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Ever walked through town and seen another person wearing the same store-bought dress as you? Or, perhaps you struggle to find the ideal fit? These are just two of the many reasons people are looking for quality dress sewing patterns. The problem is, shopping for the perfect pattern can take a while. This is why we have created a list of the best. There is something for different tastes with a variety of styles covered. Some of them are fine for beginners meaning there is something for everyone.

Vinca Dress Pattern

A stunning dress sewing pattern with three decorative zippers on one side, and a single shoulder with a full-length sleeve.

This is an eye-catching dress, to say the least, and when combined with a quality fabric such as a soft Ponte as used in the example, it is sure to run some heads.

It is possible to leave the zippers out and try a different fabric although we still think this version is amazing. There are plenty of size options available and easy-to-follow instructions.

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Hyacinth Gown Patter

Another gorgeous gown with a billowing back that has so much texture it is sure to become a party outfit.

The front leg slit is also a stand-out feature without being over revealing, it strikes the right balance.

The pattern itself is one for the intermediate sewer and above, although it isn’t overly complex, it does require some skill to get it right. The chainmail type fabric in the example helps to add to the look, of course.

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Ulmus Dress Pattern

For a versatile pattern that has a summery look, this is one of the best. It is the sort of dress that can be worn at any time of day or night and hits the right note of both casual and special.

The ruffled sleeves and ends add some texture and make it seem like it should be more complicated than it is.

Although a beginner might find this takes a while, it is not impossible and should be a rewarding challenge for any accomplished sewer.

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The Rowan

With a 60’s silhouette that everyone seems to love, this is an excellent dress sewing pattern that can be made smart with the right design, or as fun as the print will allow.

This means your imagination can run wild, the comic book print idea in the example is a good one but this also works as a plain fabric or with contrasting hems.

The sizes range from 2 to 30 so it is a pattern that a lot of people can get to grips with.

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Magnolia Dress Sewing Pattern

A striking cocktail dress that is unlike any other. This pattern uses polyester satin as one of the fabrics and it really looks the part.

The cross strap on the neck and the perfect length combine to make this a must-have for many.

There are plenty of sizes available and the instructions are easy to follow thanks to the numerous pictures to keep you on track as you work your way through this dress sewing pattern.

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The Jarrah Pattern

From the cut on the front to the decorative bow, there is something lovely about the Jarrah dress.

It has a sophistication that stems from the regal silhouette and there are in-depth instructions to help to get to the finished article.

The lining makes it feel comfortable and soft on the skin whilst the numerous size options mean it is a dress sewing pattern that almost anyone can enjoy. It has a neutral look that means it could be made into a nightgown with the right materials.

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Nyssa Dress Pattern

This beautiful wrap dress has an amazing cut that means it flows nicely to the point where it is airy enough for summer.

This will combine well with a floral or bright-colored fabric. It looks good enough to be a party dress and can even be worn on a special occasion.

With a 1/4 inch rolled hem and a waist tie, this is easy to put together for an intermediate sewer and above.

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Xylosma Free Sewing Pattern

A flattering dress for anyone who wants to show off their curves, this has a pleasant fit and for anyone who often feels a little supple, this fitted address can help bring everything in a little.

The long sleeves give plenty of coverage so this can be worn in the colder months and the high collar makes it stand out.

It can be made from leather although you will want to make sure you have the right needle and a heavy-duty machine that is up to the task.

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Iberis Dress Pattern

Good enough to be a bridesmaid dress, this dress sewing pattern comes in a variety of size options to appease every fit of the bridesmaid should you wish to make them for everyone.

This is going to take some time of course, but if you just want a special dress for another occasion then this will surely fit the bill.

With decorative embroidered and beaded arms to the flowing silk.

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Brassia Dress Sewing Pattern

For a dress with a flattering silhouette but is still nice and warm, the Brassia pattern is a great option.

Not every dress is designed for summer, so choose a pleasant fall color and opt for wool like the example. It can be worn with layers in winter and with no closures, it is important to select a fabric with a little stretch.

You only need 3 yards of soft wool or similar fabric and the free sewing pattern.

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Zenobia Dress Pattern

Featuring stylish bishop sleeves and a full-tiered skirt, this is a dress that is sure to turn some heads.

We love the summery pattern in the example but it is easy to make this work in your favorite color and design.

The casual look isn’t too difficult to replicate and anyone with a bit of experience will be able to make it without an issue.

There are plenty of big pictures to follow and of course, it is free.

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Todea Dress Pattern

A sophisticated dress with a flattering silhouette that you will be dying to take off the hanger and find a reason to wear.

It can be made from a variety of fabrics so don’t feel restricted by the example’s use of velour although it does give off that nostalgic 90’s feel thanks to the long gown look.

Everything from the thin straps to the back ties gives a hint of texture but it is the shape that steals the show here.

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Eurya Dress Pattern

Anyone looking for a floaty dress that is going to feel cool when the temperature is on the rise will appreciate the Eurya dress sewing pattern.

It has a glamorous look to it thanks to the pleasant lines and with the right fabric, maybe one that is slightly transparent, it can really cause a stir.

A lot of dresses will flow nicely around the legs as you walk but this one has that floaty feel around the arms that is so much fun and looks amazing.

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Pretty Poinsettia Pattern

Want a dress that is going to be the talk of the party? Then look no further than this option.

The amazing fringe sequins will shimmer in the lights of the party as you dance the night away giving it a semi-vintage/masquerade ball appearance.

We think the cut is just as flattering and it can be a dress that you will never forget. Special enough for any event, it could be the New Years’ dress you will be waiting for all year.

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The Rue

With a billowing wrap skirt that is going to flow beautifully on a breezy beach, this is the perfect cover-up for all things summer holidays.

The long sleeves add to the extra coverage ensuring you have more protection from the sun and some sort of silky charmeuse will be the ideal fabric for this style of dress.

It might be too special to wear on the sand but there are plenty of occasions that these stand-out dresses can be worn. With numerous size options and easy-to-follow instructions, it is sure to be a hit.

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Ginger Dress Pattern

There is so much to like about the Ginger dress sewing pattern that it can be difficult to know where to start.

The detail of the fabric is as good a place as any, adding plenty of texture to a flattering cut.

The sleeves are full length with ties to add to the texture, and the high collar gives it a sophisticated look. It can be made up to a size 30 and it shouldn’t be too challenging for an experienced sewer.

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Redux Free Sewing Pattern

The final dress sewing pattern on a list is another special one. This one is as fun as any of the others and with the right fabric, it could be a hit around the festive season.

It has a pleasant cut to it and a nice flow around the skirt.

With plenty of size options, and large images to make the instructions easier to follow, it is a great option that even a beginner could tackle.

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