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Baby Bib Sewing Patterns

As cute as they are, babies go through clothes faster than any other age. There are so many ways they can cause any outfit, new or old to need to be tossed away which is why having a bib to hand at feed time is essential. Even these can get ruined with bright orange food, which is why a baby bib sewing pattern is a great idea. There are so many good ones that we had to compile a list of the best. Take a look at what is possible below.

Basic Baby Bib

Available in 3 different sizes, this is an excellent baby bib sewing pattern that a novice will find easy enough.

They look great and would make a wonderful gift to a new mother who requires some supplies. There are sizes from baby up to 4 years so it covers all the messy eating years and has plenty of nice textures when combining different textures.

The prints themselves are on the small side, so a little patience is required but this also makes them cheap and quick to make.

More at: Apple Green Cottage

Reversible Baby Bib

If one side is looking a little worse for wear, try the other! This is the major benefit of these bibs and they are easy to make.

There are plenty of instructions to make this a quick process and help for the hem to make it extra comfortable for the baby to wear.

Using soft colors is always going to work and if using a knit fabric as suggested in the example, be sure to wash it first to avoid the end product from shrinking to an unusable size.

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Apron Bib

An apron bib is always a good idea since it covers more of the baby, resulting in less mess.

Although the little ones will likely find a way to make a mess of themselves, their clothes should remain in better condition thanks to this bib.

Print this baby bib sewing pattern at 100% and follow the simple instructions.

It is free, can be made from a variety of materials, and can be personalized with some embroidery skills.

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Binky Baby Bib

In about 30 minutes you can make a fleece-lined comfortable baby bib thanks to this pattern.

Using a walking foot to guide the fabric, there are only 12 steps to follow and each one has large images to make them easy to follow.

It is a free pattern and there are plenty of fabrics that can be used to make these unique.

This ensures they will make a thoughtful gift that will be useful for any new family.

More at: Auntie Ems Crafts

DIY Baby Bib Pattern

With only 9 steps to follow, this is an easy project and can even be finished using hand stitches rather than a machine.

Of course, a sewing machine is going to speed the process up significantly. Sealed with a fastener, they are easy to attach, even for a novice.

This bib provides decent coverage and has a classic, simple look that can be made a little more exciting with the right fabric.

More at: Instructables Craft

Absorbent Baby Bib

The more absorbent the bib, the better. When those mushed-up vegetables are being tossed from the spoon, you’ll be glad that you followed a baby big sewing pattern like this one.

Thick terry cloth is good for soaking liquids and by layering with cotton on the inside, you should be able to protect baby’s clothes from the orange of a sweet potato or whatever else they are trying this week.

It is easy to make plenty of these in one evening so you are fully stocked.

More at: The Willow Market

Baby Bib Pattern

Cute, and wide enough to stop most messes from ruining a perfectly good outfit, this is a simple yet effective baby bib sewing pattern.

You can never have too many of these and they don’t take long to sew together, with a simple pattern to thank for that.

The snap closure means this isn’t going to be ripped off when you need it to protect the baby from that sachet of wholesome dinner.

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Catch-All Laminated Bib

Catch-all and laminated will be music to the ears of many parents. Not only do young ones make a mess of themselves, but also the floor where food rolls down their tum and onto the ground.

This has a pocket to stop that from happening and because it is laminated, it will never allow food to stain clothed upon contact.

There is a section on how to add a little personalization making this a useful pattern and ideal for the mini messy eater of the house.

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Vinyl Mustache Bib

For something a little different and fun, this makes a good break from your standard baby bib sewing pattern.

The vinyl material ensures any spills will not ruin the clothes underneath and the cute mustache is always fun to look at.

The vinyl can be cut to any size you need it to be and although the material can be a little tricky to work with, it is a good project for learning how to sew vinyl for a cute bib at the end.

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