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Harem Pants Sewing Patterns

These stylish and loose pants are easy to match with something tight-fitting on top and have a casual yet sporty feel to them. We are of course talking about all tings harem pants sewing patterns today. There aren’t always a lot of options for them in-store which is why it is great to find patterns that work for you. We have selected a series of the best available. Each one offers something a little different.

Jazzy Harem Pants

These have those Asian market floaty look to them and are ideal for those warm days where you want comfortable full-length pants to wear.

A festival-ready look, these jazzy harem pants require a pair of jeans to use as the measurement and are known for being easy to sew in a hurry.

Stretch fabric is ideal here and you only need 1.5 yards of it to get started. There aren’t many steps to follow, just large images and simple instructions.

More at: Gathered

Sheena Pants

With a large waistline that holds everything together without being restrictive, these are some of the most comfortable pants you will own.

They are simple to make and with a fun design on the fabric, they are ideal for summer vibes.

This is a good design for practicing a variety of stitches and shod be fine for a beginner to make with a little patience. It is a free harem pant sewing pattern that only has 6 steps to follow.

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Drawstring Harem Pants

The drawstring ensures these are always going to feel comfortable around the waist and this is known as being a quick project, even for a beginner.

The low crotched pants look is classic for this style and means the casual look is always there.

Tapered at the ankle, they are the ultimate comfort pant and knitted jersey cotton is the ideal option. They can be made in a single color or combined with a second for something a little different.

More at: Elena Workshop

Harem Pants Sewing Pattern

To make this even easier you can cut the top off some old sweat pants and use this as the cuffs for your new pants.

From there, the rest is relatively easy so if you are after a hack to make harem pants simple, then look no further. We like that the instructions are made to be simple, with enough images to guide a novice through each stage.

They have the same floaty look as all the best harem pants so these could easily be the new favorite in your wardrobe.

More at: My Dreamy World By Jarka

DIY Harem Pants

Ideal for pairing with a tank top, this harem pants sewing pattern is great for a quick stylish look and can be worn just about anywhere.

The drop crotch style is exaggerated here but this can be adjusted to your preference. Each step is made simple from the ankle pieces to the joining of the legs and for a free pattern, it is one of the more useful.

With some handy tips and guidance along the way, this is a great beginner project.

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Harem Sweat Pants

For the ultimate comfort, these harem sweat pants give you the best of two worlds.

Firstly, they have the casual drop crotch look of the harem pants, but also the thick and stretchy material of sporty sweat pants.

This means they can be great for grabbing a coffee, or even for doing some yoga. There are plenty of images here and the instructions are easy to follow.

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Harem Pants Tutorial

With a lower cut-off, these are 2/3 length and have a nice casual feel to them.

They offer a little less in the way of coverage which means more sun is going to reach the legs, something we can always get behind!

The elastic waistband ensures the ultimate comfort and the bagginess means that there is a bit of room for error should you be worried about making your first pair of harem pants.

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Sarouel Style Harem Pants

The exaggerated crotch drop on these makes them feel like they came straight from Disneys Aladdin, and this only adds to the fun.

They sure are on the baggy side but this makes them more comfortable and with a video tutorial to guide you through the process, this is as easy as one could hope for.

The pattern is free and it shouldn’t take long to make, even for a beginner.

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Baby Harem Pants

Because baby needs to look good and feel comfortable too, this adorable harem pants sewing guide is a real winner.

The use of soft flannel or knit is always going to be good and kind on young skin. There are only a handful of instructions and of course, there isn’t a lot of fabric required to make this mini version.

It is possible to make a matching pair for mama which would be incredibly cute.

More at: Gathered

Simple Harem Pants Pattern

Simple is always a good thing when it comes to harem pants sewing patterns.

This baby version leaves lots of space for a full diaper and the instructions do not mess around. There are only 4 to follow and each one is barely a line.

The guide puts things in lamens terms which is all most people need to make these cute baggy pants for baby.

More at: Made By Toya

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