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Sphere Sewing Patterns

Most people want to know how to make the perfect sphere so they can get creative with their pillows and cushions, others for making sensory toys for children. Whatever your needs, finding the right sphere sewing patterns can be easy. There are plenty of ways to get creative even though a standard sphere can go a long way towards helping develop those sewing skills. We have created a list of the best sphere sewing patterns to make life easier. Most of them are easy enough for beginners but something they all share is the fact that they are free. Take a look at the pick of the bunch below.

Soft Ball DIY

Imagine turning up with one of these lovely soft craft balls the first time you are meeting a friend and their newborn. Any beginner sewer will find this is a good project for developing their skills. Because they are so soft, they are easy to grip for young hands once they start exploring the world a little more and are available as a free pdf.

It all starts with 5 pieces of 6 x 3-inch cotton fabric which is easy to source and work with. The tutorial only has 6 steps and with large pictures and simple instructions, you can’t go wrong.

More at: Apple Green Cottage

Patchwork Ball Pattern

Every child has a play ball like this at some point, but there is no need to pay the prices a store will charge as making one yourself is easy. This sphere sewing pattern shows you just how simple the process is, especially as it is sewn by hand.

There isn’t as much concentration involved so it is possible to make it whilst watching your favorite series and of course, you can make more than one in an evening. It starts with the pentagon templates and some whipstitching is involved and it is easy to add some bells before sealing to add to the fun.

More at: While she Naps

Soft And Colorful Ball

This is the sort of sphere sewing pattern that you can use virtually any material with and the outcome will be the same. You’ll be left with a cute, soft, ball that a young one will love. Even if it is for display purposes, it can add some nice pops of color to a nursery.

The process is made easy and the pattern itself is free so there is plenty to like. What is also useful is that there are tips for making the ball a little different. Get creative and add faces to them or make them into animals that a child will recognize as they get older.

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Montessori Ball

If you align with the principles of Monetesorri dedication then this ball will be music to your ears. The ways it is made is a little different and although it might take a little longer than some of the basic spheres, the result is worth it.

There are plenty of sections where this can be gripped by curious hands thanks to the shapes and using cotton fabric is always best thanks to its soft touch and because it is easy to work with. It might be possible to use old baby grows as the material should there be enough fabric to work with but whatever you use, this is a cute ball that is a little different.

More at: Petit Bout De Chou

Amish Segment Ball

With only 9 steps, this is a similar pattern to the Montesorri types that help to ensure there are plenty of places to grip the ball. They also make a fun toy for pets and are made from 12 different sections before piecing the whole ball together.

The process does take a little while, mainly because of the amount of piece that is being sewn together but most people will find they can do it over a couple of evenings or in an afternoon. Using some sort of fiberfill to ensure it is plush, and scraps or different fabrics if you choose, there are many ways this can be made.

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Fabric Ball

With around a 40 inch circumference, this is one of the larger sphere swing patterns on our list. The result is a big ball of fun that kids and pets will enjoy playing with. The process is surprisingly easy because it is less intricate than some of the others. The fabric should be durable which is why the example suggests nylon or similar and the seam allowances are pretty forgiving at 1/2 inch. There are only 8 steps to follow for this basic yet effective pattern.

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Easy Balloon Cover

Ballons and young children are not a good combination, they are attractive to young eyes yet are a serious choking hazard. This is why ballon covers are such a good idea. So, this balloon cover sewing pattern is a must-have for anyone planning a party with babies around.

Although it is guaranteed, a burst balloon tends to stay inside the cover which just adds a layer of safety. The pattern itself is easy to follow and rewarding when finished. It is a good way of adding some nice texture to a party and provides an interesting way of getting creative.

More at: Diy Danielle

Cute And Soft Rattle Ball

Toddler toys are often made of plastic and there are so many reasons why those types should be avoided. These soft rattle balls are a great way of introducing a pleasant texture and different colors to their developing minds. With fiberfill stuffing and a little patience, it is easy to breeze through this design to make several in a sitting.

Adding a rattle is easy and they are available in most craft stores without costing a lot. It is nice to have a basket full of these toys as it will give a toddler something to shake and throw with a big smile on their face.

More at: While she Naps

Free Fabric Ball

Although this is a simple project for a beginner to take on, there are lots of instructions and notes to read. This is only to help the user get it right so if you are experienced, you will likely be able to skim through some of the content. It is worth taking a look at though since these plush balls can be made into the perfect sphere without prior experience in making this shape. Using fabric scraps and potentially adding a rattle, this is a great first-time project.

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Stuffed Ball

This simple design is a great project for a child to tackle and sit as a family and make your own. As a craft goes, the fun comes first so there is no need to try and make a perfect ball. However, the pattern does make things simple, and adding some characterization is the fun part. The pattern is free, doesn’t take long to complete and the reward is a stuffed ball but also time spent together. Using fleece material is a good idea because it is easy to sew and has a nice texture when finished.

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Cloth Ball

Using felt or something similar is good for a first project although these do look great when made from denim or heavier materials once the user has the experience.

The pattern is free, and there are only 5 steps to master so going from a handful of materials to the finished cloth ball is not going to take long, even for a beginner.

These can be made with the use of a machine, or by hand sewing.

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Bling Crimbo Ball

There is no better way of sprucing up the Christmas tree than by making your own crafts.

They are easy to make but are high in terms of reward since they look brilliant. It is possible to make several in one sitting and they make amazing handmade gifts for loved ones and friends.

There are plenty of holiday-themed fabrics to choose from but even those plain reds and greens look good when combined. The pdf pattern is free, and easy for a novice to follow.

More at: La Todera

Bean Bag

This is the biggest project on our list, but for a bean bag sewing pattern, it is not as complicated as you might think. There are more steps to master and it does require more material but you are left with a fully functional bean bag that is comfortable and looks great.

It might seem more convenient to buy one but this gives you the chance to get creative and use the material and color or pattern of your choice. It is easy to source the polystyrene beans and when you have made the two circles in the pattern, you are most of the way there.

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