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Wallet Sewing Patterns

Sometimes it can be hard to find a quality wallet without having to break the bank. These things are expensive, but not if you make your own. This is why so many people opt for a wallet sewing pattern. Not only are they relatively easy to make, but they don’t require a lot of materials to finish. A wall is also a great gift so if you know something with a birthday coming up, then why not use the pattern for that. We have compiled a list of the best wallet sewing patterns to put multiple options in one place.

Fabric Coin Pouch Wallet

With a wide pocket to keep those bills nice and crisp, this has plenty of room and would make a great wallet for anyone.

Of course, this is going to be on the big side so forget about putting it in your pocket, but it is great for keeping coins and notes separate.

It measures8 inches wide and 5 inches tall so there is plenty of room for receipts and it could also be used to store a phone depending on the model.

More at: Sew 4 Home

Recycled ID Case

It doesn’t take long to make this neat ID case that is made out of scrap or whatever else you have to hand. The benefit is that you can quickly flash your ID or a bus pass should you use it regularly.

There are also compartments for keeping notes and change so this can be the only wallet sewing pattern you need.

You can even hang a door key on the tab on the side or leave it in the zipper with anything else you need to keep secure.

More at: We All Sew

Mini Leather Wallet

This is ideal for keeping your ID, spare cash, and bank cards to hand, all in one stylish little wallet.

Leather is a little more difficult to work with but f your machine is up to it and you have the correct needles to hand, it shouldn’t take long to make.

What you can be sure of is that this is a wallet that is going to last a long time.

The compact size means it can easily go in a pocket and it would make an excellent gift.

More at: See Kate Sew

Money Clip

Not sure what to gift this fathers day, well this is a great option.

There is nothing better than a crafted, handmade gift and a money clip is something any father can appreciate and use.

It really does look suave and the process of making it is made simple thanks to the large images and easy-to-follow instructions.

With a quality sewing machine, this should be easy to make, even for a beginner.

More at: We All Sew

Accordion Wallet

This cute patchwork accordion wallet is as beautiful as it is functional. There is plenty of space and compartments inside so keeping receipts away from bills, and change away from your bank cards is easy.

This wallet sewing pattern will take you through a range of skills including sewing zippers among others.

It looks more complicated than it is so we urge anyone tempted to give it a try. The result is a fully functional wallet with plenty of space.

More at: Handmadiya

Card Holder

There is so much to like about this cardholder, from the little button on the top to the key chain on the side.

It doesn’t have a lot in the way of neat features but we like the simplicity and how it is going to be a hard-wearing mini cardholder.

There is space for some notes among the cards but it is ideal when you are trying to save space in a purse. The process shouldn’t take long and there are plenty of images to guide the way.

More at: Handmadiya

DIY Wallet Tutorial

This could be used as a purse, a coin bag, or even to store makeup as it sits between all of them in terms of size.

What it definitely is, is a fully functional coin bag that can make separating all the contents of a wallet easy.

It fits nicely in the palm and when using quality materials, it should last a long time.

There are loads of pictures to help guide the way.

More at: Handmadiya

Fabric Accordion Wallet

There is plenty of nice texture and a chance to use multiple scraps with this wallet sewing pattern.

The accordion-style means there are multiple compartments to store all those important bits and pieces that find their way into a wallet, including a zipper for change.

The magnetic button closure ensures it remains secure when closed and although there are lots and lots of pictures to follow, this ensures that it is easier to finish.

More at: Handmadiya

Frame Accordion Wallet

This stylish wallet sewing pattern looks great and is one of the most beautiful options on our list.

It has that classic style that looks great when open, revealing all those accordion compartments.

There is a zipper to keep change and loose items safe and there are plenty of ways this wallet can be customized.

The guide is easy to follow thanks to the large images and it has a hardy feel that means it is going to stay in good condition for a long time.

More at: Handmadiya

Trifold Wallet

This cute floral wallet makes the most of some simple embroidery and a classic wallet design.

The zipper on the back makes it easy to always slot your change away and the fold-over closure ensures those notes are never at risk of falling out.

We like the simplicity of the pattern as it makes it easy for you, and everything is printable and free to download.

More at: Craft Passion

Basic Wallet Sewing Pattern

Although the guide says this is a basic wallet, it does everything you would want it to. Inside you will have a separate section to put all your cards, a zipper for change, and a wide area for storing those bills.

You can’t ask for a lot more and since this wallet sewing pattern is easy to follow, it shouldn’t take too long to make.

You’ll need a handful of different types of fabric for the separate areas and a 7-inch zipper but once you have everything you need, you should find it easy to make.

More at: Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Mini Pocketbook

This wallet sewing pattern is designed to keep the user organized, and it is easy to see how. There are 6 pockets to put different things but also a loop for a pen which is a neat addition.

On top of this, the expandable closure means it keeps everything safe, no matter how much you are squeezing into those pockets.

The pattern is made simple by the instructions and this is definitely a project that a beginner can take on.

More at: Holland Cox

Cash Envelope Wallet

This is for a cash envelope wallet with 4 pockets, although it is possible to add more should you need to.

Whatever you do, stick to an even number as this is important.

You’ll need two 9 inch polyester zippers among the other materials and at first, it starts to look like a phone case.

Once it takes shape you’ll realize what a useful and pleasant cash envelope this is.

More at: Lark And Lola

Bi-Fold Wallet

This waller sewing pattern really looks great and is a little different from the others in that it is more of a square but we like that.

It fits easily into a pocket, and there is plenty of room for it to expand with the growing number of receipts and bank cards that go inside. There is a fair bit of sewing, but nothing overly complicated so expect to have an awesome bi-fold wallet in an evening.

More at: Modest Maven

Wrist Wallet

This is something a little different and perhaps a fun project that you can make with a child to give to them.

The wrist wallet is exactly how it sounds, it is fun to make and wear and looks good, almost like an accessory rather than a wallet.

There aren’t many steps and once the comb snaps are attached, you are good to go and store those notes and change.

More at: Just Made By Mie

Kids Wallet

The kids never want to be left out when it comes to. these types of crafts so why not make them their own wallet. This sewing pattern is simple and can make the most out of character design fabrics.

There is a zipper to keep their pocket money and other compartments if they are lucky enough to have notes to store.

It is a pattern that shouldn’t take too long which is good if you have more than one child to make them for since everyone will want one.

More at: Crazy Little Projects

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