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Drawstring Bag Sewing Patterns

You can never have too many bags, and a drawstring bag is one of the most versatile. They are ideal for tasking to the gym, the beach, even school. This is why a drawstring bag sewing pattern is so popular. Not only does this approach give the user the chance to add some flair and personalization, but they are easy to make and don’t cost a lot. They are an ideal gift if you can bear to part with the finished bag. Check out our list of the best drawstring bag sewing patterns to take the strain out of searching.

Vertical Zip Pocket Drawstring Bag

With a mesh pocket to carry water on your next adventure and pockets galore, this is one of the most useful drawstring bag sewing patterns on our list.

Great for tasking to sports practice, it is a hardy bag that has a decent capacity for spare clothes and other items.

There are plenty of ways of adding some color and personalization, starting with the drawstring and zips. The ideal bag for throwing on before you go for a cycle or taking to the gym, and easy to make.

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Mini Backpack For Party Treats

Those flimsy party bags that are always given out are fine, but not reusable. This is why a mini backpack filled with treats is a great party gift.

Not only are these easy to make, but they can be personalized with an initial or name with ease. What’s even better is that they can be used time and again, and don’t take long to make.

Of course, if your kid is inviting 50 people over for their bday, this will be a challenge, but the pattern is easy to follow and makes for a memorable party gift.

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Reversible Patchwork Bag

You can’t go wrong with a bit of patchwork and when it comes to a drawstring bag, it really does make it stand out.

The best thing is that once you master the patchwork design, you can use the skills to make other patterns such as a pencil case. Back to the bag.

This pattern comes with plenty of large images to make the process as simple as possible and what’s even better is that it is reversible.

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DIY Drawstring Bag

As far as beginner projects go, this drawstring bag sewing pattern is one of the best. It doesn’t take long to make yet it is rewarding.

Any quilting weight cotton is going to be easy to work with and durable so this is a drawstring bag that can be put through its paces.

It is lined which adds to the strength and using a casting at the top, the rope is threaded to make an easy closure.

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Super Easy Drawstring Backpack

This is one of the nicer designs because the string is wider and not so hard on the shoulders so when loading this bag up, it will be less likely to ache.

Everything is made from fabric from the castings to the loops which give it a pleasant look.

The cutting is easy since everything is cut to a straight line and the measurements couldn’t be easier since they are basically cutting in rectangles.

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Drawstring Backpack Pattern

With zipper closure to keep your items safe, this is a drawstring bad sewing pattern with a difference.

We like that this pattern. comes in different versions. This means that a beginner can skip some of the more complex parts and make a basic bag.

However, an experienced sewer may want to add some of the extras such as a neat interior zipper with a flap, or boxed corners to ensure it stands on its own.

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House Pouch Pattern

An adorable little drawstring bag, with the design of a house and soft fabrics making it super cute. It is free to download and easy to make with a lining to make it durable.

The step-by-step instructions come with large images to accompany the 9 steps that take you from fabric to fabulously sweet house pouch drawstring bag.

It is closed with a ribbon and shouldn’t take too long to make.

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How To Sew A Drawstring Bag

Fine for a beginner, this is a miniature bag that could double up as a pencil case. Using only 1/2 yard of different fabrics, it can hold a book and a few other items and makes for a useful way of keeping a few items safe.

You can use cotton cording instead of rope if you wish for something a little softer and there are only 9 steps to follow.

The good news is that you can alter the ba to be as big or small as you like and there are plenty of ways to embroider the bag to add some personalization.

More at: The Spruce Crafts

Kid’s Safety Bag

Using LED lights to make the child wearing it easier to spot when the sun goes down, could be a real-life saver.

There is nothing overly complex about adding the lights but the bag itself can help them ride their bike home safely if they are old enough to do so.

There are 19 steps to follow but this is because the guide has left nothing up to error. With a pocket flap and a pocket hole for the battery pack, it is a rewarding project and can give a parent some peace of mind.

More at: Instructables Craft

Heart Pouch Bag

With a cute see-through heart at the center, this is a drawstring bag sewing pattern with a difference.

The heart makes it great for storing candies and adds something a little different. There isn’t a lot of graft involved and because it is smaller than a lot of the full-sized bags on our list, it shouldn’t take long to make.

The steps are complemented by large images and although there are a lot of them, it makes this a foolproof pattern.

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Drawstring Bag Tutorial

With four inner-lined pockets to keep everything in place, this is one of the more practical drawstring bags on our list.

The nylon strap makes for comfortable carrying and a heavy-weight fabric is ideal for making this more durable.

It requires 2 yards of fabric in total making it an affordable option depending on the type used.

More at: Morning By Morning Productions

Drawstring Travel Bag

This is a great bag for keeping items separate in a suitcase so if you need a place for those sunglasses, or makeup, or even sandals, this is a great project.

It could also be used to keep dirty laundry separate and is known for being an easy project that any beginner can tackle.

With only 1/3 yard of fabric and some ribbon, this could be the thing to get you excited about a future break.

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Cricut Drawstring Bag

This can be made in a variety of sizes and is another that would be ideal for travel.

Make multiple versions of this free drawstring bag sewing pattern to keep your valuables safe, or to keep those wet items from the pool separate.

It is lined and reversible which makes it hardy and it is super easy to add some embroidered names or initials.

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Boys Khaki Pants Drawstring Bag

Khaki is a durable material that makes it ideal for a drawstring bag. Using it means the bag can go through a fair bit of punishment and still be fine to use.

One pair of khaki pants should be enough to make two bags and some scraps for the inner pockets.

When your young one is throwing this around day in day out, you’ll be glad to have used a hardy material.

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Stashngo Drawstring Bag

An ideal pattern for anyone looking for somewhere to store their makeup as it has plenty of room, and a drawstring closure.

The process is simple, there isn’t a lot of material involved, and it is a project that can be tackled by a novice.

The pattern is free to download, and there are plenty of images and instructions to make it as simple as possible.

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