes it easy to craft a large pencil case that can be made in no time.

More at: Craft Passion

Twirl Zip Pencil Case

This is a design we hadn’t come across before and its interesting design really caught the eye. The zip twists around like a helter-skelter and expects to need more zippers than craft material.

When it is done up, the zip wrapping the design looks great and there is ample room for a large handful of pencils.

This is not your usual pencil case but it makes for an intriguing design that any kid going back to school can enjoy.

More at: Craft Passion

Lola Pencil Case

A simpler design but highly effective. This is a great option for beginners as it requires some of the skill but without the trickier parts. There is a loop on one side so it can be held whilst unzipping – useful if it is crammed full of pencils.

For a pencil case sewing pattern to work, there needs to be plenty of detail and the step y step guide uses large pictures to guide the user through. Every minor detail is covered so this is definitely one of the better options for those who want a basic project with a nice reward.

More at: By Annie

Basic Pencil Case

Another simple design, this one can be made in just 10 simple steps. With the use of a decent sewing machine and a little patience, it is possible to have this completed in no time.

This is a good design for making use of a bunch of pins as they are needed throughout.

Because this is so easy it is possible to make multiple pencil cases in one night so if you have a handful of back-to-schoolers and a tight schedule, this is a great option.

More at: Instructables Craft

Simple No Zipper Pencil Case

With a drawstring opening, this removes some of the trickier sewings and allows you to make a case in double-quick time. A lot of pencil cases aren’t made how they used to make them which was sturdy and reliable, so it is good to find a simple design that should last a couple of school years at the least. It is a good way of making use of stray cut-offs. Once the lining is in, there aren’t many steps to get through and the is a good amount of room for pencils and it is easy to open and close compared to a zip struggling to open at full capacity.

More at: Threading My Way

Clippie Zippie Pencil Case

The fun of the name and the functionality of this awesome design makes it a good project for anyone. We like this because there is plenty of opportunity for customization and adding a little personality is easy. There is a clipper so it can be attached to a backpack for easy access.

The fun is that any material can be sued for the front whether it is vinyl, fabric, mesh, it is up to you. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and finishing this shouldn’t take an hour of your time.

More at: Sew Can She

Oilcloth Pencil Case

Using oilcloth (laminated fabric), this is easy to keep clean and not looking sorry for itself after the first term. It also protects everything inside so if there is a spill on the desk, it wipes clean.

The great thing is that there are often character designs at the craft store in this material so you can make a design that looks like it was bought in-store with this pencil case sewing pattern.

It is a great project for storing all those pencils, crayons, and whatever else ends up in there!

More at: Sew Can She

Stand Up Pencil Pouch

This looks a little like a fabric plant pot for pencils and we are all for that. There is plenty of room inside as this has one of the large capacities on our list. We love this design because if there isn’t a lot in there it doesn’t look baggy and unused, yet it has extra room for more.

The larger design actually makes it easier to sew and this is bigger than some of the options available in popular online retailers which we are all for. There are plenty of images to guide you through the process which is going to make it even easier.

More at: Sew Can She

Ribbon and Vinyl Pencil Case

The vinyl material is great for easy rummaging. When you are looking for that particular pencil but don’t want to have to keep moving everything out of the way, a see-through option is always handy.

These are great for multiple purposes as they are big enough to hold multiple spools of thread, and can be made into different sizes so it could even be a kid’s purse. There are patterns available in three different sizes so you can take your pick for the purpose you have in mind.

More at: Sew Can She

Zola Pen Case

This free pencil case sewing pattern is great for beginners as it a step up from the most basic options yet is still manageable. The wide opening makes it easy to access the contents of the case and the zipper seals everything at the bottom before the handle which makes it easy to carry.

The instructions seem lengthy but that is because there are so many pictures to help make each step easier. This works for us and you are left with a pencil case that measures approximately 8 x 2 x 2 inches.

More at: Sew Can She

3 Ring Zipper Pouch

This is an excellent option for anyone who is constantly working from a folder. The rings allow it to attach inside for easy access and the vinyl material makes searching for the right pencil or pen so much easier.

