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Mens T Shirt Sewing Patterns

Let’s face it, some men need all the help they can get when it comes to the clothes they wear. Even the most stylish man around can never own enough t-shirts though. From the V-neck to the round neck, there is always room for another, and then some. This is why we have created a list of the best men’s t-shirt sewing patterns. There is something for every style, plenty o size options, and of course, they are all free to download.

Men’s Round Neck Tee

This is your standard basic everyday men’s tee that looks great in any color imaginable. Because of the design, simple white or black is always a safe option.

However, if you can source some funky prints for the fabric, then why not make something a little summer-inspired and out there.

This men’s t-shirt sewing pattern is available in a range of sizes from small to XXL so it should be fine for most.

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Sunday V-Neck

Sundays are for relaxing, as is this V-neck sewing pattern. Anyone with some knit fabric to hand will find this a simple project, and the different colors on the shoulder and neck hem make it stand out more than your standard men’s tee.

It is free to download and print, and the pdf is easy to work with because of the simple instructions that help to guide the user through the process.

There are also plenty of size options available so no one has to miss out.

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Basic Round Neck Men’s Tee

One of the main attributes everyone needs from a tee is comfort and this relaxed fit, round neck men’s t-shirt ticks all the right boxes.

It is not a challenging project, in fact, it is mostly straight lines once the cuts have been made.

Stretchy jersey fabric is always going to work well here, but anything that is breathable and has a little give is a good option.

There isn’t an abundance of images to help guide the user through, but basic instructions that take away any complications.

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Men’s T-Shirt In Plenty of Sizes

The slouchy look of this tee makes it ideal for almost any occasion. Throw it on with some jeans and head to town, or pair it with some shorts and hit the beach. These are the versatile tees that everyone needs more of.

What is good is that it is free, comes in lots of size options, and can be made by a beginner. The ribbed neckline adds to the comfort, just like the relaxed fit.

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Free T-Shirt Tutorial 

This could be labeled a classic tee and is one of the better projects on our list for a complete novice as it is uncomplicated.

There are no tricky panels to master, just a jersey band neckline. It can be sewn using different techniques and machines so if you have a regular sewer, or an overlocker, this can be finished in no time.

That’s part of what we like about it. Just like the fuss-free t-shirt design, it doesn’t take long, isn’t difficult, and can be made in sizes XS to XL.

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Sage Tee Sewing Pattern For Men

Short sleeves and a crew neck and keeping it simple are the names of the game here.

The relaxed fit makes it extra comfortable, especially when it is t-shirt weather. The best fabric is any kind of medium-weight knit as long as it has a bit of stretch to it.

There are a bunch of size options so this basic men’s t-shirt sewing pattern can be made for most guys in need of a simple new tee that fits just right.

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Free and Easy Men’s Tee Pattern

This long-sleeve tee is ideal for taking the chill off a morning and the contrasting colors provide plenty of opportunity for getting creative.

We like the mix of grays in the example as these can go with just about anything. It is free to download and comes in size from XS to XXXL.

There are different options for finishing the sleeves so it is up to the user to decide whether they want to use cuffs or hems. It has a relaxed fit and is a good option since a lot of men never have enough long-sleeved tees.

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Full Sleeve Tee

Another casual full-length men’s t-shirt sewing pattern. This one is pretty simple and is made with one color to ensure it is easy to make.

The size options range from small to XL and it has a relaxed fit without being too slouchy.

Using the right material, this is going to look great with the sleeves rolled up and with softer fabrics, it could even be made into a pajama top, ideal for the colder months when those long sleeves come in handy.

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Free Men’s T-Shirt Sewing Pattern

The great thing about this option is that it is made like a custom fit, so using precise measurements to make the pattern rather than guesswork.

This makes it a men’s tee with a difference – no more settling for whatever size and fit is closest.

The feel is semi-fitted, so it’s not too tight, but not too loose, and can be made in various sleeve lengths.

In terms of difficulty, it is rated as one of the easiest tutorials possible.

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DIY Men’s T-Shirt Pattern For Beginners

Men’s t-shirts in general make good beginner projects, and everything about this version is made with a newbie in mind.

They have avoided using any complicated sewing jargon, instead, it takes the stress out of a sewing pattern that should be simple.

There is advice on every step including which materials to buy, the best fabrics, sewing it all together, and how to finish it all off.

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