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Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns

A cuddly teddy bear just might be one of the nicest gifts to receive which makes these teddy bear sewing patterns so great. There are plenty of options available so it doesn’t matter who the recipient is, there is something for all ages and demographics. There are those best left on display and others that are too soft not to cuddle. What they all share in common is that they can be crafted with a little know-how using these quality patterns. With so many great teddies, it’s going to be hard to pick one and resist making them all. Good luck!

Multicolored Joyful Bear

The people at How Joyful have tried and tested this teddy sewing pattern to ensure it is worth taking the time to make this multicolored bear.

The instructions are in-depth and there is even a little story behind the origins of the bear.

It might not be the easiest project for a beginner but we like that there are lots of photos to guide you through the process.

With a little patience, this cute bear can be a hit.

More at: How Joy Ful

Pete The Bear

To end up with a fun happy chap you need to follow this teddy sewing pattern. His oversized head is sure to make the recipient smile whenever they see it.

We like that it can be crafted from scrap cut-offs and the best part is all the fun that you can have playing with patterns.

It doesn’t take long to make so it is perfectly reasonable for you to want to make more than one in a sitting. That way, no one gets left out.

More at: While she Naps

Liberty Teddy Bear

We love this teddy sewing pattern as it has a cuteness that children will love. Felted wool is the best material here as it is soft to touch, wears well, and is more affordable than mohair.

There really aren’t many materials or tools required and when done you are left with a bear that is 9.5 inches tall.

The instructions are lengthy but this is because they are detailed and don’t leave anything up to guesswork.

More at Purl Soho

Vintage Style Ted

With a color pop and just a fat quarter of fabric required there is a lot to like about the simplicity of this pattern. The printable pages don’t need to be taped or assembled.

They make a thoughtful gift for a friend and because they don’t take long to make, they are a good way of saving money on Christmas presents for loved ones.

A vintage button for the nose can help to top off the classic feel of this cute ted.

More at: Whip Stitch

Snowflake DIY Bear

We may be a little biased but we think this is one of the sweetest bears and it is important to use light-colored materials for that same snowflake look.

The felted paws make them soft to hold and it is available as a downloadable pdf.

The instructions make it easy to follow although there are fewer pictures, there isn’t anything here that should trouble most sewing enthusiasts.

More at: Butterfly Balcony

Gift Card Bear

This is the bear for anyone who loves to give gifts as it is a cutie way of sending a card because of its perfectly sized pouch to hold a greeting.

The pattern is easy and there are fewer complicated parts since there are no arms or legs to worry about.

Still, this happy chap has a smile on his face and is ready to hold a gift card and because of the large photos and basic instructions, it won’t take long.

More at Called Crafty Life

Plush Panda With Pouch

We did say we love Pandas so here is our second on the list.

The pattern is printable in 3 parts and each section is simple enough.

To make it a little different there is a pouch on the back and it is best made with short-haired fabric.

The patterns should be printed on A4 paper and when finished, this cute panda stands at 26 cm.

More at  Doll Maker

Felt/Fleece Teddy

For a slightly modern look with big eyes and a cute face, this is a fun project to take on and doesn’t;t take long.

The felt pattern ensures that you can keep costs down and make plenty of them if you feel you want to make multiple teddy bears.

This feels as much of a craft project as anything else and parts of it are easy enough for a child to help with. Felt and Fleece teddy bears are good for a rainy day when you feel like using what you have to hand.

More at: Molly Moo Crafts

Backpack Bear

Sewing this happy teddy together will bring a lot of joy to the young ones in a house because they can attach it to their backpack and take it everywhere they go.

The pattern is simple and scraps of fleece can be used for the materials.

There are plenty of photos to guide you through the process and we like that you can get creative and use different color combinations.

More at: While she Naps

Sebastian Bear

A 9-inch bear, Sebastian has that traditional teddy look with his wiry mohair and only requires the user to subscribe to get the pattern.

It’s another classic and doesn’t take long to get to grips with.

Cute little Sebastian is waiting to be made so he can sit proudly on a shelf or cuddled by a young one.

More at: Teddies by Laura Lynn

Simple Bonjour The Bear

This is fine for a beginner to make and it has that classic teddy bear look that we love. He stands at 8.5 inches tall and is soft to cuddle because of the mohair material.

