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It is the season where everyone seems to be using pants sewing patterns but with so many to choose from, scrolling endlessly seems like the only option. With something for all styles, shapes, and sizes, we have compiled a list of the best pants sewing patterns available. There are pants that many people hadn’t even considered that are easy to make for a semi accomplished sewer. Even if it is for the man of the house, or to make something the kids will inevitably get grass stains on, our list is as complete as they come.

Free Nasrin Pants Pattern

High fashion made by your own hands, these have something special about them and not just because they look great in gold and other metallic fabrics.

The soft backing of the lining goes a long way in adding to the comfort. The design is available in sizes up to 30 and comes with easy-to-follow instructions so you get the measurements right the first time.

Included is a pattern for the blouse featured in the image so you can recreate the whole look for free.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Watsonia Pants Sewing Pattern

Another free pattern and another that is going to become a firm favorite from mood fabrics. The stylish buttoned pockets look great and the natural drawstring gives it a down-to-earth look.

We like that the instructions are simple and are made to suit a beginner although there are more skillful sections such as applying the zipper which is explained well to make it less daunting.

This is one of the most popular patterns on our list so there’s another reason to grab this pattern.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Primrose Pants Sewing Pattern

The only thing better than the design of these pants is the fact that the pattern is free.

We love the paper bag waist giving some texture lines to an outfit and it has the kind of look that can blend into any season with no problem.

Using stretch cotton corduroy is the most sensible option, not to mention the most fabulous but it is possible to switch in some cotton denim, wool twill, or Ponte knit if you prefer the feel and look.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Cropped Pants

A free pants sewing pattern that can be made two ways, full length or cropped.

Using elastic denim they will have a little room to stretch as you move and will be compatible with so many outfits that you will get a lot of use out of them.

We like these because the instructions are simple and there is no fluff – just a guide on how to make this timeless wardrobe essential.

More at: Modern Sewing Patterns

Free Newborn Pant Pattern

You can never have enough pant patterns for young ones so you are going to see a handful of them on this list.

We like this one made by rae because it is a beginner’s pattern and a way of putting cute fabric to good use.

14 step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and the result is a comfortable pant that can complement all those baby grows you have stocked up and ready to be changed several times a day.

More at: Made by Rae

Wide Leg Pants

Wide legs pants are super comfy, that is all you really need to know about them but there is more to know about this pattern.

For fashionable winter wear, this style is going to serve you well and can be combined with a fancier fabric or understated and muted with one-color designs.

More at: Peppermint Mag

Easy DIY Baby Pants

You may wish to stock up on baby pants since they seem to be able to find as many ways of ruining them as possible, Still, it is easy to forgive when they are so cute which is exactly what they will be in these pants.

Easy to make and affordable, they can be made from old fabric, repurposing soft garments to end up with a set of pants that are snug and comfortable for the baby.

This guide features plenty of big pictures and simple instructions so they are fine for a beginner.

More at: Silo and Sage

Upcycled Pants For Kids

It’s important for kids to stay comfortable but that doesn’t mean they can’t look smart should the occasion warrant it. This is why we love this slim slacks pattern

The slacks can be worn with a short-sleeved shirt for a cute look and because they are made from refashioned and the mix of colors ensures they look as though they were store-bought.

Using old pants and stitching them together is a great way of adding a little sparkle to their wardrobe.

More at: Blue Eyed Freckle

Tapering Pants

More of a guide for an important section of the pant-making process but this is a good page to pin and refer to later.

This is one of the more complicated parts and also so important to get right so we can see where there are pages dedicated to it.

Consider this a life hack for pants sewers and enjoy the rewards of easier tapering.

More at: Seamwork

Jogger/Track Pants

Another easy yet cute design the stripes are flattering and simple so they can be worn in a variety of ways. Again, this is another good pattern for beginners so it can be used as practice for making your way up to more complicated projects.

The benefit is either way you are getting a comfortable pair of joggers that starts with a yard of striped fabric and thread, elastic, and drawstring. So, there’s nothing stopping you from making these cute and comfy lounge pants.

More at: Merricks Art

Retro Palazzo Pants

The reto comes in the form of a funky pattern but also the loose fit and style of these cool pants.

Use a machine to make light work of the stitching and spend more time on finding more printed fabric as that is where the fun is right?

Once you have mastered this pattern you can buy different fabric prints and enjoy the flowing light feel that can be worn in the summer.

More at: Collective Gen

Simple Pants

We like things that are nice and simple but don’t look it. This is as basic as it comes so anyone can give them a go.

There are no complicated instructions but it doesn’t exactly hold your hand through the process.

Still, there is enough to this pattern to get you embarking on a journey of sewing your own pants from now on.

More at: The Spruce Crafts


DIY Plaid Trousers

With a couple of yards of fabric and a couple of hours to spare you could have a pair of perfect plaid pants at your disposal.

There isn’t a long exhaustive list of instructions either so although this takes a little know-how everyone wants more plaid in their life.

They are a fashionable winter option when everyone else is wearing the same three pairs of jeans and wrapping up warm.

More at: Cottonand Curls

Zoot Alors Pants

This is one for the advanced sewers as this is going to take a weekend to accomplish but if you want high-fashion, then it takes a little longer.

Expect to use more fabric than usual given the loose fit but there is a real sense of accomplishment that comes with making your own pair of zoot pants.

The proportions are different from your standard pleated pants but that is part of the fun.

More at: Weekend Designer

Chic Wide Leg Pants

Although you can’t go wrong with flattering skinny jeans it can be nice to mix things up a bit. That’s exactly what you are going to do in these wide-leg pants.

There is a bonus in that they can be made without a machine although it is going to be a lot faster when using one.

There aren’t a lot of instructions and they can be made in an evening with time to spare. You’ll need over 2 yards of fabric and can use a pair of pajama pants as a size guide.

More at: CollectiveGen

Skinny Jeans For Kids

This might not work for every child as some just won’t put on jeans but with any luck these will become a firm favourite.

You;ll be glad of it too since they are heard wearing and more resistant to holes in the knees because of the thickness of the denim.

We would say it takes a step up from beginner level to master this design but they are undeniably cute and it is best to use a pair of jeans they already fit for a guide.

More at: Cotton and Curls

Aladdin Pants

Unfortunately mama this is one for the kids. As. much as we all love the flowing feel of baggy Aladdin pants the children get the benefit of the cool feel here. It is an intermediate pants sewing pattern but that is more because of the time it takes to make them rather than being overly complex.

It is best to use a fun fabric maybe something floral or with hearts to make them as exciting as they should be. Heavier fabric is good so corduroy is always popular with this design but it is best to not go as far as using denim or they will get heavy.

More at: Blooms and Bugs

Casual Yoga Pants

These are super comfortable as one might expect from the type of pants but to make it even better they are also easy to make.

The cross-over waistband is typical of yoga wear and looks great especially with the flare. The illustrated pattern guides the user through each step and it is considered to be an easy pants sewing pattern for beginners.

The patterns included are for sizes from XS to XL.

More at: Hey June Handmade

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