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Capelet Sewing Patterns

Call them a classic, retro, vintage, whatever. A capelet can transform an outfit, and give it some class. there are so many ways to wear them, but when you search the stores, there aren’t many options. this is why we have created our list of the best capelet sewing patterns. Each one is easy to make, is free to download, and many of them are fine for a beginner to handle. So, to find your next sewing project, take a look at our list and get creative.

1940’s Style Capelet

This vintage look is an intermediate sewing project and is for sizes small and medium, or the US sizes 6/8.

This is only for the pattern, there aren’t instructions included which is why it is not an ideal project for a beginner.

It is a plain design but the cutting and sewing will require some prior knowledge. Still, we think it looks fab.

More at: Vera Venus

DIY Capelet

This is an on-trend capelet sewing pattern that has an all-over coverage at the front, making it ideal for taking the chill off a cold day.

This is definitely another pattern that gives off a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe that we are all for.

It is one of the most fashionable options you could hope for and there are easy-to-follow instructions to make it a project that is both enjoyable, and rewarding.

More at: Sew Daily

Reversible Drawstring Capelet

With a poncho style, this drawstring cape can be made to provide added coverage and all starts with a circle pattern.

This makes it one of the easiest capelets to make and should only take around an hour, even for a beginner.

The cost is around $10 once the materials are sourced and with a little sewing knowledge, the ten steps to making it should be fine for most. It drapes nicely off the shoulder for a look that is easy to love.

More at: Cut Out And Keep

Cat Cape

Using an old trench coat, this has a cosplay style but can just be a cute hooded capelet that takes the edge off a wet or cold day.

The process is simple and there seems to be more cutting than sewing.

Still, it is always good to upcycle old clothes and see what comes out.

With a couple of hours of your time, it is possible to make this with only a handful of added materials to get through the 30 steps.

More at: Cut Out And Keep

Simple Capelet Tutorial

There isn’t anything overly complicated about this capelet sewing pattern but we think it really looks great when complete.

The lining can be made thicker to make it warmer for the cold months and the pleasant ribbon tie ensures it is always comfortable when drawn.

The instructions are numerous but simple and it takes a lot of guessing out of making a capelet for the first time.

More at: Urban Threads

The Audrey Girls Capelet

A cute and stylish caplet that everyone should have, they are made for little girls to enjoy.

Because of the style, it is easy to make the ideal size and with a comfortable lining and collar, it is a great project that even a beginner can tackle.

Although it is smart enough to be worn to school, it is likely to become the favorite item that you want your young one to wear when she is with you, for all those photos obviously!

More at: Simple Simon And Company

Dressup Capelet Sewing Pattern

For a ruffled, shabby-chic look, this girl’s capelet is cute and adds some nice texture to a party outfit.

It almost looks too special for everyday wear but looks great when using cotton or cotton blends and would make an excellent addition to the dress-up box once it has been worn to that special occasion.

The pattern is free to download, and there are plenty of useful instructions for making life easier. There is some fun to be had in the ripping of the ruffles, and the rest is easy to follow.

More at: Treasurie

Girls and Ladies Whimsy Capelet Pattern

Using a soft and cuddle fabric, you get a nice thick texture that feels warm and gives minimal coverage but looks great.

It can be made with coordinating prints and colors and doesn’t require a lot of fabric to make.

The whole process shouldn’t take an experienced sewer an hour, and it layers well with a variety of outfits.

The best part is that it can be made for girls and ladies so all the girls in a house can match.

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Princess Anna Capelet

Inspired by Disney, this is a great addition to the dress-up box.

Once it is made, you can expect your little one to want to practically live in it.

With an authentic look, it is made from fleece material which will ensure it is hardy, washes well, and lasts a long time, even after plenty of play.

The guide is for ages 7 to 9 but we imagine it is pretty easy to adjust this to make it ideal for whatever age.

More at: Fleece Fun

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