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Bodysuit Sewing Patterns

Whatever project you were planning next, make it a bodysuit. These fashionable garments are eye-catching to say the least and super comfortable. They are also difficult to find in the right size and often don’t come in many styles which is why so many people opt for a bodysuit sewing pattern. We have created a list of the best and each one offers something a little different. They aren’t overly difficult to make and the best thing is, they’re free. So, when you are fretting about finding the ideal top for your next venture out, make your own instead.

Glitzy Bodysuit

In many ways, it seems the ’80s will never die and since it always pops up in fashion, this glitzy bodysuit sewing pattern ticks all the boxes. It has those big puff sleeves that have a startling presence about them and the back has a large cutout area to ensure it is cool when wearing it on the dance floor.

Those big shoulders add some texture to a stand-out garment that you will be looking for any excuse to wear. There are plenty of size options available for this pattern ranging from 2 to 30 and large images with simple instructions. Oh, and of course, it’s free!

More at: Mood Fabrics

Redux Bodysuit

It’s difficult to know where to start with this glamorous bodysuit, there is so much to like about it. ┬áThe detailing on the chest and neck applique are good places to get it going, as these are two of the most unique sections. Still, there is plenty of other good going on such as the puff sleeves that leave a lot of room for getting creative.

Using a couple of yards of organza fabric and some stretch Liverpool knit, this is pretty straightforward for an intermediate sewer and is sure to become a go-to party outfit. Thankfully, there are plenty of size options and easy steps for this free downloadable pattern.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Valeriana Bodysuit

This bodysuit sewing pattern offers a mix of dressy and casual since the sloped shoulder gives it a relaxed look that is also part of its most eye-catching feature. The fabric itself is important here as the glitzy gold pique is a big part of what makes this so special.

The asymmetrical neckline looks great and isn’t difficult to make and it goes well with a pair of white trousers or a long skirt. With a little know-how and some patience, this is an ideal weekend project and experienced sewers should be able to make it in one sitting.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Almond Bodysuit

For a multi-purpose bodysuit look no further. This is great for wearing around town or stretching out on the yoga mat since it has a stretchy feel and a contemporary look. With a cotton rib knit you can’t go wrong because of the way it moves with the body and the neckline combines well with the crossed section on the chest to give it some texture and makes it a little different.

There are sizes from 2 to 30 so this is a project that almost anyone can take on and it is free to download. It looks great and feels comfortable enough to wear all day.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Bellium Bodysuit

The puffed sleeves are becoming a classic look with a custom-made bodysuit and we are all for it. It has a regal look but with a contemporary twist and the floaty fabric and cut makes it cool to wear in the warmer months.

Each section is made easy thanks to the simple instructions and step-by-step guide to anyone who is between 2 to size 30 should be able to get on fine with this free downloadable pattern. This is definitely one for those days where you aren’t sure what to wear as it pairs well with anything, especially jeans.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Foxglove Bodysuit

Another contemporary look and the large cut-out back make it cool, combining that with the 3/4 length sleeves and you have a stand-out fashion piece for your wardrobe. A full skirt makes it look formal whilst a pair of jeans have a relaxed but debonair appeal.

What we like most about this pattern is the bi-colored design. The dual fabrics are very much on-trend at the moment so why not join the latest statement in the world of fashion with something of your own making. There are six steps to follow, and a free downloadable pdf to ensure you can go from materials to the finished article in no time.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Thyme Bodysuit

The fabric certainly makes this bodysuit what it is – a highly fashionable bodysuit. Everything from the cut to the color in the example works so well, but there is plenty of room for trying different fabrics and designs with this pattern.

Any embroidered lace style fabric will really make a huge difference so work to a 1/2 inch seam allowance and enjoy the cutout shoulders of the back and flattering cut of the front. The fabric can be a little delicate so sew with care and work to the free downloadable patterns instructions.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Bunny suit Corset

No bodysuit sewing pattern list would be complete without a bunny suit. This works like a corset in that it pulls everything in around the hips for a flattering look. It is not one for the faint-hearted since it should be considered an advanced project but the overbust style and ease of use makes it a project worth tackling.

There are 16 pattern pieces to cut and an optional modesty panel but there are plenty of size options should you be in the market for a bunny suit that you make yourself.

More at: Aranea Black

No-Sew Cold Shoulder Bodysuit

A no-sew bodysuit is always going to get our attention, and we are glad this one did. All it requires is the use of an old top, preferable with a turtle neck style and some cutting and folding along the way.

There is an instructional video to make this process easier which is great although the simple instructions mean it might not be necessary. It is secured by snap fasteners and there are only 7 steps to master before you go from an old long sleeve top to a new bodysuit.

More at: Instructables Craft

Adorable Onesie

Let’s just start by saying this is one cute bodysuit sewing pattern for babies. You can never have too many, especially since young ones tend to invent new ways to ruin their onesies forever. Luckily, this one is relatively easy so it is possible to make a bunch of them over the weekend to re-stock a dwindling supply.

The instructional video is easy to follow and allows a beginner to pause and go at their own pace. There are size guides aplenty to help make sure this can be made for all young ones.

More at: Spoonflower

Baby Onesie

Another adorable design for little ones, this is available in sizes from newborn up to 6 months old. Because of this, it would make a unique and personal gift for anyone bringing a newborn home. It is a short sleeve bodysuit although there are instructions for making a sleeveless version which is ideal for the summer months.

The instructions are easy to follow and the pictures help to make every step simple. We like that it is easy to customize with cute fabric designs that will make them a little different from store-bought onesies.

More at: Small Dreamfactory

Leotard DIY

This is the name that some people associate with this type of garment, so it is only fitting to find a traditional leotard sewing pattern. It is easy to follow and there are plenty of suggestions on how to make this design easier.

We like that it can be made for an adult or a child and the big images help to take some of the strain away from finishing the project. It is one for an intermediate sewer and beyond, arguably because there are numerous steps for this free downloadable pattern.

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