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Apron Sewing Patterns

We all want to look fabulous in the kitchen, but most store-bought Aprons look the same. With one of the following apron sewing patterns, you can add a little flair to the design, as well as make it the perfect fit. As expected, some are more complicated than others, but there are plenty of simple designs for beginners. The good news is that an apron is not a complicated garment to make yet the rewards are great.

They make an excellent gift, but chances are, you will want to keep the finished apron for yourself!

Tea Time Half Apron

The cute teacup and saucer design of this pattern make it an instant hit with many at the tea party.

Whether it is a vintage affair or not, this is a cute design that is best made with a lock stitch securing the seams rather than back tacking.

It is easy to customize it to fit the size and although the instructions are loner than a lot of the others available, they are easy to follow and the reward is in this apron worthy of any occasion.

More at: Sew 4 Home

Hostess Apron

No cocktail party would be the same without an apron to match the fab hostess. This design was created with a fun night in mind so the vintage style is sure to be the talking point when serving an espresso martini. The ribbon waistband ensures it is both stylish and flattering and there are a handful of embellishments that can be added for a little extra flair.

It requires a few more tools than some of the other aprons on our list but making it is just as simple. There is even a trick using a fork that helps make tiny decorative bows.

More at: Sew 4 Home

Mom’s Style

With a long silhouette that provides plenty of coverage, this is a practical apron that looks great. A bit of a throwback, it looks best when using a vintage floral pattern but the possibilities are endless. Included in the sewing pattern are details on how to make the large pocket at the front which adds to the functionality.

Because the beck strap is made to a generous size it should fit a variety of users and would make an excellent gift for a mum who likes to bake or appreciates homemade presents.

More at: Sew 4 Home

Fashionable Pearls Apron

This is one for those who like to feel good when in the kitchen. It offers a good amount of protection at the back whilst the cut has a class to it that makes it stand out.

It goes well with just about any attire so for those days where you are dressed a little special, or in jeans and a t-shirt, this complements both well.

The pattern is easy to follow as it comes with simple instructions and photos to guide you through the process.

More at: Delia Creates

Cross Back Apron Pattern

A fresh look for the gardening projects that are too messy to face, this comes with a ruffle option or without. The linen fabric is an important part of what gives this a country look that we are all for. There is an instructional video that takes you through each of the simple steps to make this adorable apron sewing pattern easy to follow.

It is the sort of apron that offers a little protection from the morning chill so when you are potting those plants or just pottering around, it is an apron for all seasons.

More at: Farmhouse on Bone

Patchwork Apron With A Modern Twist

Tired of one fabric design, then mix it up and add another. This is the sort of apron that would make a great gift for a friend as it has a look that shows a lot of love has gone into the design.

The patchwork theme means it can be used to make personalized designs so it can be themed to a combination of two favorite colors or patterns.

Many people like this apron sewing pattern because it starts with the fun of choosing two fabrics and is easy to follow.

More at: Suzy Quilts

Gathering Apron Pattern

Need a place to put the harvest as you make your way around the garden? Look no further than this excellent and simple design. With oversized pockets to hold your spoils aplenty. Bring in the harvest without having to lug around a heavy bucket or make several trips when your hands are full. The biggest decision you will have to make is the fabric design. Other than that, there isn’t a lot that is needed to bring this resourceful apron sewing pattern to life. There are a few available online, but we think this one from Reformation Acres hits the right spot between easy to make and is useful.

More at: Reformation Acres

Cross Back Pattern For Mother and Child

This is a two for one type of apron sewing pattern that can be used to make a mother and daughter or son match around the craft table or for backing cookies. We love the thought of a parent and child working together with the same apron that fits just right.

The maximum coverage of this design makes it the best for young ones and adults alike and the kid’s size fits around the age of 4 to 10 years old. It’s easy enough to finish and an older child may even be able to help make them.

More at: Felicity Sewing Patterns

Dishtowel Apron Pattern

If the thought of making an apron from scratch seems daunting, then this is a good pattern to start with. Because it should only take around 10 minutes from start to finish, it is a good way of putting unwanted dishtowels to good use, or sourcing them at a reasonable price from the local store is easy.

Anyone who can sew a straight line on a sewing machine will find this to be a simple process and there are options for adding a little flair via a pom trail or some ribbon.

