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Vest Sewing Patterns

Some of the easiest vest sewing patterns happen to be the best so for just a little hard work, you can really feel like you’ve accomplished something. Even a beginner can get a good handle of these patterns. Kids look cute in them, and adults can get the benefit of self-made clothes and repurpose old garments or making something with new fabric. For a hip look or just to feel more comfortable with your arms free, we have compiled a list of the best vest sewing patterns around. Each one is easy to follow and there is a good variety for all tastes.

Boy’s Schoool Vest Pattern

This quite literally has an old school look because of the tartan design and we think it makes an excellent choice of fabric for this style of vest.

A dapper yet casual vest works well with jeans or just for a photoshoot of your little one.

It is a popular pattern from The Sewing Rabbit and once you have made one, you are probably going to try and think of other color choices and go again.

More at: Sewing Rabbit

Cute Boys Vest

When your little man is standing with his hands in his pockets looking dapper in one of these cute boys’ vests it is hard to keep from taking 1,000 photos.

Although kids love to wear loose comfortable clothes a lot of the time, there is always an occasion where a vest can pair with some denim to smarten up a casual look.

This vest swing pattern is a hit with many mothers and can be amended to fit different ages.

More at: Shwinan & Shwin

Reversible Waistcoat

Using just cotton and thread to accomplish two looks in one is always a good thing. There are some clever tips included in this pattern such as using wrapping paper for drawing part of the design and when the sewing is done it is hard to not feel impressed by your own work.

This is a great gift for a loved one of a way of turning two old garments into something that can be worn over a shirt. The great thing is that it can be turned into two waistcoats with a second smaller design for the mini man of the house to match Dad.

More at: Sewing Bee Fabrics

Shawl Collar Vest

With an oversized button keeping it all together, this is a cute yet warm vest sewing pattern that can turn a yard of non-fraying fabric into something that could save the day when there is a chill in the air.

As is typical with The Cottage Mama there are large pictures to guide you and easy instructions. Although there is a bit of skill involved, it isn’t anything a confident sewer would struggle with.

There is even a section on hand embroidery your initial onto a fabric making it a unique piece that would also make a thoughtful gift.

More at: The Cottage Mama

Fun Fringe Vest

Again for something a little different we like the textures this design creates and it is going to feel nice as it trails with every movement.

The pattern gives the user the chance to make the fringes as long or short as they like so you can customize them to your preference.

This also applies to other ways as adding beads or knots to the bottom of the fringe area can be fun too. Using soft suede is arguably the best choice for this free vest sewing pattern.

More at: See Kate Sew

Circular Vest

It only takes one circle of fabric to make a stand-out vest, and it is better when using a double-sided fabric as the inside is going to be exposed to an extent.

Using a fleece material is going to make it warm and snug or something lighter for the warmer months. This is one of our favorites here because it really has a distinct look and one that is achievable in just 9 steps.

It has plenty of coverage at the back and the draping over the arms looks luxurious, to say the least.

More at: Thre Ads Magazine

Square Vest

This oversized square vest requires two yards of fabric but provides plenty of coverage, keeping you nice and warm when it is wrapped around.

Trimmed with bias tape it won’t fray around the edges yet looks tidy with a professional feel.

The whole process doesn’t take long to complete this modern-looking take on an old favorite.

More at: We All Sew

Blanket Vest From A Scarf

A scarf is always a popular source of material when it comes to sewing patterns and what better way of putting it to good use than making a vest. This requires just a few changes making it one of the simpler patterns going.

The result is a cozy scarf worth wrapping yourself in when the sun goes down and the temperature plummets with it.

Using a rotary cutter and a cutting mat as two of the main tools, this takes around 10 minutes to craft and is a great way of repurposing that old scarf you replaced long ago.

More at: She Knows

Snuggle Up Faux Fur Vest

Just because it doesn’t have sleeves does;t mean it can’t be cozy right? Faux Fur has been enjoying a resurgence of late so it is good to know there are plenty of sewing patterns for vests that include this type of material.

There are only 5 steps to follow and it is easy to get your hands on enough faux fur to make more than one.

That way, you can always be sure you have a vest worth snuggling.

More at: We Heart This

Hoodie Vest

Practical – check. Comfortable – check. Awesome- double-check. We love the look of this vest and it is a great way of turning a sweatsuit fleece into something that can be worn in any weather.

It is the sort of vest that can be worn during a workout when the weather is on the cold side as it is breathable but still covers the head where all the heat leaves the body. The simple instructions are easy to follow and they can be made in an evening.

More at: Weekend Designer

Double Breasted Waistcoat

This is one of those waistcoats that can be so practical that you will want to wear it every day.

There is a smartness to it that means it would not look out of place in the office, but there is enough flair that it could easily be worn on a night out.

The neutral colors are a good idea and the satin lining ensures it is going to be comfortable every time. This is important since we have a feeling that it is going to be a waistcoat that gets a lot of wear.

More at Weekend Designer

Something For The Weekend Eyelet Vest

A standout piece by anyone standards when cut into an eyelet shape that not everyone can find so easily in the store.

This is the chance to make a fashionable vest for yourself and it is easy to add a little customization should you need to.