You only need a quarter of fabric, a 10-inch zipper, and some clear vinyl. It is broken down into two main steps with plenty of images to make the process as simple as possible. We found this to be a unique design but not an intimidating one.

More at: Sew Can She

Easy Beginners Pencil Case

This might be one of the simpler pencil case sewing patterns available, but it still features a zipper and it is easy to add your own customization. There are no corners cut and the is still lining to add because there is no need to turn the pouch inside out, it removes some of the more difficult parts of making a pencil case.

The best thing about this case is that although it is basic, there is plenty of room inside. This means that no matter what a child is trying to stuff in there from a tiny toy to loads of felt tips, there is going to be space for it all.

More at: The Folkart Factory

Canvas Pencil Case

This pleasant pen case can be made with two fabrics for something a little different or a straightforward design using just one. With a 10 inch zipper you know there is going to be enough room for an array of colors and although this does suggest using canvas as the material of choice, it is possible to substitute another if you prefer.

The oversized pictures are going to hold your hand as you make your way through the simple steps, leaving yourself with a sturdy canvas pencil case that will last a long time.

More at: Noodle Head

Pencil Pencil Pouch

You read that right, this is a pencil pouch in the design of a pencil. A clever pattern that is just as easy to make as the other beginner options on our list. We like it because there is something neutral about it and it only requires a handful of scrap fabrics to make.

The soft lining material is easy to sew into place and every step is clear and easy to understand. We think this looks great on a desk and is even better when full of pencils.

More at: Gwenny Penny

Simple Pencil Case Sewing Pattern

The guide here is for a generic pencil case but it is easy to add a little flair by using an eye-catching fabric design of your choice.

Using a matching label can add a nice bit of customization and there aren’t many steps to follow to go from a pile of fabric to a pencil case that looks great.

A little top stitch here and a small seam allowance there is as complicated as this pattern gets so we recommend it for sewers of all ability.

More at: Wunderlabel

Personalized Pencil Case

Adding a name or an initial to this design is a great way of making it a personal gift for someone. It also makes it easier to determine which pencil case belongs to who. This of course is going to be clearer anyway because it is a custom-made case, but who doesn’t want their name on all their things?

It has been described as quick and easy and let’s face it when it comes to a pencil case sewing pattern, that is music to the ears. We were surprised at how few steps there are and the flap design is held secure when folded.

More at: Raegun Ramblings

Dainty Pencil Case

If you can find similar fabric designs to the ones used here, then we fully recommend it. There is something very vintage about the design and we are all for it. However, no matter what you use, this is still a relatively simple pattern to get to grips with. If you have basic zipper skills and above then this should be easily made within an hour and most frequent sewers have everything needed already. Still, there is no reason to avoid a trip to the craft store to pick up some different fabrics to ensure you end up with the pencil case you really want.

More at: A Spoonful of Sugardesigns

Easy Zipper Pencil Case

For some people, the zipper section of any craft can fill them with dread. It understandable as they can be tricky, but this pattern helps to make the process a lot easier.

Use a fun fabric if making for a child and follow the simple instructions with large pictures that help to make it a success.

Ther is plenty of room inside once done, and the large zipper is easy for younger hands to open and close to get to their favorite colors.

More at: Crazy Little Projects

Giant Pencil Pencil Case

We’ve already said that we are a fan of this type of pencil case, but how about a giant version? There is enough room, in this case, to fit a calculator among plenty of other bits such as a ruler. This makes it a great design for anyone who is always losing one item when they need it. There are details of how to make every stage easy so from the pencil tip to the main case, it is easy to bring it all together. It is safe to get a laugh due to its size, and the functionality is going to be a time saver.

More at: Jembellish

Boxed Pouch Pattern

The box look of this pattern lets you know it has a large capacity and the rectangular shape is ideal for fitting as much in as possible. Using 2.5-inch squares, the process is simple and makes excellent use of scraps. You can use a coherent pattern or just go all-in on the mix and match yet still end up with a fun design.

