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Headband Sewing Patterns

We all need a little help to keep our hair out of our eyes. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, a headband is both practical, and can look great. To make you stand out for all the right reasons, a custom headband sewing pattern is a fun activity and an ideal next project. There isn’t too much skill involved so they are good for beginners looking to develop their skills and anyone else who just wants to make a headband for themselves for a gift. We have compiled a list of the best.

Fleece Ear Warmer Headband

A headband that both looks good and is practical. This one will keep your ears warm when the cold bites and is ideal for keeping your hair off your face when going for a run.

The process is simple and only requires the use of some scrap material that you have to hand.

With the use of a reliable sewing machine, this shouldn’t take long at all but it will be comfortable, and the pattern is easy to follow, there are only two steps after all!

More at: Mary Martha Mama


A wide and stylish headband sewing pattern, this looks casual and sporty yet can be worn just about anywhere.

The best part is that they literally take ten minutes to make so it is possible to make lots in one go.

The example of Delia Creates is also put to work for making a kids version. To get rid of all that knit fabric scrap you have, this is an excellent choice.

More at: Delia Creates

Flower Headband

There is something incredibly lovely about any headband with a flower design on it, and the good news is, many people have them ready to sew as they are leftover from other projects.

If not, this is a tutorial on how to make your own. Failing that, they are easy to obtain from the local craft store and are optional anyway.

This is a pretty headband that can bring something a little different to an outfit.

More at: Sew Divertimento

Athletic Headband

This is a simple as a headband sewing pattern can be and it has a great sporty look that would make any hike or exercise more comfortable.

Making use of scrap fabric only requires 1/4 yard of fabric, and use something stretchy like spandex to make it as comfortable as possible.

There aren’t a lot of steps, and the pattern is free to download and easy to follow.

More at: Swoodson Says

Like Store Bought Wired Headband

Most garment craft projects are borrowed from somewhere, and if you want something that looks close to the real thing, this is a good pattern.

Using wire for stability, this looks the part and provides a brilliant accent for an outfit on a warm day.

The great thing about a wired headband is that it doesn’t slip around and it can be shaped in a variety of ways so that it doesn’t move. An ideal headband for when doing activities when you are getting your head down like gardening.

More at: Sew Can Do

Fabric Headband

With no elastic required, this is another pattern that can be made with scraps as long as they are the right kind.

Using a pretty design is always going to be the best approach so if you have some special fabric you have been saving and want to use a little of that, this is a good project.

They only take a few minutes to make and are an ideal task for a beginner sewer looking to develop their skills.

More at: Polkadot Chair

Turban Headband

With that iconic 1940’s twist style, this is great for a vintage look but is also super easy to make. It looks harder than it is so this is a good reward for a simple process headband sewing pattern.

The whole thing should only take around an hour so it is possible to make a few in an evening to give as a gift.

Use medium-weight cotton for best results and even contrasting fabrics should you wish to cover the elastic.

More at: Sew Diy

Easy Headband

With plenty of scraps ready to be used, this is a good pattern for making multiple headbands in one sitting.

The simple design uses elastic to keep it comfortable and make sure it stays in place and is the kind of project that a novice will be able to enjoy.

There are plenty of pictures to take you through each stage and only a handful of instructions to follow.

More at: Mary Martha Mama

Little Bow Headbands

These are great for girls on the move, or just for keeping their growing hair out of their eyes during playtime.

There are cutting instructions for different sizes to ensure a comfortable fit and plenty of pictures to take the guesswork out of every step.

This is a cute design and the bow gives some nice texture to a simple pattern.

More at: Sew Can She

Knit Fabric Headband

Another easy headband sewing pattern and a comfortable one at that.

The large and simple bow looks great and is made without the use of hot glue to make sure everything is properly secure.

The great thing is you can change the size of the bow to give it a different look and there are guidelines on what measurements to make for different sizes so these can be made for kids of all sizes.

More at: Sew Not Perfect

Kids Headband Gift

You might want to keep this for yourself, we wouldn’t blame you! Each headband takes under 30 minutes to make so it is a great project for a beginner or if you need to make multiple gifts in one sitting.

Using a cotton scrap fabric, and some fold-over elastic, this is a simple pattern with only 7 steps to follow before your little one can enjoy comfortable playtime without their hair slowing them down.

More at: Alice and Lois

Kids Top Knot Headband

The oversized know and wide headband make this a comfortable choice for a kid’s headband sewing pattern.

A piece of stretchy fabric and a little bit of magic on the sewing machine is all you really need once you have used the pattern and are on your way.

Another cute and functional headband.

More at: Sweet Red Poppy

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