More at: Fynes Designs

Smock Top Apron Complete With Pockets

Pockets are any crafters friend, and the same goes for the time spent in the garden. This is part of why we are all for the functionality of this cute apron.

Detailed are all the measurements including those for the straps.

The bulk of the sewing pattern has been broken down into 30 small steps to make it easier and it looks best when combined with a summery floral fabric to look as happy as the flowers in your garden when you’re done with them.

More at: Patchwork Posse

Adjustable Kitchen Apron Sewing Pattern

The best thing about this popular pattern is that it reduces the number of aprons that need to be made in a household. Because it is adjustable, any member of the family can try it on for size.

The size can be adjusted to accommodate someone standing over a bbq, or another member of the house stirring the mixing bowl to make a cake.

With the use of a sewing machine, it is considered to be an easy apron sewing pattern and can be completed by anyone with a little know-how.

More at: Purl Soho

Simple Square Apron Sewing Design

We like that this design looks a little different and to make it even more appealing for a beginner, there is a no-sew option as well as the regular design for sewers. Because they are so simple and don’t use tonnes of fabric or time, they can be made for under $10.

This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to make affordable gifts for others in a larger quantity, or who just wants a simple apron without breaking the bank. Most people will find that an hour is more than enough to follow this tutorial to the end.

More at: A Beautiful Mess

Star Wars Themed Apron Sewing Pattern

Everyone has a Star Wars lover in their lives, so why not give them a handmade gift that they can get out when firing up the BBQ? A unisex design, it is still easy enough for someone who has done a little sewing and the pattern makes it easy to finish in no time.

Despite the detail, there isn’t a long list of materials required to bring the rebel alliance to life. When finished, you’ll be left with a fun and unique apron that is going to be the talk of the BBQ.

More at: So Sew Easy

Ruffle Fronted Apron

A popular design around the festive season, it can also be a winner all year round. The best part is the look of added flair that is surprisingly simple to achieve when using the free pattern.

It can be made by using an old shirt so instead of throwing out that checkered number from years ago, give it a new lease of life and turn it into an apron.

There are 7 basic stages to go from a throwaway shirt to a standout apron that you will use time and again.

More at: Analogme Typepad

Vintage Apron Sewing Pattern

Everyone loves a vintage apron and with this easy to follow pattern guide, there is no better way of adding something with a little flair to your kitchen wear. It is one size fits most people design and the materials are either easily found among the piles of fabric at home, or easy to obtain.

The 7 steps are as easy to follow as any and know that the retro look will never go out of style. This is sure to be a winner for any recipient when given as a gift and can be personalized in various ways.

More at: Sew Mag

No-Sew French Bistro

That’s right, no need to sew, but it is still possible to make a great looking apron. With a handful of materials and tools, this flour sack style apron doesn’t take long to make before you can turn your crafting and cooking exploits into something resembling French-themed.

It all starts with washing and ironing the flour sack towels and from there, there are plenty of photos to accompany the easy to follow steps. There are a few tips on how to add a little extra to the design making it even more appealing.

More at: Reformation Acres

Chalkboard Apron

We’re all about re-using old materials and there is no better use than on an apron. This design from Joann is fun yet looks great.

A BBQ apron for the man at the grill or woman who would enjoy a design with a makeshift list written onto the front will appreciate this apron.

The one-page instructions are as easy as they come and the white marker reduces time but is also what makes this such a good design.

More at: Joann

Pillow Case Apron Pattern

This is an easy way of making an apron that looks as though it has been store-bought by leaning on the design printed on a pillowcase. This can be great for children who have themed bedding that is now unused.

This design shows you how to add a large cupcake onto the fabric so after ironing the pillowcase there are only a handful of steps to re-invent a pillowcase. There are 5 steps, but one of these is the picturing takin stage where you get to step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

More at: Instructables Craft

Jeans Apron Tutorial

A good way of making an apron out of materials that are easy to find in the house rather than buying more, recycling jeans for an apron looks great. The added benefit is an apron that looks great but is also hard-wearing since the material is hardy even after constant use. This does require the use of a sewing machine that can handle thicker materials so a heavy-duty sewer with the right needles and presser feet is going to come in handy. The good news is that it is easy to add a little sparkle and sew a floral design onto the jeans. Either way, they look great.

