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Palazzo Pants Sewing Patterns

For that funky flowing look that feels great and is flattering for any type of figure, there are;t many pants that are as good as Palazzo. The problem is, they can be hard to find and there isn’t always a lot of variety. This is why we have compiled a list of the best Palazzo pants sewing patterns. They are free, relatively easy to make, and the result is well worth it. So, time to see if your next sewing project is part of our list.

Wide Leg Palazzo Pants

The floor-length fit and elegant look of these ensure they are summer-ready so when you need a little extra coverage and want to look your sophisticated best, this is an excellent palazzo pant sewing pattern.

The lighter colors will look great here and the pattern will help to elongate your figure. Wear this with a short tank top or even a bodysuit and tuck it into the waistband of these comfortable pants without being too tight.

It is possible to lengthen this pattern even further should you wish to, and it shouldn’t take long to make.

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Aster Pants Sewing Pattern

These floaty pants have an exaggerated look about them so for anyone that is a fan of the dramatic, these are an excellent option.

It is possible to go for a cropped version if you want to try something a little different and would look great with a billowing blouse or a button-up shirt.

The long version will require 5 yards of fabric and 4 for the cropped leg pants. The sewing process is relatively simple, with plenty of help from the large images along the way.

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Maple Coulettes Palazzo Pants

These cropped palazzo pants look great and have a classic appeal with ultimate comfort.

They can be made to look smart when using the right fabric design and the pattern itself doesn’t take long to make, even for a beginner.

There are a lot of sizes to choose from so finding the ideal measurements is simple.

It is even possible to use a thicker material such as wool suiting to make it feel more formal, although this will also make it less suitable for summer wear.

More at: Mood Fabrics

The Ursi Ensemble Palazzo Pants

The button-up crop adds to the chic look and gives plenty of texture to this divine palazzo pant sewing pattern.

Anyone staying abroad will want to look the part, so why not make something unique that is going to turn heads and feel great.

The simple instructions and large pictures take a lot of the pain out of making such a garment although finding the ideal fabric is important. The crop top with detachable sleeves is optional, but going by the images, it is a must-sew.

More at: Mood Fabrics

DIY Palazzo Pants

Where else can you get palazzo pants this stylish for around $10?

This is one of the major reasons why making your own is so appealing. the flared look may have been popular in the ’70s but in truth, it has never really gone away.

It has been reinvented to offer a floaty look that has a blend of casual and smart here. With an instructional video to make it even easier to follow, this is a great project for a beginner or anyone with a bit of sewing experience.

More at: Diy Joy

Wide-Legged Palazzo Pants Sewing Pattern

Using linen fabric, these have a level of sophistication that we think most people will enjoy, especially with the color used in the example.

The instructions are pretty simple and although they don’t offer a lot of guidance for a beginner, there are plenty of sizes to choose from.

This makes it easier to create the perfect fit so going from a pile of fabric to the finished article shouldn’t take long.

More at: Thu Zoe Diy

Printed Palazzo Pants

This palazzo pants sewing pattern is made to feel like you are wearing a skirt and not stylish trousers, such as the flowing nature of the cut.

A lot of this is down to the fabric, and the stylish option used in the example looks great but using something wildly different would still work.

It takes around 3 m of printed fabric to make and the 7 simple steps are easy to follow.

This makes it a good option for a beginner, and of course, it is free.

More at: Collective Gen

Palazzo Pants From Scratch

The high-waisted, floor-length trousers look great and have a flattering appearance.

It is easy to make alterations and although it is possible to use clothes you already own as a base, following this pattern is going to make life easier.

Using 1.5 yards of the knit jersey is most of what is needed and the fun part is choosing the design you like.

There are plenty of big pictures to make it easy to replicate and follow.

More at: Creative Fashion Blog

Wide Leg Trouser

With two meters of a nice flowing fabric, it is going to be easy to create this palazzo pant sewing pattern.

The whit of the example is going to serve you well in the summer although it is the sort of cut that would look great with any design.

The elasticated waist makes them comfortable and flattering and when using another pair of wide-leg trousers as a template, it is easy to finish.

More at: Collective Gen

Stylish Wide Leg PantsĀ 

With a wide leg and a cropped length, these are some comfortable palazzo pants to make at home.

It can be printed onto A4 or the full-sized version should you have the means to print them.

The instructions are easy to follow and using a cotton drill style fabric or similar is going to be a good way to replicate the stylish look of the example.

Another excellent pattern that is fine for a beginner.

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