Because it is lightweight it can complement any outfit as long as you get your color combinations right. Having said that, you can always make multiple vests for different looks.

More at Weekend Designer

Tank Wrap Vest

This is what a lot of people think of when they hear the word vest so why not put this pattern to good use and add layers to your wardrobe.

It can be hard to find a flattering vest that fits well from a store but this is a great way of making sure your tank wrap fits the way you like it.

The ring keeps everything together and adds a little wow factor to something that is crafted at home. Try different colors and make a good supply as they really do go with everything.

More at: Morning by Morning Productions

Fashionable Ruffled Vest

This looks like something that you would find on a catwalk so we are all for the simple yet rewarding pattern here.

There are easy-to-follow photos as well as an instructional video.

There are only 9 steps so it isn’t overwhelming and turning a pair of old pants into something that can keep your neck warm and look awesome is pretty impressive.

More at: Instructables Craft

Ruffled Vest

A vest sewing pattern that is definitely on the easier side of swing projects, it looks great and starts as an old sweater but ends up as something worth wearing day in day out.

The large photos and simple descriptions make this a great guide for beginners and would make a great gift for someone.

Depending on the material of the sweater used, it could be a winter warmer to take the edge off, or something to slip on in a warmer climate. Either way, it looks great.

More at: Create Enjoy

Faux Fur Bolero

Faux fur tends to look a little tired over time so any small jacket lying around that you are tempted to throw away can be given a new lease of life as a bolero.

This could be the go-to piece in your wardrobe or complementing a long sleeve t-shirt and it is easily accomplished in just a handful of easy steps.

The oversized collar gives plenty of protection against the chill and most importantly. it looks fab!

More at: La Vie Diy

Basket Weave Jeans Vest

If you don’t have an old pair of jeans that are ready to be torn into a basket weave then you haven’t been wearing them right,, better still, use an old pair of your partner’s jeans instead.

The concept is simple, weaving strips of denim into a vest looks great but there is a little skill involved.

Still, it isn’t something that most sewers can’t handle after pinning the edges and sewing around until you have the finished article. This is one for those who like texture and because of the material, it will last well.

More at: Trash To Couture

5 Minute Draped Vest

In a hurry and need an extra layer?

We’ve all been there but haven’t always had this convenient pattern for a draped vest.

The steps are as easy as you might imagine with a 5-minute design and the bonus is that it can also be worn as a scarf.

More at: Wobi Sobi

Old Jeans Into Vest Pattern

Ys, jeans make another appearance but let’s face it, they are easy to pick up at the thrift store or find at the back of the wardrobe so let’s put them to good use again.

This pattern is easy to follow and it holds a beginner’s hand through each step to ensure that the result is a comfortable vest.

If you have a vest that you can use as a size guide then this is pattern is made even easier. The good thing is that this design even uses the waist area of jeans, turning it into a collar.

More at: Style Boulevard

Lined Vest Sewing Pattern

One of the easier methods, especially since there are two to choose from here.

The open or closed shoulders options don’t vary too much in difficulty but offer separate looks depending on which you prefer.

The simple instructions are easy to follow because of the big pictures and it offers a great chance to use some of that fabric you have in the cupboard and put it to good use.

More at: Sarah Kirsten

Shirt To Vest Pattern

Making use of the old again, that old shirt isn’t going to wear itself any time soon.

Turn it into a vest that you will actually look forward to combining with other picks from the wardrobe and follow this simple vest sewing pattern.

It doesn’t matter what sort of pattern or design the shirt has already, this is all going to work in your favor once you remove the sleeves and finish by enjoying that half circle cut.

More at: My Life on the Divide

Shearling Vest DIY

Sometimes it feels like you are only as good as the fabric you are using so using shearling gives you a good chance of making a vest that looks great.

We love its texture but the shape of this pattern is what makes it stand out.

The method focuses on cutting to size so there is less of the sewing and more enjoying your new look that everyone else is asking about. It’s warm, doesn’t feel bulky and it looks amazing.

More at: Trinkets in Bloom

Cape Vest Pattern

You can never have too many cape vests especially when they look as luxurious as this.

Around 1.5 yards of fabric and a handful of instructions is all that is needed to go from jumper wearing to styling out the cold and carrying that coffee through town in a custom-made cape.

Opt for any color your like although we can’t think of any better than the one found on inhonorofdesign.

More at In Honor of Design

No-Sew High Low Vest

Not everyone has a machine in their home but even if you do, it can be nice to make new garments without using it from time to time. This is exactly what you are getting here.

Armed with a yard of fabric and ten minutes this can be the sort of vest that you make and feel (rightfully) smug about because of how easy it is to make.

Using knit fabric for the vest is ideal since there is no need to sew as it doesn’t fray removing another step of this simple idea.

More at: Sunshine and Spoons

Easy Knit Vest

Another no-sew pattern that is simple yet leaves you with a new favorite vest to wear.

Because it is so versatile you will find that there are;t many days that it can’t be worn so complement it with a belt or over a tee or even wear it under a jacket.

It is always best to start with an interesting pattern on the fabric as that is as important as the style here and there are even double-sided fabrics that can be used to make a 2-in-1 knit vest.

More at: One Little Momma

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