The trickier parts have been removed so expect to only have to stitch the side seams and fold the corners rather than anything too strenuous. A fun look that is easily achieved.

More at: Terrabyte Farm

30 Minute Pencil Case

In a panic the night before the new term starts? Don’t fret, with supplies that are easily obtainable for a regular crafter, this DIY pencil case sewing pattern is pretty forgiving and doesn’t take long.

There are 4 pencil case designs to choose from with different sizes and customization possible.

The felt pouch is popular and easy to make but whichever design you opt for, none of them take long and are ready to save the day.

More at: Sew Guide

Stylish Pencil Case

The triangular design is bottom heavy so it is sturdy and secure yet has a pleasant design when using the right fabrics.

There are plenty of pictures as you move through each step so making a stand-out pencil case is easier than you might think.

In fact, there are 42 so if ever there was a pencil case sewing pattern that tries to make life easier, it is this one.

More at: Ayumills

Back To School Case

Let’s face it, this is the main reason crafters are looking for great patterns, and this is a useful option. There is more to this design though. With a front pouch that can fit a phone and a zipper on top with plenty of room, it is more useful than a lot of others.

It has space for a small calculator and plenty of pencils and the loop on the side can attach to a clipper so it can be attached to a backpack. A zipper foot is essential and other than that, the process is as simple as you might hope for.

More at: Sew 4 Home

Zippered Oilcloth Pattern

This is a great option from Momtastic and has all the benefits of a waterproof fabric that can keep the contents safe from spills.

The design itself is pretty simple and although oilcloth can be a little trickier to sew, with the right presser foot and needle, the machine does all the hard work.

You only need a handful of supplies and there are only a handful of steps to master so expect to be able to get this finished in no time.

More at: Mom Tastic

Easy Beginners Pencil Case

Ok, easy seems to be a common feature for a lot of these designs which is great.

They make excellent beginner projects, especially this one. Its 12-inch zipper means it has more room than most and is easier to rummage in.

There is an optional loop tab should you wish to take on another step but otherwise, there are only 7 to work through meaning this is one of the quicker projects on our list.

More at: Merriment Design

Patchwork Pouch

Another pleasant design, the patchwork theme is a popular one and we love it.

It makes good use of scraps and doesn’t take a lot of effort to complete. The instructions are detailed without being complicated so expect to be able to make more than one in an evening.

They make great gifts if you feel like adding a little homemade sentiment to a thoughtful gift.

More at: Patch Work

Easy Leftover Pencil Case

Perhaps you have just finished another project and have a bit of fabric leftover.

This is a great pencil case sewing pattern for making the most out of small bits of material.

The guide makes the zipper section easy to master and again, it features an optional tab step should you wish to add one.

More at: Orange Bettie

10 Minute Pencil Case

Ok, this seems more of a challenge than any of the others but it shows that it is possible to make a fully functional pencil case in no time!

Making the first might take a little longer as you follow the instructions but we think the pleasant design is great for such little effort.

There are 7 steps to go from using an old pencil case to a fresh one.

More at: Apple Green Cottage

Easy Pencil Case With Label

Minor customization is all it takes to make a personal gift that little more special. This pencil case sewing pattern takes you through each step easily and there aren’t any lengthy instructions, just a short line.

The pattern itself couldn’t be simpler with the measurements for cutting almost all there is to it.

A few pins and a zipper are attached later, and you will have a pencil case that was easy to make.

More at: Mairuru

Bubble Zippered Pouch

We like this design as there is something cute about those little bubbles. It also opens up plenty of opportunities for adding a little flair as you can use different fabrics or characters in these sections. It measures around 9.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall so there is plenty of room for all those different pencils and accessories.

We like that anyone who has never tackled a zipper or applique before can practice these useful techniques on this pencil case, and there is plenty of room for error. Expect useful tips along the way, and a fun pouch at the end.

More at: Sew Sweetness

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