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Bunny Sewing Patterns

Whether it is for a gift or a project between projects, a rabbit sewing pattern is both adorable and fun to make. They are popular around Easter but to be honest, there is never a bad time to give one as a gift or put it proudly on a shelf in a nursery or kids’ room. The good thing about these patterns is that there are so many, but this can also make it difficult to find the right one. We have compiled a list of the best rabbit sewing pattern to make this decision easier.

Easter Bunny

This splendid little bunny looks good enough to keep on display beyond Easter but in case you are looking for something to add a unique touch to the celebration or an egg hunt with the kids, this is a good option.

The matelasse fabric kind of makes this bunny what it is with its soft texture and cute pattern. Once you have downloaded the pattern and checked over the instructions, cut out the two pieces that make up the bunny, and the rest is pretty simple.

Add it to your children’s Easter baskets for something they can keep forever.

More at: Positively Splendid

Sweet and Soft Bunny

Just one look into those cute eyes and floppy ears makes us fall in love with Chester. He is a cutie but has a nice blend of classic and contemporary and made all the better when using cuddly fleece fabric. Coordinate the cotton on the paws and the ears to make it look even better.

The project should;t take too long for an intermediate sewer and there are plenty of images to help guide the user through each step. With designs on this list for making other bunnies, if you want more inspiration, this page has it in abundance.

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Snuggle Bunny

We like that this is a hand sewing project so anyone can tackle it with minimal fuss. Not everyone has a machine to hand and even if you do, it can be nice to take a needle and thread to a small project such as this one.

The bunny itself isn’t overly big so it shouldn’t take long and the A4 printable sewing pattern is easy to use.

There are instructions on how to master the three stitches required to make this rabbit and with an instructional video to pause and go at your own pace, it is a great project for a novice sewer.

More at: Miss Daisy Patterns

Scrap Fabric Bunny

Another that makes use of those cut-offs and another simple project. The instructions are easy to follow and the end result is a little fun bunny that should take no longer than an hour for an experienced sewer, and only a little more for a beginner.

The pdf is printable and easy to follow, with large pictures on the guide to help you through the process.

Use old baby grows and clothes if you want to be reminded of those days and have a keepsake made out of them.

More at: Inspiration Made Simple

Stuffed DIY Bunny

This cute bunny looks like it is ready for cuddles immediately and is larger than a lot of the others on our last, so will likely give a good hug.

You only need 1/3 of a yard of fabric to have everything you need to get going, with the use of a sewing machine this project shouldn’t take much longer than a couple of hours tops.

For a cute DIY easter project, this is a great option that all the family can enjoy.

More at: Alice and Lois

Bandana Bunny

This is a great softie project that can get kids sewing as well as parents. There are all sorts of guides on beginner stitches to help get them up to speed on this small project.

The use of a bandana makes it easy to source the materials as there is only really the stuffing and thread required once you have that.

Otherwise, hand sew with felt to make it easy on smaller hands to complete and that way, it will also be nice and soft to touch.

More at: Swoodson Says

Sock Bunny

Making the most of the material you have around the house is always a good thing, and everyone has spare socks they can part with to make a cute bunny such as this one.

This one features cute droopy ears, and it is made from a single sock and a few other bits. With an oversized head and small hands and feet, this is as cute as can be.

The project itself is easy to complete and there are plenty of in-depth guidelines and pictures to make this as simple as possible to complete.

More at: Craft Passion

Bunny Bowling

Now we are talking about fun! making these pin design bunnies is not only fun but highly rewarding. What better way to get everyone playing easter games than using these bunnies as bowling pins and taking turns to knock them down? This does mean you will need to make a handful of them to ensure the fun lasts, but they don’t take long to make. Filling them with rice will help keep them standing until you know them down and there are only 7 steps to follow before you can start throwing balls down the hallway at them.

More at: Blog Etsy

Easy Felt Bunny

The words easy and felt go hand in hand since it is one of the easier materials to sew. This is a project the whole family can get together and complete with some easter chocolate to hand.

They are only small so young ones will find this easy enough once they get the hand of the simple stitches.

There are plenty of in-depth instructions but the chances are that anyone with a little experience will see where they are going and be able to do much of the process without overly relying on them.

More at: Molly and Mama

Hooded Bunny Towel

This is as cute as a button, especially when your young one is wrapped in it after their bedtime bath.