It should take an evening to make but the instructions are straight forward and there is only hand stitching to worry about from a crafting perspective.

Most people have the tools hanging around the house already so it is only a matter of gathering the materials and crafting this handsome little chap for yourself.

More at: Teddy Bear Search

Teddy Out Of Old Shirts

Good value for the time you will spend sewing this adorable teddy up as it only costs what you already have. It can be made out of old ties, socks, trousers you name it. It is a simple design and of course, it is going to look more adorable with nicer materials so a chequered pattern can be a good choice.

Let’s face it, most people have old flannel shirts at the back of the wardrobe. It is a great option for a beginner who doesn’t mind making a few mistakes along the way.

More at: Instructables Craft

Folk Art Teddy Pair

Using mohair again is going to give you another classic teddy look but because it can get expensive, using quality wool will suffice.

The bear itself will end up on the small side but that just adds to the cuteness and it comes with free downloadable direction and templates to make it as simple as possible.

A lot of people have made these to give as gifts so to give something thoughtful to a friend or family member, this is a great option that is fine for a beginner to tackle.

More at: Crafty Carnival

Baby Pip Teddy Bear

Cute is the word best described this adorable chap, and although there is a little work involved with more pinning and accuracy needed than other patterns, the end result ensures it is worth it.

Not measuring as big as other projects, there is less material required which should save a few pennies. When all is done, this baby pip teddy makes an excellent gift for a newborn or any loved one.

More at: Craft Bits

Tiny Keychain Bear

These make ideal gifts and are not difficult to make so stitching more than one in an evening is possible.

At 5.5 inches it is as close to pocket-sized as possible and is soft to touch and darn right adorable.

Despite its minute size, it wears well because the quality of the materials doesn’t differ from larger designs. A keepsake or keychain that will have the recipient saying aww.

More at: Teddies by Laura Lynn

Handmade Teddy Bear

This is a useful pattern because it runs through the basics and most important steps of making a teddy bear with materials that you have to hand.

For a consistent and classic teddy look, it is important to use fleece materials or mohair but the example shows that using an old garment can be just as good.

More at: Kiseg

Jingle The Christmas Bear

It’s never too early to plan ahead for Christmas and making a couple of these cute bears means you have a supply of presents ready to go.

Jingle is a favorite pattern of many since he is finished with ribbons and bells for a little festive cheer. the design itself is well laid out, simple, and easy to follow and there are only 9 steps.

He is 6 inches tall and would dress up nicely with a little mistletoe.

More at Planet Teddybear

Giant Teddy Bear Pattern

Ok, this may be something of a novelty to most people, but just in case you are in the market for a giant teddy bear, let this be something to consider.

The example in this pattern was for a 3-meter bear, but it is possible to downsize this to a more reasonable meter if you desire.

Sure, the people making this had a lot of fun and it has the hallmarks of a challenge rather than a genuine pattern but it could be something to try when you want to have a laugh.

More at: Instructables

Classic Charm Jasper Ted

The paws are what makes this teddy stand out a little more than the others and there is a little skill involved in stitching them.

The process is not so well suited to beginners but anyone who has had a little joy making other teddy sewing patterns will find that this can be accomplished in an evening. Using long pile mohair is going to make him too cuddly to resist. Designed by an award-winning artist, he certainly has a luxury feel.

More at Planet Teddybear

Curly Wurly Bear

This wiry little fella looks like he just wants a hug and the better the fabric, the softer the hug can be. The instructions are simple and there are some useful hints and tips for making the process easier as you go.

There are only 3 pages to print and two of those are for the cutouts so it might be one of the best teddy sewing patterns for first-timers.

In six steps you can go from a pile of materials to a teddy that you will want to keep in the family for a long time.

More at: Planet Teddybear

Pumpkin Teddy Bear

When October time comes and the stores are full of all things freaky, this little guy offers some cute respite. Using golden honey plush and polyester fiberfill to make him soft enough to cuddle he and his little pumpkin are sure to get plenty of love.  The pattern includes instructions on how to stitch the required stitches so it is a great guide for a beginner and even those who are experienced sewers will appreciate the end result.

More at: Sewing

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