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Cardigan Sewing Patterns

When the cold weather is still in the air, there is nothing cozier than a cardigan. for us, there are never enough options in stores which is why we have compiled a list of the best cardigan sewing patterns. There are some great options with a plethora of designs. This is a style of garment that never seems to go out of style and is the ideal thing to take the edge off a cold morning or wear out on errands. Every pattern below is free, and many of them are fine for an inexperienced sewer to try.

Willow Cardigan

A relaxed look, floaty arms that fall just over the elbow, this is a cardigan with a difference.

We love the waffle knit used as it provides some nice texture, feels soft, and just looks the part. It is an ideal pattern for anyone on the hunt for a transitional piece between seasons.

The length is also ideal as it feels good enough to hug when draped over the shoulders. Pull it in to feel snug and let it flow as you walk with a little crafted style.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Slouchy Cardigan

The word slouchy feels perfect to describe this cardigan as it makes you want to wrap up and cozy by the fire.

It has a nice length which means it will give you the coverage needed to keep warm. The A4 and US letter versions are included, as is the full size if needed.

The instructions are free to download, as is the pattern so you have everything you need to make the perfect cardigan for relaxing.

More at: Peppermint Mag

Willow Redux Cardigan

The mutton sleeves of this unique cardigan make it look great, as does the faux fur that makes it super comfortable and adds some texture to the look.

It can be made with wool or waffle knit, but we do like the bamboo cotton terry used in the example.

There are plenty of measurements available for making it in different sizes from 2 to 30.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Garnet Cardi

Another quality cardigan sewing pattern. We can’t get enough of the pin-tucked cuffs and the lines of the silhouette that make this stand out in all the right ways.

There are lots of fabrics that are compatible with the design with many of them mentioned, as well as all the size guides.

After downloading the free pattern, there are plenty of in-depth instructions with large pictures to follow.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Easy Cotton Jersey Cardigan

Using a soft cotton jersey material, this is a great project for anyone looking for that classic cardi look. There aren’t many pattern pieces to assemble compared to other designs and the instructions keep it simple.

This is because there are only 4 of them and although a novice might need a little more guidance, it isn’t too difficult to master.

At the end of the sewing process, you are left with a cozy cardigan that you will want to wear every chilly day.

More at: Sew Mag

Simple Long Cardigan

With great coverage and a simple design, this is a great pattern that really looks as good as it is cozy. We see it being a staple in the wardrobe and it is easy to layer over a tee shirt with a pair of jeans.

It is streamlined and has a classic design that has been around for a long time. It measures to mid-calf but it is easy to adjust this to the ideal height.

The pattern is available for sizes 8 to 18 and it is easy to sew for a slimming look.

More at: So Sew Easy

Draped Shawl Cardigan

The draped look of this cardi feels nice as it flows behind and offers decent coverage. A lightweight garment, it is ideal for spring when the need for a coat is not so high but you still want to take the edge off.

We like the turquoise used but it would work in pretty much any color, particularly neutrals that are easy to mix and match.

It wraps nicely and the instructions come with large images that are easy to follow.

More at: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Convertible Cardigan

What’s better than a cardigan pattern? A convertible cardigan that has various looks, of course! This is a basic cardigan but with a difference as it can be worn in 23 ways.

The instructional video makes life easier and is available in sizes from 8 to 20.

There are 20 pages to print but this is because of the size, there are only two pieces to the design and it is a good project for a beginner.

More at: Sew Your Tv

Maxi Cardi

This floor-length cardigan looks great and has a nice slit down the sides and a relaxed look.

With pockets on the side and a loose-fitting t-shirt to cut around, it looks good and is pretty simple to make.

Each stage is mapped out from the gathering of materials to the finishing touches and because of its large size, it might take a little longer, but the result is clearly worth it.

More at: Sewing Rabbit

DIY Chilled Cardigan

Another with a relaxed look, this cardigan looks basic but is ideal for throwing on and running those errands.

Using just 2 – 2.5 yards of knit fabric or similar, this is super simple and uses an old sweater for the bulk of the tracing and designing.

Because of this, it is easy and a novice might be able to make it. Either way, an intermediate sewer would make light. work out of this slouchy cardigan sewing pattern.

More at: Sewing Rabbit

Shawl Collar Cardigan

With a front hem and a lot of triangles, this is simpler than it looks for a satisfying look.

A short-sleeved cardigan is ideal for those days where the weather is mild and can be layered with a variety of other garments.

Using a solid knit or sweatshirt fabric is going to produce the best results.

There are plenty of useful pictures to go with the instructions that hold your hand through the process.

More at: Sew Country Chick

Converted Cardigan

This is just as much of a life hack as it is a practical cardigan. Using a sweater or two can give you a better option for the spring when the weather is getting warm and you need to wear something that lets a little air in.

There are only 7 steps but it is possible to change things up by adding toggles among other useful tips this tutorial provides.

As the example shows, it is ideal for fitting over a pregnant tum and looks great.

More at: Delia Creates

Sweater Into Cardigan

Another great cardigan sewing pattern for repurposing the old into something new. This one is ideal for that sweater that you can’t bear to get rid of but rarely wear.

The process doesn’t take long as this is a quick fix-up more than anything but we like the way it can show the layers underneath and even comes with a free video tutorial.

This makes each step easy for a beginner to follow. Pause, and go at a comfortable pace.

More at: So Sew Easy

Girls Cardigan

Using a medium to heavy knit, it is easy to make this adorable cardigan for girls.

Use fleece, or french terry among others to ensure it is extra snuggly and this free pattern is available in sizes 2 to 7 yo.

There are only a handful of instructions to follow and each one comes with large images to make it easy.

To make sure the girls in your house don’t miss out on the cardi fun, this is a great pattern.

More at: Fleece Fun

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