More at: My Byrd House

Apron Sewing Pattern With Detachable Oven Mitt

This isn’t a gimmick, it’s the real deal, and the oven mitt being close to hand can be a real life-saver when scrambling to get that cake out of the oven. It includes a step by step diagram as well as the pattern for the oven mitt so you will be adding to your supply of these useful kitchen accessories.

It is considered a beginners pattern so there is less of a challenge in making it, and more of a reward. Anyone who is always losing their oven mitts will find this to be one of the best apron sewing patterns.

More at: Sewing Rabbit

Country Cute Apron

It’s the large waistband that makes this cute apron seeing pattern standout, and comfortable. It’s super easy without the need for an actual pattern and there are ruffles, a pocket, and easy to follow photos.

The trick is in choosing the right fabric with vintage floral designs being popular considering the fit and style.

It is another winner from Projects For Your Nest. There isn’t a tonne of stitching and it doesn’t take long to make, what’s not to like?

More at: Projects For Your Nest

Floral Apron

For some people, this is the quintessential classic apron and who can blame the many people who make this such a popular choice. Floral patterns look great whatever the season and this floral sewing pattern for aprons have easy to follow steps thanks to the pictures next to the instructions.

Thankfully, it is easy to find floral fabric so you are spoilt for choice. This is a pinnafore for a gardener who likes to match the contents of their flowerbeds or just wants a pretty apron to use in the kitchen.

More at: Womans Day


With a seam gauge and a spaghetti strap turner the only tools that are required, the rest is down to the choice of fabrics you choose to use. Any basic sewer can give this one a go and the end result looks fabulous, to say the least. The ruffled effect is simpler than most people would expect but the end result makes it look impressive. This is one of the most popular apron sewing patterns on our list and a great project for the weekend. Anyone hosting a party will find this is a great apron design that will have guests asking all about it.

More at: Etsy Journal

Two Minute T-Shirt Apron

In a hurry? Then this is the ultimate apron sewing pattern for you. Maybe you have a bunch of guests coming over or you are about to embark on a messy craft. Using an old t-shirt and turning it into an apron in no time can save the day.

This couldn’t be simpler so with a little cutting in the right places, a t-shirt that is never worn can be repurposed in a rush. This one feels more like a life hack than a proper apron design, but we are all for anything that cuts time when we need it.

More at: Kayla K.’s Thrifty Ways

Hand Lettered With Monogram

Any personalization is always welcome, especially when it comes to gifts. This apron is easy to make and being able to add the monogram ensures it will be a winner of a present.

The design itself focuses on the use of pillow covers making it a simple design to follow.

The pattern says it should only take a maximum of 35 minutes including prep time which is something we are all for.

More at: Boxwood Avenue

Back Cross Strap

No need to compromise on style because of functionality, this chic apron looks the part and works to protect a large area.

It can be stripped back with a simple one color fabric or made to complement the summer months with a floral design.

There are more instructions than some of the simpler patterns, but it’s worth it.

More at: The Daily Sew

Super Fast Sewing Apron Pattern

This is for the busy crafter who needs an apron now! Taking less than 15 minutes for an experienced sewer, it is not going to take a novice much longer to complete.

The end product is a fully functional apron that can make an excellent gift or for personal use.

It’s all down to the fabric to give your apron a bit of personality so choose wisely from whatever you have to hand or spend the saved time on picking out the ideal look. Then, follow the short 5 steps.

More at: Jembellish

Mini Sweater Apron

Sometimes it feels like kids outgrow their clothes in a matter of days which means there are always sweaters in the back of the wardrobe ready to be used for crafts. Even as adults, our clothes go a little bobbly over time, so being able to reuse them is great.

This kids sweater apron sewing pattern can be used time and again to make a protective layer for their crafts so when they are painting, they are protected by your old throwaways. The step by step guide is easy to follow and with a large pocket and a few tweaks available, it is a real winner.

More at: Green Kitchen

Kids Sewing Apron Pattern

These cute and bright designs are just an example of what is possible. Although the kids never need an excuse to get their hands dirty and start a craft, these easy to make kids aprons are ideal for preventing them from ruining their clothes.

Why not turn the making of the apron into a project you can share with the little ones. Bringing them in to choose colors and patterns can be a fun way of spending time together, and there is a real sense of achievement when using this pattern.

More at: I think sew

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