The hooded towel is a great idea for any family as it helps to dry faster and this bunny-themed version can be made with just a full-sized towel and matching hand towel as the bulk of the materials.

The decorative touches are what takes a little while, but this is a quick project for most once the hood is ready to be attached.

More at: Rebecca  Page

Bunny In A Blanket

Sleeping bunnies are always going to look cute, and these being wrapped in a blanket only makes them cuter.

They are pocket-sized at just over 3 inches tall and are easy for a beginner.

With a handful of materials and the printed bunny sewing pattern, it is easy to follow the simple instructions and we like that the example has displayed them in a small mint tin for added effect.

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Drawstring Bunny Bag

Another fun twist on the Easter theme, this bunny bag is easy to make, as with a lot of drawstring bags.

They are ideal for filling with those mini eggs that you hide around the garden and can easily be personalized for different members of the family.

They make a great gift if you are hosting an Easter egg hunt and when using contrasting fabric, they look great. The step-by-step guide makes it easy to follow and it is an ideal project for a beginner.

More at: We All Sew

Bunny Bag

In the style as a tote bag but with big floppy ears, and ideal for kids, this is a fun project and one that can come in handy often.

The stitches are easy to complete with the use of a reliable machine and they make excellent bags for carrying a book and some snacks.

Around Easter, they are great for collecting the eggs on a hunt, especially if there is a lot to collect.

More at: Sew Much Ado

Bunny Purse

This might not house a hundred eggs like some of the other designs on our list, but it has a lasting appeal that goes beyond Easter time.

Still, there is room for a fair amount of chocolate should it be needed but after, this can be used to keep a kid’s purse, snacks, and other items.

The project shouldn’t take longer than an evening and it provides a good opportunity for practicing sewing zippers and it also has an adjustable strap to make it more comfortable to wear.

More at: Make It Love It

Bunny Slippers From A Sweater

Using a felted sweater is going to be the best material here as it is soft, perfect for slipping into at the end of a long day of learning or play. They are snug and have that super cute bunny at the end of the toes that kids are going to love.

There are guides on how to make this pattern to different sizes and the nonslip rubber bottom ensures they are going to be grippy enough to be safe around the house. The bunny could be changed and amended to make another animal, but we think those cute ears are too good to resist.

More at: Merriment Design

Recycled Mooshy Bunny

Everybody loves to recycle old materials, so this is already off to a good start. With a bloated tum, itis ready for mini snuggles and has a cute pom pom tail to boot.

The materials used are t-shirts so it is easy to make the most out of clothes your young ones have outgrown.

This is a great way of turning them into lasting memories. Stripes look great but there are endless possibilities and the tutorial is easy to follow which is always a bonus.

More at: Chez Beeper Bebe

Snuggly Bunny and Kitty

With that signature Japanese Kawaii style, this squishy pair is easy to love and shouldn’t;t be too challenging for a beginner sewer.

The felt material is easy to stitch and this can be done by hand without too many issues. The process is laid out in simple terms with large pictures to help.

The pair of them together look extra cute so these can be a nice gift for a newborn or add something a little different to an easter basket.

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Dotty Sock Bunny

Another way of turning a sock into a cute bunny, we like this one because of those big eyes and large head with a cute smile.

It is easy to source the materials for this project and it would make a fun way of spending some time with the kids as you sit around the craft table to make your masterpiece.

It is around 7 inches tall and has that twitchy nose that many of these bunnies do.

More at: Craft Passion

Bunny Doll

Consider this a together project that can be completed with the kids. Time away from the phone is always a good thing, and with the reward of these lovely bunnies, what could be better?

It is similar to a rag doll design but with plenty of ways of customizing it and using different fabrics, there is something different about these bunnies.

It is possible to make use of an old pair of corduroy trousers, with one leg being enough for a bunny.

More at: Red Ted Art

Super Simple Bunny

This is a nice way to end our list of the best bunny sewing patterns as it is easy, yet is a great project for bulking out an easter basket.

The fact that it can be made from scrap material is a bonus and each one doesn’t take long. The pattern is downloadable and is fine for a beginner.

The stitching around the neck is super cute but can be changed for a tied ribbon should you want to make the process a little easier.

More at: Twig and Tale

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