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Bomber Jacket Sewing Patterns

They never seem to go out of style, but it can be hard to find one you like. This is why a bomber jacket sewing pattern is a great idea. Not only will it fit right when made to the desired measurements, but there are plenty of ways to customize them. We love a good custom bomber jacket so it seems as good a time as any to share our list of the best patterns available. Each one is ideal for creating a unique garment, that will last through the changing seasons.

Avelia Bomber Jacket

Just about every fashion brand under the sun has made a reflective jacket and this is a look that is not going to go out of vogue any time soon.

It is a material that certainly catches the eye so when you have found the material near you, this is a great bomber jacket sewing pattern for putting it to good use.

The jacket will be fully lined and features a green rib-knit although it is possible to change it up for a different color should you have something in mind.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Reversible Bomber

Another great example of what a stylish material can do when combined with a great pattern. This reversible jacket is a two-in-one, complete with pockets bomber.

Ideal for switching up a man’s style and a reliable rib knit to make sure it is comfortable. There are great textures and it is easy to make two wildly different designs or one plain, and another checked.

The pattern is easy enough to follow and it can be made on a weekend by an experienced sewer.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Reversible Women’s Bomber

The principle is the same, but the design and cut are made to fit a different style. It is a bomber jacket with some attitude when using the right design.

Perfect for the fall, it is super comfortable and has a chic, contemporary look that only this type of jacket can offer.

There are plenty of different sizes available and large pictures to take the sewer through every step. The small zig-zag stitch is designed to give it extra stretch, perfect for when you are saying goodbye to summer.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Knit Fabric Bomber

Although there are other options for the material, we like the look of the finished knit versions. It might take a weekend to complete so considering this a project for an advanced sewer.

Still, with a reliable overlock machine, and two different styles of fabric, this is a great reversible bomber.

It is easy to add pockets to the side seams and we like that this pattern comes with useful tips and instructions, including details on what stitches to expect.

More at: Bernina

Red Alert Bomber Jacket

The velvet ensures this isn’t your ordinary bomber jacket sewing pattern, and it has a sophistication about it that other options do not.

A little understated compared to the reflective options, it feels great due to the texture of the fabric and is a free pattern with easy-to-follow instructions.

It can be paired with some jeans and a t-shirt to look relaxed or will go with a dressier outfit thanks to its understated design.

More at: Love Sewing Mag

Metalized Quilting Fabric Bomber

This padded bomber jacket has that typical bomber look that looks as good as it feels. One of the warmest options on here, it is ideal for taking the edge off of a cool morning whilst remaining snug throughout the day. This fabric is easily found yet not used enough so you can have a stand-out garment that you made yourself.

This downloadable pattern is available in sizes from 36 to 46 so there are plenty of options and there are a series of recommendations to read before getting started which are particularly useful.

More at: Katia Blog

Contemporary Bomber

This is a 22 step bomber jacket sewing pattern that is easy to follow and can be made on a single stitch sewing machine.

What makes it better is that there is an instructional video so a beginner can pause, take their time, but still see exactly how each step should be implemented.

The pattern uses a t-shirt as the basis before cutting the textured bomber fabric such as a quilted polyester material.

More at: Instructables Craft

Floral Satin Bomber Jacket

We love the pretty look of the fabric used, but whatever you go for, the fit and cut of this bomber are what makes it such a good pattern.

The finished cuffs and ribbed fabric make it super comfortable and add a little contrasting flair to the design. With only 9 steps to follow, it is made relatively easy although it is one for an intermediate sewer to tackle.

The whole process shouldn’t take longer than a weekend but you are left with a garment that really stands out.

More at: Sew Mag

Women’s Free Bomber¬†

With a wide range of sizes to choose from (34 – 54), this is a contemporary design but with a vintage twist.

We love the design of the fabric, combined with contrasting yellow ribbed fabric on the cuffs and neck and waist to give this a style pop like no other.

It is a free bomber jacket sewing pattern that is easy to follow, whilst being forgiving enough for a beginner to give it a try.

More at: Do It Ur Self For Free

Boys Bomber Jacket

Now here is something for the young lads in your house.

A pattern for ages 4 to 8, it has a contemporary style thanks to the texture of the fabric used in the example.

Still, the cut is great, and it has a modern feel that you may have seen in the high street stores.

There are side pockets to keep the hands warm and a ribbed material to keep the cold out.

More at: Do It Ur Self For Free


Floral Kids Bomber Jacket

Cute as a button is the easiest way to describe this bomber jacket. It can be made for sizes between 12 months and 12 years so there are plenty of options, although it is only the size 2 pattern that is free.

Still, it has a lovely texture and is snug for when you are heading to the park for a play date and need to take the edge off.

It is fully lined, has neat little pockets, and is not overly difficult to make thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions.

More at: Sew a Little Seam

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