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Formal Dress Sewing Patterns

A special occasion calls for a special dress, and although the stores are full of them, if you really want to stand out, a formal dress sewing pattern is the way to go. These will feel like one-of-a-kind pieces, and many of them are true show stoppers. We have compiled a list of the best patterns to give that special occasion the glamor it deserves. These are designs that are going to turn some heads, and they are all free to download.

Hyacinth Gown

A wedding gown that doesn’t require a long train to make it stand out, this is a luxurious sewing pattern.

The leg slits are sophisticated, if not a little racey but in a good way. The billowing back sway provides an even more beautiful texture and this may look like it is a little on the plain side, but as the guide says, a minimalist look is very much on-trend, for good reason.

A form of polyester satin is the suggested fabric here, with others including charmeuse and 4-ply silk crepe among the others.

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Terra Dress Sewing Pattern

With a blend of lingerie and ready-to-wear dress, this has a sensual yet sophisticated look that is very much in at the moment.

The good news is that this can be transformed into loungewear to make it more comfortable.

There are also plenty of materials that can be used to give it the perfect look and we love everything from the shoulder straps to the decorative lace trim around the waist. There are a variety of sizes to choose from that start with 2 and go up to 30.

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Elderberry Dress

With think straps and an elegant look, this is the sort of formal dress sewing pattern that will look great for a variety of occasions. it is one of the easier projects to make on our list, and also super comfortable.

The back zipper is optional and the closure can also be ignored in place of a stretch fabric that transforms it.

We love the cotton lace used as it proves tonnes of texture and makes it look pretty but it is the sort of pattern that would suit different materials such as velour, and voile as well.

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Little Black Dress Pattern

Everyone needs a little black dress as you never know when it might come in handy.

Using a lace or mesh type of material for added texture, this off one-shoulder look has a flattering cut and is easy enough to make for the intermediate sewer, but not a beginner, even one with a little patience.

This is because there are sections such as sewing a zipper and finishing seams that require a little experience. Still, the dress itself looks great and is an ideal party dress, especially if you can’t decide what to wear.

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Evening Dress Pattern

Call it a cocktail dress, call it fabulous, this is a formal dress sewing pattern that is sure to turn some heads.

It hugs the figure so ideal for showing off what you are proud of and has a mermaid cut skirt section that looks so fancy.

We love the high neck and the length to make it a real show stopper when you enter the room.

It is available in US sizes 14 -24 and would also make an excellent prom dress that no one else is going to be wearing.

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Wrap Dress

Another cocktail-style dress has a wrapped skirt with a tuck on the waistline. This gives it a nice texture and a flattering fit.

This is ideal for both formal and casual occasions, depending on the fabric as using a stretch fabric could make it lunch ready, and the suggested fabrics are ideal for formal use.

It is possible to remove the fringe on the hem to change the look and when it is finished, it has a look that makes it seem more expensive than it is. A project that shouldn’t take too long, or cost too much to make.

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Plus SizeĀ Formal DressĀ 

In a mini dress style, this is a great plus size option for anyone who wants to enjoy a formal dress sewing pattern that would also suit anyone pregnant.

It is possible to sew this dress using a single fabric, or contrasting colors and patterns to make it even more unique.

Available in US sizes 48 – 58 and relatively easy to make. The pattern is free and the instructions can be translated from Russian to English to make it an excellent option.

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V Neck Dress Pattern

With a flattering neckline and a fold that enhances the bust, this has a formal look but could easily be worn at a garden party or similar occasion, providing the right material and color is used.

There are plenty of options for customization including the ability to sew it with or without sleeves and even the fullness and length of the skirt can be adjusted.

Mesh and lace adds some pleasant texture with this style and there are plenty of size options to choose from.

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Formal Dress Sewing Pattern

Another excellent formal dress sewing pattern that is free, and simple to make.

With a timeless look and nice texture down the center, this has plenty of texture when using lace-like materials.

The instructions are simple and the pattern is easy to work with so there is no reason why this can’t be the next formal dress to wear on that special occasion.

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