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Maxi Skirt Sewing Patterns

You can never go far wrong with a long, flowy maxi skirt, but you can always find the right ones. The stores are full of them, but you would not be alone in wondering why none of them seem or feel right. This is why we have compiled a list of the best maxi skirt sewing patterns. It takes the pain out of having to keep searching article after article, and because there are so many excellent choices, that next sewing project will be easy to find.

Maxi Skirt Tutorial

Using a wide cut of jersey fabric, you will have the right amount of stretch and supply to make this popular maxi skirt.

The design in the example looks great, but it is easy to customize your own preference to make something unique.

The best part is that there is no need to cut with seam allowances as you want the fabric to stretch to get the right look. There are plenty of images to support the step-by-step instructions making this a great project for a beginner with some patience.

More at: Susan Stange

Perfect Maxi Pattern

Low volume is the ideal approach for a maxi skirt as no one wants to feel restricted beyond the knee or there is a risk of being both uncomfortable, and tripping over!

There is plenty of gathered fabric for a nice texture and the wearer can take a full stride.

This is a good pattern as it is easy to follow and is fine for anyone who hasn’t sewn this type of project before.

More at: So Sew Easy

Hi-Low Maxi Skirt

Although this seems complicated, to begin with, it isn’t. After getting your head around the measurements and hem guides, you will have a pattern drafted that is going to result in the perfect fit.

It is about as in-depth as possible so it does hold the user’s hand to make the process easy for a beginner.

We love the floaty look to it and this is down to both the cut and fabric used.

More at: Bramblewood Fashion

Maxi Skirt Sewing Pattern

The silk used in this pattern gives it a luxurious feel and allows for plenty of flowing texture and beautiful lines.

It also makes it feel nice when in full stride, goes well with numerous tops, relaxed, or something a little formal.

Because silk can be a little tricky to work with, this isn’t the best project for a beginner sewer. However, anyone of intermediate standard and above will find it an interesting and rewarding project.

More at: Lorenna Buck Designs

Library Maxi Skirt

A yard of knit fabric is most of what is needed for this project.

It hangs nicely and we like the detail of containing collars at the base and waistline.

This is where anyone can get creative but using certain patterns may not work so well.

The simplicity of this tutorial is its main strength and it would make an excellent everyday maxi skirt that can be worn just about anywhere.

More at: Create Crafts

Mini Tut Maxi

A classic maxi skirt sewing pattern with the tri pattern striped look.

The diagonals look great and the pattern is available to download in a medium although it is possible to make adjustments.

There are plenty of instructions and useful tips for making this as comfortable as possible.

We like the stripes, but they are not essential to making this work if you can find complementary colors to try.

More at: Icandy Handmade

Simple Maxi Skirt PDF Pattern

This floor-length maxi skirt pattern looks great and has a wonderful A-line shape. The pattern is available in sizes from XS to XXL.

There is a waistband, two side seams, and a hem to get to grips with so for most people, this project shouldn’t be anything new.

This is why it makes an ideal sewing project for those with little experience but to be honest, a beginner will find that although it takes a while to master, it won’t feel impossible at any point.

More at: Simple Simon And Company

1-Hour DIY Maxi Skirt

Anything that can be made in an hour is always worth trying, and the result here is a fashionable maxi dress.

The sophisticated looks ensure it can be dressed up or worn with a crop top.

Not everyone has worked with stretchy fabrics but the good news is that there is plenty of guidance and advice on this tutorial that makes it easier.

More at: Creative Fashion Blog

Elastic Waist Skirt

Most maxi skirts favor the elastic waist as it just looks and feels right but added features like the pockets are what we like.

There are ways it can be made into a knee-length version so if you have an excess of your favorite fabric that you need to make plans for, this is a good place to start.

To top it off, there are plenty of images to help walk the user through the process.

More at: A Small Snippet

Maxi Skirt Tutorial

A major problem with high-end maxi skirts is often the price.

This is where making your own is such a good idea, and it is possible to make 5 of these for around $100.

There are tips on measuring the elastic for the waist so it is the ideal size and because it is a forgiving cut and design, there is no need to too much width in each panel.

More at: Sew Much Ado

Ruffled Maxi Skirt

The texture of this ruffled skirt makes it a great addition to a wardrobe and only needs around 3-4 yards of cotton knit.

A medium or light fabric is also a better choice to get the true feel and flow, otherwise, it can end up being restrictive and heavy.

It is possible to add more rows of ruffles, but this will require more fabric and there is a point where you can have too many.

More at: 2 Little Hooligans

Fleur De Lis Maxi Skirt

This beautiful and chic maxi skirt features a ruffle at the bottom to give it a nice texture and feels good as the wearer stomps around town.

It pairs nicely with a blouse, floaty of something fitted, and can be worn in a variety of ways.

There is. a zipper but if you don’t have the relevant presser foot, there is some advice on how to make this step easy.

More at: Stacy Sews And Schools

Easy Knit Maxi Skirt

An easy maxi is always welcome, and this maxi skirt sewing pattern does make it seem easier than a lot of the others.

The guide ensures it is a comfortable fit of the ideal length by ensuring hip circumference and other measurements are made.

Because every step is complemented by simple guidance and diagrams, this deserves its name as an easy pattern.

More at: Andreas Notebook

Chiffon Maxi Circle Skirt

The wide flow and vibrant color of the example make this a tempting sewing project. Using a rolled hem presser foot is going to make this pattern a lot easier to sew the hem.

Because the fabric is delicate, using a new needle is going to be a major help when getting through it the first time.

This is not a project for the faint-hearted, and a beginner might find it too tricky. Since it can take up to 5 hours to complete, it is certainly one for those with a bit of patience, and intermediate sewing skills, and above.

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Repurposed DIY Maxi Skirt

Using two t-shirts for the fabric, this is a great maxi skirt sewing pattern for anyone looking to repurpose old clothes or make new garments without spending money.

There should be enough stretch in a couple of t-shirts, and because the process is made simple, these skirts shouldn’t take long to make.

More at: Brassy Apple

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